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How to Choose the Best Ceiling Lights for Your Home

How to Choose the Best Ceiling Lights for Your Home


ceiling lights for your home


From floor lamps to chandeliers and wall sconces, you have plenty of choices when it comes to the lighting in your home. Most modern homes are already pre-wired for ceiling lights since this is the most common way that homeowners need to illuminate rooms like the bedroom, dining room, and living areas. Because these types of lights are some of the most popular, how do you know which ones are best for you? Whether you’re looking for sleek and modern products by brands like Regina Andrew Lighting, or you want a simpler ceiling light fixture, read on to learn more about how to choose the best option for your home and your needs.

Ceiling Height and Brightness

When installing these types of lights, you want to ensure that they’re high enough so that you don’t bump your head on them but low enough that they produce ample illumination. A good rule of thumb is to make sure that your new ceiling light is installed at a minimum of 84 inches, or seven feet above the floor. This is a smart and simple method to prevent your new light fixture from hanging too low. Start by measuring your ceiling height and then subtract 84 inches to get the approximate height for the new fixture. This number will be where the bottom of the light fixture will sit once it’s installed. Of course, brightness is also important when you’re looking at ceiling lights. Ideally, the ceiling light will be the centerpiece of the room, and you can layer or add more variations of lighting throughout the room as you see fit. Layering lighting is easy by bringing in floor and table lamps, adding some track lighting, or installing wall sconces in various areas.

When you’re looking for new lighting for your home, keep the three main types in mind: ambient, task, and accent lighting. Your ceiling light fixture is considered general or ambient lighting, so it needs to be fairly bright. In some cases, this may be the only light source for the entire room, particularly in a bedroom (other than table lamps on the nightstand or a pair of wall sconces). Mix and match a few other task lights to get the level of brightness you need. You can also opt to install a dimmable ceiling light, so you can adjust the brightness, too. Use a measurement called lumens to help you determine how bright your new lights should be. Ideally, your dining room and kitchen will require approximately 30-40 lumens per square foot. Hallways, bedrooms, and small living areas only need about 20 lumens per square foot. Simply multiply the recommended lumens by the total square footage of each room, then refer to the light bulb packaging to find out how many lumens it produces.

Style: Flush Mount Ceiling Lights

If a room has low ceilings or you’re just looking for lighting that’s a bit more understated, flush mount ceiling lights are an excellent choice. These lights are installed close to the ceiling, and you can choose larger models if you need to cover marks from old lighting that was installed previously. This style is easy to maintain since it doesn’t collect dust as easily as a pendant or chandelier. The low-profile silhouette is also great for ceilings that are 7-8 feet in height. Consider this type of ceiling light in areas where you’d need to walk directly underneath it, such as a closet, kitchen, hallway, or bedroom.

When it comes to style, there are plenty of awesome designs to choose from like a black flush mount ceiling light from brands like Crystorama Lighting. Hudson Valley Lighting makes an array of unique flush mount designs ranging from sleek and modern to classic and simple with clean lines. Just because your lighting is close to the ceiling, it doesn’t have to be boring. Explore the range of options available at Meadow Blu by some of the best lighting designers in the industry like Mitzi Lighting and many more. Choose a flush mount ceiling lamp or light in a finish that will complement the rest of your space and blend in easily with furniture, wall colors, and décor.


Semi-Flush Mount Fixtures

For those looking for something that hangs a bit lower than a traditional flush mount, consider semi-flush mount ceiling lights. These fixtures are installed the same way, but they are attached to a short stem so that the canopy is slightly suspended from your ceiling. A gap between the fixture and the ceiling tends to make this lighting style shine upwards and downwards to create more ambient light. A majority of these designs have a canopy that covers between four and six inches of your ceiling, so you may need to paint over any old marks that remain. You can find these ceiling lights in longer hanging lengths that work great for rooms with 8 to 12-foot-high ceilings.
Install a semi-flush mount light fixture in an entryway, foyer, hallway, kitchen, closet, or bathroom for brighter ambient light. They can also look fabulous when installed directly over your dining room table. The brighter output will be even more visible when you install it in rooms with a white ceiling since the light will reflect off the surface, unlike a traditional flush mount light. Another perk to this design is that it’s easy to replace the light bulbs since you might not have to remove the entire fixture to do so. Explore beautiful designs of semi-flush mount fixtures from Made Goods Lighting, featuring a range of incredible materials and unique silhouettes. Hinkley Lighting also designs unique semi-flush mount options boasting beautiful fabric shades, a variety of modern finishes, and elevated styles that add visual interest to any room.
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Pendants and Chandeliers

If you’re looking for something that will add a bold look to a room, consider a pendant light or chandelier. These ceiling lights hang down much lower than the previous two mentioned, which makes them a perfect focal point. A row of pendant lights installed directly over your kitchen island will make it easy to see as you prep food or sit down for a delicious breakfast with your family. Pendants are also perfect for hallways or entryways that have particularly high ceilings. Most of these lights have adjustable rods or cords so you can change the height according to your needs. Just make sure that they’re not too high up, or else the light won’t reach the areas where you need it to go.

Chandeliers are the most ornate of ceiling lights thanks to their larger size and more intricate designs. A sparkling crystal chandelier in a dining space will add an elevated look that’s perfect for entertaining and special occasions. Choose a simpler chandelier for the bedroom or your living room if you want something that’s larger than a flush-mount light, but not too decorative that it detracts from the rest of the room. A chandelier with wood beads can add a softened element to this lighting style. If bold is what you crave, try a chandelier featuring bright metallic finishes, faceted crystals, or lots of light bulbs surrounded by frosted glass globe shades.

Finding the Perfect Ceiling Light Style

Lifestyle Image: Racheal Jackson, @banyanbridges

With so many brands, designs, and options to choose from, how can you be sure that you’re choosing the right ceiling lights for your home? Designing a space is already challenging, and installing lighting can add to the overwhelming feeling of wanting to get things right. First, keep in mind that your ceiling lights should closely coordinate with the other light fixtures in the room, such as lamps, pendants, and integrated lighting. While it doesn’t have to match exactly, it should at least be similar in terms of the finish and overall style. For example, an industrial light fixture made of black metal and glass wouldn’t go well with a sputnik-style, mid-century chandelier. Look for themes or motifs that are as similar as possible, so you’re able to create a cohesive look.

Think about the type of style you want to convey with your lighting. Whether it’s formal or modern glam, look closely at the furniture and finishes in the room as well as the overall architecture to serve as a guide. You should also measure the ceiling height of each room so you know which light fixtures will fit nicely in the space. You don’t want to end up with a light that hangs too low, or one that’s too close to the ceiling if your living room has ultra-tall ceilings, for example. Of course, your light fixtures don’t have to be exactly the same from room to room. Feel free to mix things up by choosing options from brands like Crystorama Lighting in one room, and something new from Hudson Valley Lighting or Regina Andrew Lighting in another. Overall, they should be basically similar in style, color, and scale, but they don’t have to be a perfect match between them.

More Ceiling Light Styling Tips

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Flush mount and semi-flush mount lights come in a huge variety of designs, materials, and other options like the shade material and color. Try not to mix overly ornate ceiling lights with those that are simple and clean. The combination of bold designs with muted ones can cause a clash and make it difficult for the eye to stay fixated in one place. Look for lighting that features a finish to go with the rest of your space. For example, a chrome light looks fabulous in rooms with furniture that already has chrome hardware, or a dark bronze or matte black finish will go wonderfully with darker metal door and drawer hardware. The idea is to find lighting that serves your needs while providing your home with a beautiful, streamlined look. Shop our selection of ceiling lights to find incredible designs by amazing brands like Made Goods Lighting and many more.

Whatever designs you choose, you’ll find that new lighting can do wonders for the way your home looks and feels. The right lighting will make spaces seem brighter, and it can also make the entire room look and feel brand-new. Whether it’s a simple flush mount, a unique semi-flush mount, a brilliant pendant light, or a dramatic chandelier, these beautiful lights are designed to give your home an infusion of modern style while providing you with the lighting you need for a better life at home.