Bungalow 5 is Now Villa & House

Spring and Summer are right around the corner and to say we are excited is an understatement! One of our favorite brands is planning a big change to go along with the season change! Bungalow 5 will become Villa & House this Summer! 
Along with the seasonal changes comes the desire to refresh, reorganize and renew your decor. We're excited to share some of our favorite, classic Bungalow 5 pieces that are perfect for giving your decor a face lift and will also make the transition with B5 to Villa & Home! 

Boston & Mayfair Boxwood Topiaries

Artisans have reinvented the classic topiary as modern art by using a minimalist color palette which emphasizes geometry and proportion. With tiny individually crafted leaves that are almost translucent in their delicacy, the Boston & Mayfair Boxwood Topiaries invoke the romanticism of the exquisite French gardens of the past.

H Bench

The H-Bench is a hard working design that references the monumentality of classical antiques together with the geometry and hedonism of 70s furniture design. A simple, consistent line width creates the H shape. These broaden into chunky planes , which anchor a stable base and rise to create arm rests.

Acacia Lamp

Both functional and decorative, the Acacia Lamp achieves the effect of a worldly piece of pottery, recalling the classic Greek amphora, while bringing light to a living room or bedroom. It’s crafted in glazed porcelain with a high-gloss finish, allowing its soft light blue to truly shine, especially when contrasted with its accents of gold leaf on the base and finial. Pair it with one of our classic shades to upgrade a modern study, bedroom, or family room—it’s definitely worth cozying up next to.

Misia Statue | Agrippa Vase | Coral Bowl

The Misia Statue tells you to sit back and relax—a great reminder to keep on your home desk. In the reclining style of sculptures by Henry Moore, the piece captures the feminine mystique through an abstract lens. Playing with shape, texture, and negative space, our artisans have rendered a fantastical silhouette in gold-leafed iron, fashioned in repose atop a bed of black marble. With a presence that’s equal parts bold and elegant, modern and timeless, the Misia is a cool accent that gives any space an artfully upscale ambiance.

Working in the same towns where the old imperial Chinese porcelain kilns were located, our highly-skilled craftsmen make each Agrippa Vase individually choosing the perfect glaze, and making them into collectible, stand out items for your home. Agrippa combines geometry with curving voluptuous elements which are inspired from deep marine jellyfish. The size is substantial and would do well with a tall flower arrangement or a lofty, single branch. It can also be displayed on its own as a grounding object.

Captivating undersea creations inspire the Coral Bowl. Our artisans have focused their considerable talents to coax out and capture in metal some of nature's most beautiful organic shapes.

Verra Console | Ellen Large Mirror | Delft Lamp

The Verra Collection is a contemporary take on mid-century design. Though highly geometrical, its rounded edges impart a softness which is picked-up by its brass cladding which has been hand-hammered into an intriguing woven pattern.

The Ellen, like it's sister piece the Brea, is sheathed in brass and adorned with symmetrically placed thin ribbons, that have been hammered by hand. The naturally shiny brass has been washed with a tint to give the piece a richer, more sophisticated finish which easily slips into most decorating schemes.

Double gourd shaped vases are among China’s oldest imperial designs (Song dynasty, 960-1279). The Delft Lamp is a very tall double gourd shape that has vertical ribs, which become smaller toward the flared top. The lamp is finished with an octagonal base and round finial in gold leaf.