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Caracole Furniture: The Top Beds to Dream About in 2022

Caracole Furniture: The Top Beds to Dream About in 2022

When it comes to modern interior design and chic appeal, Caracole Furniture always hits the mark. As for bedroom furniture, the global bed market is growing, with sales reaching approximately $220.6 billion in 2019 alone. 

If you're wondering how to choose a bed that's right for you, be sure to explore the selection of beds from Caracole.

Read on to learn more about the best types of beds available from the Caracole brand, so you can elevate your space and get a great night's sleep.

Sleek and Sophisticated: Caracole Platform Bed

Give your sleeping space a luxurious upgrade with this stylish and timeless bed from Caracole Furniture. This platform bed is inspired by motifs from the Rococo era with intricate moldings and a classic silhouette.

The bed features an upholstered headboard, footboard, and side rails with vertical sewn pleats at the headboard area. It's trimmed in a cast resin molding, and the legs feature cast aluminum construction finished in a sleek Aglow hue. 

A combination of deep teal blue fabric and shimmering gold detailing makes this bed a sophisticated yet ultra-modern addition to any home. It features adjustable height bedding support, and all of its elegant trim lends it a masterfully created aesthetic.

Caracole Furniture: Modern Bed

As you think about how to choose a bed, consider the overall design and how it will fit your lifestyle. The Modern Bed by Caracole Furniture includes a slat roll to support your mattress. This means there's no box spring required, giving you an easier way to enjoy its modern look.

The bed features a neutral tweed upholstered headboard with a contemporary quilted herringbone pattern for visual interest. An exposed frame is constructed of eucalyptus in an aged bourbon finish. This frame carries through to the trim on the headboard, footboard, and rails, which are also complimented on top by tweed.

Warm, neutral tones make this bed a fabulous choice for virtually any type of bedroom decor. Mix and match it with various materials and colors for an eclectic bedroom you'll love. 

Enhance Your Sleep Experience with the Deep Sleep Bed

Beds from Caracole have a distinctively chic and modern flavor. With the Deep Sleep Bed, you'll enjoy a calming vibe thanks to its light-colored fabric that's neutral enough to go with any palette. 

Enjoy this upholstered bed in any style bedroom thanks to its beautiful blend of materials. Inspired by the organic shape of ginkgo leaves, this modern bed showcases a curvaceous headboard for an elevated touch.

The bed is accentuated with a sweeping scallop shape along the side rails and footboard. Finished in a sleek champagne pearl, this gorgeous bed brings a nice touch of metallic flair to the room.

It also features sturdy wood trim and tapered legs that bring it just a hint of mid-century modern appeal. This bed from Caracole Furniture gives a nod to nature with an organic-inspired shape, while a splash of shimmer lends it lots of contemporary styling.

Elevate Your Interior with the Couturier Canopy Bed

If you're looking to add a regal element to your home, this bed from Caracole is a can't-miss choice. There's nothing quite like a canopy bed, thanks to its boxy, welcoming silhouette.

With an artful nod to the spirit of old Paris, the Couturier Canopy Bed boasts trifold detail on each end of the headboard. It's covered with custom-colored creme leather upholstery for a luscious look. 

The bed frame features a sleek urban black lacquer finish that carries through to the canopy and posts. Each element is carved to give the creme leather that wraps the frame a detailed, embossed effect.

This bed is even more unique thanks to the footboard and frame topped with a sleek black lacquer finish. The design is elevated even further thanks to shimmering gold and silver leaf details.

Gold knuckles are added to each corner of the canopy, and the entire bed rests on sturdy brass metal legs, complete with a sleek gold finish. With its black and white color palette, this canopy bed from Caracole Furniture lends a stunning avant-garde, French-inspired element to your bedroom. 

Go Bold with the ReMix Wood Bed

What makes Caracole bedroom furniture so unique is the brand's eye for high-end, modern style. Take the ReMix Wood Bed, for example, with its bold and dramatic silhouette.

This modern bed features a bold shape enhanced with a rich Ceruse Oak finish. It's lined with a metal rail accented with bronze metallic paint that carries through the top of the headboard and footboard.

Side rails in Ceruse Oak give the bed a cohesive look that carries the theme throughout the entire piece. The bottom frame has a contemporary geometric design that is highlighted with more of the bronze metallic paint finish.

A slightly curved profile gives this incredible bed the look of a wave cresting before it crashes onto the shore. Top it with your favorite bedding and extra pillows to bring it some soft texture and even more warmth.

Find Your Ultimate Bed

If you're searching for a unique bed, be sure to explore the variety of options from the incredible Caracole Furniture brand. From platform beds to canopy beds, there's something here for every modern home and every lifestyle.

Meadow Blu has everything you need to create a beautiful modern home. Be sure to contact us today to find out more about our furniture, lighting, and much more so you can design the home of your dreams.