Flush Wall Sconces

Flush Wall Sconces

Wall Sconces are most known for creating coziness and structure to a room. These mostly ADA-compliant light wall sconces can add ambient light and clean lines to any space. Our light flush mounts will set the tone for your interiors, choosing from a wide variety of traditional, mid-century, or modern styles. Brands such as Regina Andrew, Mitzi, Hudson Valley, Worlds Away and more, give you the chance to create a beautiful living room, bathroom vanity area, or kitchen. Overwhelmed with our selection of flush mount wall sconces? Let one of our design experts assist you.
Regina Andrew Newport Sconce Lighting regna-andrew-15-1127 844717096341
best seller

Regina Andrew Newport Sconce

Gabby Shirley Sconce - Champagne Lighting Gabby-SCH-153010 00842728101214
best seller

Gabby Shirley Sconce

Eny Lee Parker Bacia Wall Sconce Lighting mitzi-H688101-AGB/CMW
best seller

Eny Lee Parker Bacia Wall Sconce

Hudson Valley Baird 1 Light Wall Sconce Lighting hudson-valley-9081-AGB 00806134782856
best seller

Hudson Valley Baird 1 Light Wall Sconce

Oly Muriel Sconce Lighting oly-muriel-sconce
best seller

Oly Muriel Sconce

Mitzi Tara Wall Sconce - Old Bronze Lighting mitzi-H116101-OB 00806134840013
best seller

Mitzi Tara Wall Sconce

Regina Andrew Jonah Alabaster Sconce Lighting regina-andrew-15-1111 00844717094514
best seller

Regina Andrew Jonah Alabaster Sconce

Regina Andrew Fishbone Sconce - Ebony Lighting regina-andrew-15-1051 00844717027765
best seller

Regina Andrew Fishbone Sconce - Ebony

Mitzi Giada Wall Sconce Lighting mitzi-H726101-AGB
best seller

Mitzi Giada Wall Sconce

Mitzi Taylor Wall Sconce Lighting
best seller

Mitzi Taylor Wall Sconce

Regina Andrew Happy Sconce Lighting regina-andrew-15-1144ORB 844717099434
best seller

Regina Andrew Happy Sconce


Regina Andrew Kismet Sconce

Regina Andrew Cheshire Sconce Lighting regina-andrew-15-1084GL 844717091100
best seller

Regina Andrew Cheshire Sconce

Mitzi Farah Flush Sconce - Aged Brass Lighting mitzi-H210102-AGB 00806134847456
Editor's pick

Mitzi Farah Flush Sconce

Troy Lighting Nomad Bath and Vanity Light Lighting troy-B7252 782042312630
more sizes

Troy Lighting Nomad Bath and Vanity Light

$408.00 - $728.00
Made Goods D'Angelo Sconce Lighting
more sizes!

Made Goods D'Angelo Sconce

$450.00 - $550.00
Mitzi Flora Wall Sconce Lighting mitzi-H471102-AGB
best seller

Mitzi Flora 2 Light Wall Sconce

Arteriors Glaze Small Sconce Lighting arteriors-DA49005 796505478153
best seller - more sizes

Arteriors Glaze Sconce

$455.00 - $860.00
Mitzi Tinsley Wall Sconce Lighting mitzi-H499101-AGB/CCR
best seller

Mitzi Tinsley Wall Sconce/Flush Mount


Mitzi Lani Wall Sconce

Mitzi Dona Wall Sconce - Aged Brass Lighting mitzi-H463102-AGB
best seller

Mitzi Dona Wall Sconce

Hinkley Lighting Mercer Sconce Lighting
best seller

Hinkley Lighting Mercer Sconce

$109.00 - $139.00
Regina Andrew Redford Sconce - Natural Brass Lighting regina-andrew-15-1045NB 00844717026812
best seller

Regina Andrew Redford Sconce


Gabby Theresa Sconce

$288.00 - $297.75

Mitzi Dylan Sconce


Hudson Valley Lighting Briggs Wall Sconce

Arteriors Hayes Sconce/Ceiling Mount Lighting Arteriors-45099
best seller

Arteriors Hayes Sconce/Ceiling Mount

Regina Andrew Gingko Sconce Lighting regina-andrew-15-1093 844717092282
best seller

Regina Andrew Gingko Sconce


Currey & Company Bodnant Wall Sconce

$545.60 - $1,091.20

Regina Andrew Folio Sconce


Regina Andrew Taurus Sconce


Currey & Company Africa Wall Sconce


Mitzi Britt Double Wall Sconce

$320.00 - $346.00

Hudson Valley Hinsdale Wall Sconce


Worlds Away Cornell Sconce


Oly Studio Demian Sconce

$450.00 - $475.00
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