A Homeowner's Guide to Luxury Dining Room Interior Design

Did you know that over 50 percent of homeowners prefer a medium-sized dining room? Over 30 percent prefer a large one. What everyone can agree on, however, is that dining room interior design is essential.

Your dining room is a space where friends and family gather during special events, and your interior decorating should reflect a space appropriate for that. Luckily, we're here to help you get started.

Read on to learn seven of the best tips.

1. Give It a Purpose

The biggest thing you need to consider is the purpose your dining room plays in your home. Will it be used for casual gatherings or large dinner parties? How much seating will you need, and do you need a space to serve your formal dishes?

Once you know the answers to these questions, it becomes a lot easier to begin planning out your materials and furniture. In some cases, you might find that the size of your space dictates these answers as well, and planning might get a lot easier.

2. Go for Intimacy

No matter the social gathering, you're likely to spend at least a small amount of time in the dining room. Whether you're going to be hosting formal dinner parties or you simply want a space for your family to gather for every meal, having a room that invites people to sit and have conversations is important.

To accomplish this, you should go for designs that are quiet and out of sight of common distractions. How easy this is to accomplish will depend on your space, but it can be particularly challenging in open-concept homes. To create separation in these instances, you can install screens or some other room divider that makes it easy for everyone to gather in a designated area.

3. Have a Focal Point

In your dining room, the table should be the center of attention. You have plenty of furniture pieces to choose from, but an elegant dining table can make a statement where other pieces simply can't. Your guests and family will also feel a lot more drawn to sitting if this is the case.

Remember, the more you can center the furniture around the focal point you choose, the easier it's going to be for everyone to communicate.

4. Place Your Personality

While you want a space that your guests will enjoy, it's also important to place your own personality into your dining room's design. With the right design choices, you'll be able to not evoke conversation, but also highlight your own personality.

Everything from the art to the colors you choose to work with can do this, and the choices are all completely your own to make. If you need inspiration, look to your hobbies and other interests. If it brings you joy, don't be afraid to bring it into your space.

5. Consider Conversation Starters

It's essential to design a space that attracts attention and creates conversation. Things like pieces from high-end furniture brands or unique art can do exactly this.

If your dining room has a unique architectural design or some other character, be sure to play it up. It's an easy way for guests to start talking once they've noticed it, and it's an easy thing for you to explain during your social gathers.

6. Don't Be Afraid to Experiment

Don't be afraid to experiment with unique textures and colors. They can help transform your entire space and make something that's completely special to your home.

A great place to do this is on the walls, either with paint colors, unique storage solutions, or one-of-a-kind art. Remember, it's OK to put your own spin on classic designs, whether it's with specific colors or different lighting. It's easy to place interesting textures and patterns into your dining room, and they can even serve as great conversation starters.

Remember, this space is a great one to create drama in. You might keep things subtle around the other parts of your home, but if you're looking for a room to make entirely unique to your home, the dining room is a great place to do exactly that.

7. Find the Perfect Lighting

Finally, you need the right lighting. You might not consider it immediately, but the right lighting fixtures can take your space from a normal one to an extraordinary one. Whether it's dramatic chandeliers or modern pendant lights, knowing how to create the perfect lighting for everyone to gather under is essential.

The right fixture can have the power to bring your entire space together or ruin the entire mood you've worked to create.

Remember, it's best to avoid downlights when you can, especially if they're placed right over chairs. They create shadows on guests' faces. The close to eye level you can get with your lighting, the better.

Remember, chandeliers are ideally hung 28 to 34 inches above your table. Finding unique ways to create a glow around your space is also smart.

Get Creative With Your Dining Room Interior Design

When you have a sense of confidence in your interior design, your guests are automatically going to love it. Your space exudes your personality, and when you're happy, they can feel a lot more at ease. Remember, your personal taste should dictate your space, not the opinions of others.

Rugs are another great way to subtly bring personality into your space. Check out this blog post to learn more about incorporating them into your dining room interior design.