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The New, New with Bungalow 5

The New, New with Bungalow 5

Bungalow 5 is a New York City-based brand offering a range of unique pieces inspired by history but updated for today’s modern home. The brand’s passion for bringing a modern perspective to classic luxury melds inspiration from architects and leading designers with consumer trends.

Utilizing a unique blend of textures, finishes, and materials, this dynamic and bold brand offers meticulous artisanship with attention to detail. From hand-wrapped grass cloth furniture to hand-hammered metal accents and decor, no detail is left overlooked and no stone unturned. 

Photo Features: Hollis Coffee Table | Edward Lounge Chair | Zanzibar Side Table | Verra Etagere | Planeta Vase 

Classic meets modern. 

The Hollis Coffee Table features a beautifully crafted hand-hammered surface clad in an antique finish to create a stunning textured paisley-like pattern. The rich detail embellishes this stylish piece with an elegance of sophistication which accentuates without overwhelming. Paired with the Edward Lounge Chair, the Verra Etagere and the solid mahogany Zanzibar Side Table, this living room borrows the best elements from classical design and restates them in the modern vernacular.

Lastly, add a pop of color with the Planeta Vase. A layer of richly colored glass is laid on a base of either clear or tinted glass, then deeply chiseled with a dynamically abstract pattern. The result is a sphere which glows with the ebb and flow of light. 

Photo Features: Mark Cabinet | Penny Lamp | Doral Bowl | Otis Side Table | Maze Framed Silk Panel

Muted hues that aren't flashy, but exude a quiet confidence.

If you're not sure where to start when it comes to designing your living or sitting room, anchoring the room with a sideboard or cabinet is one of the best options.

Covered in brass sheets, Mark is a hand-hammered 4-door cabinet with panels of intricate patterns pressed into the metal. Luxurious details like the custom-designed stealth edge, pulls that flow with the piece, and a painted interior, elevates this solid cabinet. 

Small gold details around the rest of the room keep the theme of the room going without overdoing it; The Penny Lamp is a uniquely stylish piece inspired by folding drapery which has been stitched along the seams. Meanwhile, the charm and beauty of the Doral Bowl lies in its inspiration which is organic and primal. 

When looking for a side table, be sure to keep in mind the "heaviness" of the other pieces in the room. The Mark Cabinet pairs perfectly with the Otis Side Table. Otis is a ghost of a table that whispers its presence with the cast brass "X" embedded in its base. It's low profile is achieved through the use of transparent acrylic combined with its architectural sense, making it the perfect accent piece. 

Finally, add a contrasting piece of artwork like the Maze Framed Silk Panel. Bold brush strokes and blurred lines deliver style, color and mystery. Individually hand-painted by the artist, some paintings take the form of feverishly scribbled notes created at the moment of poetic inspiration. Others hold the curves and sweep of a lyrical, cadenced and masterfully constructed poem using romantic symbolism.

Photo Features: Elba Lounge Chair | Morgan Papyrus Extra Large Dresser

The new relaxed, modern luxury. 

The mid-century Elba Lounge Chair is a bracing, Scandinavian design of soft and hard elements that deliver real vintage appeal. The angles, curves, and tapering elements create a composed frame that sits higher in the front for a dynamic look and sit-back comfort. 

Combined with The Morgan Papyrus Collection, featuring this Extra Large Dresser and a Side Table, anyone can take the classic mid-century shapes and styles and update a space, all while keeping it both monumental and demure. 

Photo Features: Elina ConsoleOslo Chair | Alia Lamp

Functionality meets furniture! 

At Meadow BLU, we are loving all the steps people have taken over the last year to up their homes functionality.  Consoles can be used for any number of needs. Adorn it with a pair of lamps, candles, or flowers to create a romantic feel or use one as a small table or desk if you are tight on space, like the Elina Console shown here.

A chair with a small but eye-catching profile, like the Oslo Chair is the perfect companion for a console desk. Oslo embodies the natural, coolly direct spirit of Scandinavian Modernism. Throw in the Alia Lamp with that silhouette and eye-catching pop of color and your space is sure to never blend into the background. 

Photo Features: Paris Bench | Edward Lounge Chair | Harrison Side Table | Stella Mirror | Acacia Lamp
 A room worth cozying up in!
Floral, geometric and patterned wallpapers have made a comeback and making sure your furniture is an accent to the wallpaper is almost just as important as picking the right one!
With hand-tied double-layered caning, intricate hand-carved features, and metal accents reminiscent of French antiques, the Paris Bench is ultimately timeless and classic. You can add an elegance to the design of your room by combining Paris  with the Edward Lounge Chair and the Harrison Side Table. Harrison features rectangular legs of hand-leafed metal are skillfully joined by triangular spanners which rise to support a circular disc of clear acrylic. The gilded finish adds an elegance to the elemental simplicity of the design, while still being both functional and decorative. 
Lastly, every room needs lighting so adding a mirror and a pair of table lamps are sure to keep your room feeling bright and inviting. The Stella Mirror is a round convex mirror with a thick textured antique brass frame and a polished brass edge. The brass is hand-hammered in an intricate dot pattern, adding to the mirror’s luxurious attention to detail. The Acacia Lamp achieves the effect of a worldly piece of pottery, recalling the classic Greek amphora, while bringing light to a living room or bedroom. It’s crafted in glazed porcelain with a high-gloss finish, allowing its soft light blue to truly shine, especially when contrasted with its accents of gold leaf on the base and finial.

Photo Features: Stockholm Dining Table | Romano Wall Mirror | Agrippa Vase | Alia Lamp
Whoever said you can't mix patterns and prints clearly didn't know how to do it correctly. 

Maybe color and patterns don't scare you? In that case, we say go big or go home! Choose a bright rug that compliments the colors in your wallpaper for maximum effect, but then keep the furniture pieces and accessories simple.

The glorious Stockholm Dining Table is perfect for someone who likes a lot of detail. Stockholm has an ancient-modern vibe that reads as Scandinavian in lighter finishes and South American in the warmer, darker materials. Mix and match any marble top with a selection of specially hand hammered repoussé bases.

Colored mirrors, like the Romano Wall Mirror have been around almost as long as the Venetians have been making glass. These had a moment in the 1940s and the Romano Collection is revisiting the materials in modern, kaleidoscopic forms.