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How To Decorate the Perfect Sunroom

How To Decorate the Perfect Sunroom

A sunroom makes it easy to enjoy the great outdoors without ever having to set foot outside. These rooms are a perfect place to relax with a good book, enjoy a nap, soak in the sunshine, or entertain your family and friends, even if the weather isn’t cooperating. If you’re thinking about furnishing a sunroom, you might wonder what the best options are for this unique part of your home. Read on for some helpful sunroom decorating ideas that will inspire you to design the perfect space that will soon become a favorite for your family and friends.

Install Lighting That’s Subtle Yet Unique

You’ll likely get most of your light from the sun in this room, however, a bit of lighting will still be needed at night. Choose light fixtures that are functional and unique, yet subtle enough that they don’t become the focal point of the room. The idea is to choose lighting that gives you the amount of brightness you need without making it the star of the show.

Products from brands like Regina Andrew lighting feature gorgeous designs crafted of natural materials in soft finishes and colors. Consider a medium-size chandelier with draped wood beads in a soft gray or natural color. This type of lighting adds a subtle component to the room and ample light, but it doesn’t look too formal or modern.

You can also layer your lighting by bringing in a few task lights. A floor lamp placed in the corner by a comfortable club chair or two table lamps on accent tables are excellent ways to get the amount of light you need when the sun goes down. A ceiling fan is also highly recommended since it will help to keep the sunroom nice and cool, and the air circulating while you’re relaxing.

Sunroom Decorating Ideas: Area Rugs

A luscious, colorful area rug is a smart addition to your sunroom family room. Look for rugs that feature durable materials that are suitable for both the indoors and outside. Loloi outdoor rugs come in a vast array of stunning color palettes and motifs. Whether you want to add something in a luscious floral pattern or prefer something that’s bold and global-inspired, be on the lookout for this brand when you’re searching for sunroom decorating ideas. Many of these rugs are made of polyester, which is a durable material that won’t cause the rug to shed all over the room. If you have access to the outside directly from your sunroom, it’s important to use area rugs that are made of durable, weatherproof materials. This will make it much easier for you to keep the rug clean and you won’t have to worry about permanent stains or marks from mud and dirt whenever people come in and out of the sunroom.

Choose Versatile Furniture

When you’re furnishing a sunroom, you want to choose pieces that will give you a lot of functionality for both indoor and outdoor enjoyment. Shop for brands like Azzurro Outdoor Furniture, offering a beautiful assortment of gorgeous tables and more. This furniture is suitable for your sunroom, but it can also be enjoyed outside if you want to move the dinner party to the patio. Sunroom furniture should be durable for lots of use, but also lightweight so that you can easily move it outside if you want to. This dual-purpose furniture will help you get more out of the sunroom and patio without having to purchase two separate products. Try a table crafted of a modern material like concrete that’s reinforced with fiberglass. This material is as strong as solid concrete, but light enough that you can move it anywhere you choose. The more versatility you can get from each piece of the furniture, the more you’ll enjoy it.

Go Organic

One of the most beautiful features of a sunroom is that it blurs the lines between the outdoors and the inside of your home. Elevate this concept by bringing in furniture crafted of natural, organic materials. Woven grasses and materials like rattan or jute will give the sunroom a soft, organic aesthetic. Try comfortable chairs and sofas made of a wicker or bamboo in a light finish and top them with soft cushions completed in light-toned upholstery.

The lighter and brighter your furniture is, the more open and airier the sunroom will feel. You can easily add pops of color to the room with some cheerful throw pillows, colorful trays placed on top of tables, and a variety of artwork. Another easy way to complement your sunroom is by adding gorgeous window treatments made of natural fabric like cotton or linen. This gives you the option to get more shade if the sun is too hot while adding more color and texture to the room at the same time. Have fun layering natural textures, and don’t forget to add some houseplants or flowers to the sunroom, too.

Get Creative with Bold Designs

As you think about unique sunroom decorating ideas, make sure that your furniture is dynamic and bold. Brands like Oly Studio Furniture offer a unique range of pieces that will instantly add drama and visual interest to this space. Look for unique sculptures that will become conversation starters or try a table featuring a sculptural, tree-like base. Furnishing a sunroom should be a fun experience since this is a place where you’ll want to relax and have a good time. Explore unique furnishings that feature a theme you like, such as a natural woodland motif. If you prefer that your sunroom has more of a modern vibe, seek out products from Oly Studio Furniture and other great brands that boast sleek details like metal tapered legs, glass tabletops, and vibrant metallic finishes. Ultimately, the items you choose to add to your sunroom should be a reflection of your unique personality and design style.

Bring in Some Storage

Since a sunroom is often considered a “bonus room,” it’s a good idea to use this space as wisely as possible. Bring in a key storage piece like a stunning sideboard from Dovetail Furniture. This low-profile cabinet is a great way to get an additional area where you can store home accessories, books, and other items neatly out of the way. The beauty of this furniture is that it’s long, lean, and won’t block the beautiful view from your sunroom windows. Try sideboards boasting intricately carved details on the door fronts and sleek, contemporary hardware. Make sure your new storage furniture provides you with enough interior space so that you’re getting the most use out of it that you can. Another perk to buffets and sideboards is that they give you more surface area to display small decorative objects, framed pictures, and table lamps. Many pieces from Dovetail Furniture feature a sealed finish to help ensure the longevity of your new piece and to keep it protected from fading or damage.

Protect Your Investment

As you ponder all of these sunroom decorating ideas, make sure that everything you purchase is able to withstand a lot of direct sunlight. Outdoor furniture and rugs are ideal since these items will likely be exposed to the sun throughout the day. Consider installing blinds or window coverings so that your sunroom gets enough shade when you’re not using it. This will help to ensure the longevity of your new furniture and décor, and it will prevent items from fading, warping, or drying out. You can also apply a protective treatment to upholstery, fabric, and rugs to lengthen their lifespan. Try to think about the items in your sunroom in the same way you would as if you were designing your patio. This is the best way to make sure that you’re protecting your investment and that your new furniture will last for years into the future.

Add a Bar to Your Sunroom

Although you’ll probably spend most of your time relaxing in the sunroom, this spot is also perfect for entertaining. Add a gorgeous bar to the room, so you have easy access to beverages, barware, and all of your mixing accessories. A bar cart with wheels is a great choice since it’s easy to move it around while you mingle and entertain. When you’re done, you can simply roll it over to a corner of the room or against the wall until your next gathering. A stationary bar is another good choice that will give your sunroom a defined purpose. Pair your new bar with a few matching barstools so that this room becomes a place where everyone will want to gather and hang out. If you don’t have the square footage for a large bar, try a pedestal bar-height table instead.

Have Fun Decorating

If you want to keep your living room or dining room formal, a sunroom gives you the chance to have some fun with your décor. Look for key pieces that make you smile and that bring bright, cheerful colors into the space. The key is to create a part of your home that evokes happy memories and positive feelings. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors, textures, and styles to give the sunroom a bold, eclectic aesthetic. The more unique pieces and furniture you can bring into the room, the more you’ll enjoy spending time here. Seek new designs that you won’t see in other areas of your home that will define the sunroom and give it a separate personality from the rest of your house. Shop the selection at Meadow Blu today and discover a myriad of stunning products for your sunroom that will help turn it into a space you’ll love for many years to come.