Gabby - 25% OFF

Gabby - 25% OFF

Mixing interesting materials in chic contrast, Gabby incorporates vellum, rattan, bone, horn, eglomise, and reclaimed wood in new and inventive ways. Their transitional-style home furnishings can stand alone as design stars yet also “speak” to other pieces in the room.  Artisans hand chisel ornamentation to make sure their designs shine with precision and beauty.  Explore European designed lighting, furniture & home decor by Gabby at Meadow Blu

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Gabby Grayson Chandelier


Gabby Adams Round Dining Table - Gray


Gabby Hines Bar and Counter Stool


Gabby Channing Dining Chair - Set of 2


Gabby Richard Side Chair - Set of 2


Gabby Richard Arm Chair

Gabby Strella Cabinet Furniture gabby-SCH-168190

Gabby Strella Cabinet


Gabby Kerry Table Lamp

Gabby Hopkins Outdoor Chandelier Lighting gabby-SCH-166065

Gabby Hopkins Outdoor Chandelier

Gabby Carlin Side Table Furniture gabby-SCH-160100 00842728116553
best seller

Gabby Carlin Side Table

Gabby Jayce Outdoor Floor Lamp Lighting gabby-SCH-166110

Gabby Jayce Outdoor Floor Lamp

Gabby Arnold Chandelier - Bronze Lighting Gabby-SCH-151735 00842728100705
best seller

Gabby Arnold Chandelier - Bronze

Gabby Gilford Outdoor Floor Lamp Lighting gabby-SCH-166105

Gabby Gilford Outdoor Floor Lamp

Gabby Marlon Outdoor Chandelier Lighting gabby-SCH-166050

Gabby Marlon Outdoor Chandelier

Gabby Marilyn Chest Furniture Gabby-SCH-153555 00842728101764
best seller

Gabby Marilyn Chest

Gabby McKenna Outdoor Chandelier Lighting gabby-SCH-166055

Gabby McKenna Outdoor Chandelier


Gabby Montello Outdoor Table Lamp


Gabby Swanson Cabinet


Gabby Prescott Outdoor Chandelier

Gabby Prudence Outdoor Chandelier Lighting gabby-SCH-166060

Gabby Prudence Outdoor Chandelier

Gabby Sherman Outdoor Chandelier Lighting gabby-SCH-166075

Gabby Sherman Outdoor Chandelier

Gabby Tanner Coffee Table Furniture gabby-SCH-191220 00842728118663
best seller

Gabby Tanner Coffee Table

Gabby Hayward Floor Lamp Lighting gabby-SCH-165105 842728119288
best seller

Gabby Hayward Floor Lamp


Gabby Margaret Table Lamp


Gabby Pauline Mirror

Gabby Carol Sideboard Furniture gabby-SCH-165075

Gabby Carol Sideboard


Gabby Osborn Table Lamp

Gabby Callisto Mirror Wall gabby-SCH-158195 00842728109326
best seller

Gabby Callisto Mirror


Gabby Riggs Nightstand


Gabby Clay Chandelier

Gabby King Bar & Counter Stool - Gold Furniture
best seller

Gabby King Bar & Counter Stool - Gold

Gabby Adelaide Table Lamp Lighting gabby-SCH-161015 00192192157447

Gabby Adelaide Table Lamp

Gabby Etienne Chandelier Lighting Gabby-SCH-151790 00192008551087
best seller

Gabby Etienne Chandelier

Gabby Amelia Chandelier - Antique Silver Lighting Gabby-SCH-153440 00842728101627
best seller

Gabby Amelia Chandelier - Antique Silver


Gabby Amelia Large Chandelier - Silver

Gabby Amelia Rectangular Chandelier Lighting gabby-SCH-160025 00842728116461

Gabby Amelia Rectangular Chandelier

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