Home Decor Ideas for Your Living Room

Lifestyle Image: Shadie Copeland Interiors

Of all the rooms in your home, the living room is the best place for you to express your personal style and your inner personality. If you’re thinking about doing something new in this space, we have a few creative home décor ideas for your living room that you’re sure to love. Whether you just want to add new furniture or you’re pondering remaking the entire room, it’s easy to update and decorate this room with the right designs and products. Read on to get a few inspirational ideas that will help you transform your living space and turn it into the room of your dreams.

Focus on Lighting

The lighting in your home can change the entire way it looks and feels. When it comes to home décor ideas for your living room, lighting should be one of the first items you focus on. Install new light fixtures in this room, like a shimmering chandelier or something featuring a retro mid-century modern design. The key is to choose lighting that adds visual interest while providing you with the level of light you need. If your living room doesn’t have a lot of natural light, make sure you install something with lots of bulbs or use several different pieces of lighting throughout the room. You can layer your lights by adding floor lamps, table lamps, and wall sconces so that the ceiling light isn’t responsible for doing all of the work.

Task lighting is great for living rooms since you can move it around and use it nearby so you can enjoy a good book before you take a nice afternoon nap. When it comes to style, look for amazing pieces by Regina Andrew Lighting. This incredible brand crafts impeccable light fixtures featuring sleek, retro-inspired design and fun finishes. A glass shade is great if you want a lot of light in the living room. If you prefer the light to be a bit more muted, go with something topped with a fabric or solid metal shade instead.

Elevate the Space with Rugs

Layering area rugs in a living room will give this space a pop of personality. You can use one large rug in the center of the room or try several throughout a larger living area if you want to define different spaces. For example, a gorgeous area rug from Loloi Rugs placed underneath your sofa helps to create a nice and cozy conversation area. If the living room is particularly large, try several smaller rugs strategically placed throughout the room.

Use your furniture to define each section so that your living room is more functional. This tactic also helps to visually break up larger living rooms. When shopping for rugs, make sure you select something in a gorgeous pattern that complements the rest of the furniture and décor in the room. You can never go wrong with a solid color, either. Shop for products from world-famous brands like Jaipur rugs that feature soft solid and muted colorways or exotic patterns, depending on your preference.

Home Décor Ideas for Your Living Room: Add a Sideboard or Credenza

When you think about storage furniture for the living room, these low-profile pieces might not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, sideboards and credenzas are a beautiful alternative to a traditional bookcase or wall shelving. Try a stunning credenza that features uniquely detailed doors and magnificent hardware. The more unique the piece is, the more interest it will bring to the room. Make sure that the cabinet has enough storage space inside to serve your needs. Most sideboards typically have three to four doors with hidden shelving inside, however, some may also include drawers so you can store smaller living room accessories. Slick hardware and unusual detailing can make this furniture a bold must-have for a modern living room.

Dovetail Furniture designs a wide range of stunning credenzas and sideboards in a myriad of unique styles and materials. If you choose, you can also use this furniture as a TV stand instead of a classic entertainment center to help keep the room’s open feel.

Dress Things up with Sleek Mirrors

Mirrors aren’t just made for the bedroom and bathroom. A bold mirror is an easy way to make smaller living rooms feel larger, and they’re also the perfect piece of décor. A tall, freestanding floor-length mirror can add dimension and depth to your living space, while wall mirrors serve as a reflective work of art. Jamie Young Co makes a wide variety of absolutely jaw-dropping mirrors for any room. Look for designs that feature sleek metal frames with bright metallic finishes to give your living room an ultra-luxe look. If the boho-chic trend is more your thing, try a mirror boasting a frame constructed of organic materials like woven rattan or jute rope. Hanging mirrors add a charming touch, and they look great when you mix them with artwork on a gallery wall. Ultimately, adding a mirror to your living room is an easy and effective way to make the entire space feel bright, airy, and much more modern. You can also lean a smaller mirror against the wall on a shelf or your fireplace mantel for a little pop of reflection.

Spruce up the Living Room with a Unique Accent Chair

While a comfy sofa or sectional is a living room must-have for just about anyone, you can’t forget to add a chair or two to the mix. Accent chairs are a great way to fill in empty corners or fill in spaces of a large living room. They’re also nice to place near your sofa and coffee table to give the conversation area a cozy finishing touch. These chairs come in all kinds of sizes, materials, and silhouettes. In order to make this room more interesting, look for a chair that features a unique shape or fun fabrics.

Try something stylish and comfortable from Caracole Furniture, like a gorgeous, curvaceous chair accented in animal-print neutral fabric upholstery and slender, tapered legs constructed of wood. Accent chairs come in a variety of sizes and configurations to make your living room more inviting. A club chair is a great addition to a large living room, and swivel chairs are a ton of fun to sit on for yourself and your guests. Just make sure that this chair is a unique piece that stands out from the rest of the furniture to help it shine.

Make Your Coffee Table the Star

One of the best home décor ideas for your living room is to choose a coffee table that really makes a statement. Much like the dining room table is the centerpiece of the room, the same applies to the coffee table in your living room. Seek out tables that boast unusual shapes, bold features, and high-end materials like stone. Coffee tables from Candelabra Home Furniture are featured in a range of ultra-modern, sleek designs. An oval-shaped table is a fun spin on traditional coffee tables, while something accented with a colored tempered glass top can elevate the room and give it a bold, contemporary touch.

Try a coffee table with a metal base or legs accented in a vibrant metallic finish. Open shelving on the bottom is perfect for stacking books or showing off a few decorative items. If you prefer to keep things hidden, look for a coffee table with drawers. A large cocktail ottoman can also be a great alternative to a regular coffee table. This upholstered accent furniture offers you a place to prop up your feet, an extra seat for guests, and a table all in one. A drum-style table is also a fun choice that will give the room a touch of Bohemian-inspired style.

Always Bring Art Into the Picture

No living room is truly complete without some amazing artwork. Feel free to mix and match a variety of items and hang them together to create a stunning gallery wall. You can also select a large piece of art to hang over your fireplace or on one wall where it can become the main focal point of the space. Whether you like paintings on canvas, metal wall sculptures, or framed photography, art is perhaps the most effective home décor ideas for your living room that lets you showcase your personality in the best way. Artwork doesn’t have to be just paintings or drawings, either. Try something new like a woven basket in colorful designs that will add texture and an international-inspired look to the room. Ideally, your art should be framed whenever possible. This gives it a much more polished look and makes it easier to arrange different pieces together or separately. However you choose to express yourself, keep these ideas in mind when you’re ready to set up your living room. From new light fixtures to sleek furniture and mirrors, some simple changes can completely transform your living room and turn it into a place you will be thrilled to show off to your guests.