Single Wall Sconces

Single Wall Sconces

Wall Sconces are most known for creating coziness and structure to a room.  Our  sconces will set the tone for your interiors, choosing from a wide variety of modern, transitional, or traditional wall sconces.  Brands such as Regina Andrew, Mitzi, Hudson Valley, Worlds Away and more, give you the chance to create your coziness.  Overwhelmed with our beautiful selection of wall sconces, let one of our design experts assist you in the right wall sconce for your room.        

Mitzi Dorothy Wall Sconce

$270.00 $216.00

Mitzi Ophelia Wall Sconce

$250.00 $200.00

Mitzi Amabella Wall Sconce

$240.00 $192.00

Mitzi Jolie Wall Sconce

$280.00 $224.00

Mitzi Kirsten Wall Sconce

$250.00 $200.00

Mitzi Haisley Wall Sconce

$240.00 $192.00

Mitzi Lolly Wall Sconce

$180.00 $144.00

Troy Lighting Layton Wall Sconce

$450.00 $360.00

Colin King Knight Wall Sconce

$300.00 $240.00

Colin King Cedar Wall Sconce

$250.00 $200.00

Corbett Lighting Antoinette Sconce

$550.00 $440.00

Corbett Lighting Marietta Sconce

$935.00 $748.00
Pembrooke and Ives Perrin Wall Sconce Lighting pembrooke-PI1890101-AGB
Buyer's pick

Pembrooke and Ives Perrin Wall Sconce

$650.00 $520.00

Pembrooke and Ives Glenmoore Wall Sconce

$500.00 $400.00

Hudson Valley Hathaway Wall Sconce

$250.00 $200.00

Hudson Valley Nantucket Wall Sconce

$450.00 $360.00

Hudson Valley Barrow Wall Sconce

$590.00 $472.00

Regina Andrew Hattie Sconce


Regina Andrew Adria Sconce


Worlds Away Maxine Sconce


Regina Andrew Bella Sconce


Becki Owens Stacey Sconce

$230.00 $184.00

Becki Owens Jordan Sconce

$220.00 $176.00

Regina Andrew Dixon Single Sconce


Regina Andrew Wick Single Sconce


Gabby Granville Sconce


Mitzi Caroline Plug In Sconce

$270.00 $216.00

Four Hands Santorini Sconce


Mitzi Demi Sconce

$162.00 $129.60