Flush Wall Sconces

Flush Wall Sconces

Wall Sconces are most known for creating coziness and structure to a room. These mostly ADA-compliant light wall sconces can add ambient light and clean lines to any space. Our light flush mounts will set the tone for your interiors, choosing from a wide variety of traditional, mid-century, or modern styles. Brands such as Regina Andrew, Mitzi, Hudson Valley, Worlds Away and more, give you the chance to create a beautiful living room, bathroom vanity area, or kitchen. Overwhelmed with our selection of flush mount wall sconces? Let one of our design experts assist you.

Four Hands Palm Sconce

Made Goods Belva Sconce Lighting made-goods-LGHBELVASCLGWH
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Made Goods Belva Sconce

$980.00 - $1,350.00
Made Goods Aida Sconce Lighting
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Made Goods Aida Sconce

$940.00 - $1,140.00
Made Goods Cassius Sconce Lighting made-goods-LGHCASSISCLGWH
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Made Goods Cassius Sconce

$460.00 - $570.00

Made Goods Marjorie Sconce

Made Goods Thyra Sconce Lighting made-goods-
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Made Goods Thyra Sconce

$980.00 - $1,250.00

Crystorama Jayna 2 Light Wall Mount

$350.00 $280.00

Regina Andrew Boundary Sconce


Arteriors Glaze Dome Sconce

Hudson Valley Lighting Tobia Wall Sconce Lighting
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Hudson Valley Lighting Tobia Wall Sconce

$536.00 $428.80

Hudson Valley Lighting Diggs Wall Sconce

$594.00 $475.20

Hudson Valley Lighting Croft Sconce

$940.00 $752.00

Chapman & Myers Keystone Sconce


Kelly Wearstler Nodes Large Angled Sconce


Hudson Valley Lighting Huntington Wall Sconce - Aged Old Bronze

$594.00 $475.20

Hudson Valley Lighting Bryant Sconce

$332.00 $265.60

Hudson Valley Lighting Sea Cliff Sconce - Old Bronze

$1,416.00 $1,132.80

Hudson Valley Lighting Wagner Wall Sconce - Old Bronze

$142.00 $113.60
Mitzi Phoebe Sconce Lighting
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Mitzi Phoebe Sconce

$228.00 $168.00 - $284.80

Becki Owens Georgia Wall Sconce

$702.00 $561.60

Troy Lighting Cadet Sconce

$246.00 $196.80

Troy Lighting Solana Wall Sconce

$380.00 $304.00

Arteriors Beth Webb Catalina Sconce


Regina Andrew Ritz Sconce - Natural Brass

$300.00 - $412.50

Jamie Young Delphi Wall Sconce


Gabby Adler Sconce


Regina Andrew Charlotte Sconce


Mitzi Leigh Sconce - White

$702.00 $561.60

Mitzi Leigh Sconce - Pink

$702.00 $520.00 - $561.60

Mitzi Leigh Sconce - Navy

$702.00 $561.60
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