Flush Wall Sconces

Flush Wall Sconces

Wall Sconces are most known for creating coziness and structure to a room. These mostly ADA-compliant light wall sconces can add ambient light and clean lines to any space. Our light flush mounts will set the tone for your interiors, choosing from a wide variety of traditional, mid-century, or modern styles. Brands such as Regina Andrew, Mitzi, Hudson Valley, Worlds Away and more, give you the chance to create a beautiful living room, bathroom vanity area, or kitchen. Overwhelmed with our selection of flush mount wall sconces? Let one of our design experts assist you.

Troy Lighting Manteca Sconce

$450.00 $360.00

Corbett Lighting Cobalt Wall Sconce

$715.00 $572.00

Mitzi Adeline Wall Sconce

$198.00 $158.40

Mitzi Joyce Wall Sconce

$150.00 $120.00

Jamie Young Co. Barnacle Beaded Demi Lune Sconce


Jamie Young Co. Seawall Beaded Cone Sconce


Troy Lighting Orland Wall Sconce

$300.00 $240.00
Hudson Valley Mackay Wall Sconce Lighting
Buyer's pick

Hudson Valley Mackay Wall Sconce

$350.00 $280.00

Regina Andrew Coil Metal Sconce


Hudson Valley Taft Wall Sconce

$178.00 $142.40

Hudson Valley Lighting Jennings Wall Sconce

$378.00 $302.40

Hudson Valley Ithaca Wall Sconce

$940.00 $752.00

Hudson Valley Blossom Wall Sconce

$370.00 $296.00

Regina Andrew Dixon Double Sconce


Mitzi Autumn Wall Sconce

$198.00 $158.40

Megan Molten Margaret Sconce

$198.00 $158.40

Tali Roth Jean Wall Sconce

$330.00 $264.00

Mitzi Addison Wall Sconce

$280.00 $224.00

Mitzi Wynter Wall Sconce

$198.00 $158.40

Mitzi Darcy Plug In Sconce

$198.00 $158.40

Mitzi Lorelei Wall Sconce

$190.00 $152.00

Mitzi Ellen Light Plug In Sconce

$190.00 $152.00
Made Goods Aida Sconce Lighting made-goods-LGHAIDASCSMNTGL
more sizes

Made Goods Aida Sconce

$940.00 - $1,140.00

Jamie Young Co. Borealis Hexagon Wall Sconce


Jamie Young Co. Moet Wall Sconce


Troy Lighting Leif Double Sconce

$450.00 $360.00

Troy Lighting Leif Sconce

$250.00 $200.00