How To Decorate a Beautiful Bedroom

Kavali Bed

Your bedroom should be a peaceful, calming oasis where you can relax and unwind at the end of each day. If your current bedroom design needs a makeover, there are plenty of incredible bedroom décor ideas to try to help you find the one that fits your needs. From new beds or storage pieces to pretty bedroom décor, read on for some inspirational ideas that will help you create the ultimate bedroom for a totally tranquil, relaxing hideaway at home.

Replace Table Lamps with Wall Sconces

Jane Task Lamp

A table lamp on top of your nightstand helps you to see easily before bedtime. Having access to a light next to your bed allows you to read, watch TV, or relax without having to get back up again to turn off the overhead light. While lamps are certainly convenient, you can easily give your bedroom a substantial upgrade by replacing them with wall sconces. Not only does sconce lighting look much more modern and sleeker than table lamps, but it also helps to free up additional space on top of your bedside table. Consider sconces from brands like Regina Andrew Lighting featuring bold and dramatic silhouettes and finishes. The Trillium Sconce from Regina Andrew Lighting features a luscious sculptural motif of leaves and flowers for a soft, romantic touch. You can also try an uber-modern wall sconce with an adjustable arm that can be extended and retracted as you need it. Whatever style sconce you choose, it’s just one of many impactful bedroom décor ideas that will transform the entire aesthetic of this room.

Upgrade to a Luxurious Bed

Angela Bed in Blush

Your bedroom furniture should be some of the most important pieces you buy for your home. If your current bed is uncomfortable or outdated, it’s time to consider a new one. Look for a bed that has features you want, like a soft and cushy upholstered headboard and footboard or a platform-style piece with some under-bed storage. The bed is the centerpiece of any bedroom, so make it count when you shop for something new. For example, the Angela Bed from Candelabra Home Furniture features luscious velvet upholstery in your choice of color elevated with its wide channel tufting. Sleek legs give this bed a contemporary touch, while the gold finish lends it a pop of glam. Whatever style bed you choose, make sure that it reflects your overall design style and personality.

Bushwick Bed

The Bushwick Wooden Bed from Candelabra Home Furniture is a perfect addition to a boho-chic or rustic-inspired bedroom. Consider the material, finish, and overall silhouette of your new bed to help you find inspiration.

Give Your Storage Furniture an Upgrade

O2 Chest

When it comes to smart ideas for your bedroom, storage should always be at the top of your list. That doesn’t mean that your nightstand, chest, or dresser needs to be boring and utilitarian only. In fact, choosing some bold designs for these furniture pieces will instantly take your bedroom design to a whole new level. Take the O2 Chest from BLU Home Furniture, for example. This gorgeous bedroom chest is constructed of Sheesham wood and rests atop tapered legs for a mid-century modern touch. Different textures on the drawer fronts gives it an aesthetically pleasing pop. A pair of nightstands featured in a vibrant color is another fun way to elevate the look of your bedroom and give it a playful touch. Remember, bedroom décor ideas don’t always have to be bland or neutral. Feel free to mix things up by incorporating storage pieces and other furniture that come in an array of different hues.

Pretty Bedroom Decor Ideas: Area Rugs

Newton Ruh

Area rugs are a crucial part of any room in your home, from the living room to an office space and beyond. The same rings true for your bedroom, so make sure that you add a stunning rug that will add softness and style to your floors. Be sure to explore the offerings from Jaipur Rugs, featuring unique designs and high-quality materials. These rugs come in just about any motif imaginable, from understated modern patterns to intricate Persian-inspired themes. The key is to add an area rug that gives your bedroom a soft touch and a layer of texture along with some unique style. Place your rug directly under the bed, making sure that it extends about two feet outward from each side. You’ll wake up every day to a soft surface and a beautiful look that gives the entire bedroom a cozy, welcoming vibe. Whether it’s a simple stripe, an all-over diamond pattern, or a luscious floral theme, Jaipur Rugs has plenty of incredible options to choose from to help your bedroom look and feel amazing.

Bring in Accent Furniture

Side to Side Chair

One of the most overlooked bedroom décor ideas is to add some accent pieces to the room. If your master bedroom is large, you should have plenty of extra floor space that needs to be filled. Look for a comfy accent chair that can go into a cozy corner of the bedroom for a nice reading nook. Caracole Furniture designs a plethora of incredible chairs that will add modern style to your sleeping space. The brand’s Half Moon Chair is a perfect companion for a contemporary bedroom, while the Crane Chair from Caracole Furniture features angular lines and ultra-soft plush velvet upholstery. You can also add an ottoman to the bedroom for a small stool if you choose. A bedroom bench with storage is another excellent choice. This furniture is designed to make your bedroom feel more relaxing, but it also gives this space a lot more versatility and functionality, too. Choose accent furniture in a similar style or try something in a contrasting color to help it stand out.

Layer Lots of Textures

Ian Oversized Throw

It’s easy to transform your bedroom with an abundance of linens and luscious textures. Don’t be afraid to pile on the throw pillows and blankets to give your bed a cozy touch. Ellen DeGeneres Furniture has designed a myriad of stunning textiles for your home, including the bedroom. The line of throws and throw pillows feature fun details like tassels on the corners and stripes with rich, nubby textures. Pillows with geometric designs add a playful touch to your bedroom. Toss a throw blanket onto a chair from Ellen DeGeneres Furniture featuring simple colorways, soft cotton fabric, and global-inspired designs. Have some fun with the textures in your bedroom and mix and match different colors and designs to give it an eclectic touch.

The Dawn Throw

Brighten Things Up with a Bold Mirror

Image: Erin Condron Interiors @erincondroninteriors | Photographer: Sarah Winchester @sarah_w_studios

While many bedroom furniture sets include a matching mirror for the dresser, you can also add more to the room to make it brighter and more unique. Don’t just stick with a standard mirror when you’re looking for bedroom décor ideas. Hang a bold wall mirror up that features a detailed frame made of metal, natural shell, or woven materials. A floor-length mirror is a great option for a corner of your bedroom. Use this tall mirror to give you a full-body view before you head out the door for the day. Mirrors can make any room look and feel larger than they are, so use them to your advantage, especially if your bedroom is a bit small. Accent mirrors come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, so have some fun when you pick out one (or more) for your bedroom. Whether it’s a sleek metallic finish on the frame or something crafted in a global-inspired design, use mirrors to help give your bedroom a sleek, luxurious touch.

Express Yourself with Art

Morning Reflections

Your bedroom should be a place that’s unique and special to you. One way to help give this room a personal touch is by hanging a few pieces of gorgeous artwork on the walls. Whether it’s a three-dimensional wall sculpture, a handwoven basket, or a painting on canvas, art is the ultimate form of self-expression. Hang a large piece of art over your bed to help draw the eye toward the focal point in the room. You can also create a custom gallery wall featuring an assortment of art pieces in various sizes and themes. From animals and landscapes to abstract works, art can instantly make your bedroom feel alive. If you’re aiming to create a cohesive theme, try a matching set of artwork in frames so you can hang them together or all around the bedroom to carry the concept throughout the space.

Finish with Accessories

Lorelei Wood Bead Chandelier

Once you’ve chosen the perfect bed, storage, lighting, and accent furniture, it’s time to put the finishing touches on your bedroom with some accessories. Try a colorful ceramic catchall tray that you can place on top of a dresser or nightstand to hold small jewelry and other accessories. A beautiful vase resting on a shelf filled with fresh flowers will add a romantic component to the room. Place a gorgeous candle holder on top of a bookcase or wall shelf and enjoy the soothing scents of your favorite fragrance before you head to dreamland. Small scatter rugs in front of the master bathroom are another way you can add a charming touch to this room. No matter what you decide, these bedroom décor ideas will help you transform this space and make it a place that’s all your own.