Bathroom Lighting Ideas for Your New Home

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Whether your goal is to create a spa-like atmosphere or design a welcoming guest bathroom, the lighting in this space is crucial to making it both functional and beautiful. From vanity lighting to bathroom ceiling lighting, the fixtures you choose can really make or break this part of your home. If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to designing the bathroom in your home, we have some helpful bathroom lighting ideas to make the process easier. From luxurious high-end fixtures to quick and easy updates, read on to discover the best type of lighting for every bathroom in your new home.

Try a Chandelier Over the Tub

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You might not think of having a chandelier in your bathroom, but it can actually make this room elegant and luxurious. This form of bathroom ceiling lighting looks ultra-luxe when you install it directly over a freestanding tub. If you’re going to go with a chandelier as one of your bathroom light fixtures, make sure that it’s high up enough to avoid any potential problems. Your builder or electrician will know the current code, but ideally, the bottom of any pendant or chandelier should be at least eight feet above the tub or higher. You should not be able to touch any part of the fixture at any time. This will help to ensure that it doesn’t come into contact with water, which can be dangerous. Regardless, a stunning single-tier crystal chandelier or something in a sleek gold metallic from Hudson Valley Lighting will add a gorgeous touch to your new bathroom.

Try Sconces

Hudson Valley Lighting Hinsdale Wall Sconce 

When it comes to creating ambient light, there’s nothing quite as effective as a gorgeous wall sconce. These modern and unique lights can be a fantastic way to add some gorgeous bathroom wall lighting. Instead of a small night light, install a pair of sconces in your bathroom. The low glow will add a warm touch to the space, and they’re also a great way to add convenient lighting at nighttime without waking up your partner. Imagine soaking in your brand-new bathtub with some amazing bubble bath, a scented candle, and your new sconce lights on. This lighting is a fantastic alternative to traditional lights, and it can really add a powerful visual punch to a master suite. Try a sconce from Hinkley Lighting featuring durable metal completed with a clear or frosted glass shade. The best thing about bathroom light fixtures that use glass is they’re extremely easy to wipe clean.

Elevate Your Vanity

Mitzi Paige Doble Vanity Sconce

Classic vanity lighting is a standard choice when you’re thinking about bathroom lighting ideas. That doesn’t mean that you can’t take things up a notch, however. Check out some of the newest trends in vanity lighting by brands like Mitzi Lighting. This incredible company creates chic, sleek lights for today’s modern home. Try something new that will give your bathroom a stunning art nouveau vibe. The Reese light from Mitzi Lighting is a perfect example with its metallic finish and gorgeous globe-shaped shades. Explore a range of modern vanity lighting that will elevate your new bathroom to make it unique. A fixture featured in a striking matte black finish will add bold drama to this part of the home, and it pairs well with just about any other décor you choose to use. Consider adding a sconce light to either side of your mirror to give the bathroom a punch of personality and a warm, inviting touch.

More Lighting Ideas Over the Mirror

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Although vanity lighting is a common choice for a bathroom mirror, there are some other great bathroom lighting ideas that you can try here, too. Instead of the classic row or strip of lights, try a charming pendant or sconce light instead. Small pendant lights can look elegant when you install them over your vanity and mirror. Make sure you choose a pendant light with a clear shade so that you’re getting adequate light. Shades made of metal or fabric tend to provide directional light, which will cause the light to point downward instead of throughout the room so you can see clearly. A wall sconce can be installed over or beside the mirror instead of a vanity light, too. Look for amazing designs that will give you the amount of illumination you need while creating an unusual and bold aesthetic.

Go Bold with Unique Silhouettes

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Rather than install a run-of-the-mill light in your bathroom, go bolder and choose lighting that’s more dramatic. Worlds Away Lighting creates awe-inspiring fixtures that bring texture, color, and a sculptural effect to any space. This brand creates striking products that feature whimsical shapes and fun materials. The star chandelier from Worlds Away Lighting looks stunning in a foyer, but it also adds a glamorous touch when installed over a bathtub, too. Explore unique bathroom lighting ideas that go above and beyond the norm. Whether it’s a mid-century modern style sputnik light or a pendant light crafted with a bright metallic finish, there are plenty of options available that will give your bathroom an exceptional look.

Bathroom Ceiling Lighting Tips

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Other than the lights you add over the mirror and tub, you’ll need to install bathroom ceiling lighting in this space, especially if you don’t have a lot of natural light streaming in. Look for flush and semi-flush mount lights that pack a powerful visual punch. Recessed lighting is a functional choice for a bathroom, but it won’t give you the stylish look you’re aiming for. Check out some of the latest unique styles from Hinkley Lighting boasting new takes on classic finishes, such as brushed caramel. Drum-shaped shades add a sleek, clean component to your bathroom while still giving you the level of light you need. If you want to keep the light to a reasonable level, look for fixtures that include a diffuser. This will keep the light soft and prevent excess glare.

Bar Lights

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Another sleek and modern choice for your new bathroom is bath bar lighting. These lights offer bright, even light that looks contemporary over a vanity. Two bath bars installed vertically on either side of the mirror can also add an elevated look to the room. You can even install these lights overhead to create a unique aesthetic and an ultra-modern vibe. Most bath bar lights use LED light bulbs. LED lighting lasts much longer than traditional lights, and it’s also a great eco-friendly choice.

It's All About the Installation

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While it’s certainly important to get creative bathroom lighting ideas for your new space, how the fixtures are installed will affect their functionality. If you decide to use wall sconces, make sure that they are installed at around eye level. Wall sconces should be between 60 to 66-inches above the floor and centered around the middle height of the mirror whenever possible. Keep all of your lights spaced around two feet or more apart from each other to keep bright spots and shadows from forming. Of course, the moisture rating is one of the most important parts of choosing and installing bathroom lighting. Make sure that all wiring is shielded from moisture to prevent shorts or a potential fire. Everything you use must be rated for damp areas since humidity and moisture in the bathroom can build up quickly. You should also ensure that your new bathroom has a quality exhaust fan to help keep the room and the air as dry as possible.

Shower Lighting

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Unless the ceilings in your bathroom are extremely tall, and even then, a pendant light or chandelier likely won’t work in this space. Recessed can lights are usually the best option when adding light to a shower. Some bathrooms don’t have lights directly above the shower at all. If your bathroom gets plenty of light from other sources, or it has access to lots of natural light, you likely won’t need to worry about adding anything to the shower area. If you need a little extra light near this area, consider installing a wall light to provide some extra illumination so you can see more clearly.

Bulbs and Brightness

You’ll want the lighting in your bathroom to show your skin tone as accurately as possible. Crisp white light is the best option for this, and halogen bulbs do a great job of emitting the whitest light. You can also install a dimmer for your bathroom so you can easily adjust the brightness level as you see fit. Try out a few different options so you can see what the light will look like when it’s on. This is the best way to determine what type of fixture and bulb will suit your needs the best. Finding the perfect level is key to having a beautiful yet fully functional bathroom that you’ll enjoy using for years to come.
Whether you’re looking for the newest designs in lighting for your modern bathroom, or you’re just searching for the right fixtures to give you the functionality you need, Meadow Blu has an incredible variety of lighting for your home. Shop our latest collection of bathroom light fixtures today to discover the perfect products for your bathroom and beyond.