How to Use Mitzi Lighting to Create a Theme

While modern design is the goal of 85% of homeowners, it’s not a simple look to pull off. A minimal couch paired with coastal lighting leaves your room off balance. Your guests might not be able to identify the problem, but they’ll sense that something isn’t quite right.

A cohesive lighting scheme can make all the difference between a space that feels like an afterthought and one that feels like it was carefully curated by an interior designer. This is where Mitzi lighting comes in. Mitzi is a line of high-quality lighting that will help you achieve the right aesthetic for any space.

It’s their mission to make completing a room theme as easy as possible. Here are some tips for choosing the right lighting décor for your home:

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century modern design combines the geometric shapes of minimalism with organic, flowing forms. The most important aspect of this design is its simplicity, so you should choose light fixtures that aren’t too busy.

A good example is the Mitzi Juliana Pendant. Its elegant curves will add a sense of unity to any office space or bedroom.

The round fixture has no trouble becoming the center of attention. Its clear glass shade will bounce light around the room, creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere. You’ll love how it brings out the best in your mid-century décor.


To create an industrial style, you need a lot of raw materials and exposed bulbs. The more concrete and metal you can see, the more industrial your look will be.

You’ll also want to avoid anything too fancy. Barn-style light fixtures are perfect for this kind of space because they’re so simple and rustic.

The Bailey Chandelier has a geometric shape with sharp lines that are reminiscent of factory machinery. Playing with shapes, long straight arms and candles hold small, round bulbs creating a modern, clean silhouette. Choose from six or eight light options, making it an ideal choice for industrial-style homes looking to incorporate luxury into their space.

Modern Farmhouse

Modern farmhouse style is a mix of traditional and industrial elements. You can use modern lighting fixtures to complement more rustic accents like weathered barn wood or reclaimed wood pieces.

This theme is where your creativity really comes into play! If you have a large space that needs to be broken up visually, try using different styles of the Mitzi Estee Pendant as part of the décor.

Hang an aged brass pendant over the dining table and use polished nickel ones in each corner of the room. These will not only add some extra light, but also provide a focal point for your space.


Many coastal homes have a nautical feel, but you don’t need to live near the water to create that look. You can bring the beach into your home with lighting that mimics the sun and ocean’s reflection. Use lighting in either clear glass or white shades to give your space a seaside vibe.

The Mitzi Sasha Pendant is all about those layers. Sasha’s simple yet powerful shapes and shade-within-shade design make her a little eccentric. Suspended alone or in a series, Sasha radiates a harmonious vibe bringing a range of brightness of your seaside room design.


Clean lines, a focus on natural light, and simple designs characterize the Scandinavian style.

People in Scandinavia don’t have excessive lighting in their homes. Instead, they use more ambient sources like candles or small lamps—which is what you’ll want if you’re going for a true Scandinavian feel.

The Mitzi Clara Wall Sconces can help complete your Scandinavian design theme with its soft metal finish and simple silhouette. You’ll be tempted to hang this fixture in your bathroom, but it’s also a great option for warming up your living room. Its neutral color scheme makes your other accessories stand out.


Minimalist lighting is all about simplicity and elegance. The best way to achieve this look is to use a single light source, like the Mitzi Carrie Chandelier.

This lamp features an open frame that lends itself well to minimalism. It’s perfect for a high-ceilinged room that requires uncluttered lighting. And if you’re looking to add some drama to your décor, its geometric patterns are sure to do the trick.

Hollywood Glam

Hollywood glam is all about drama. In this type of decor, it’s not uncommon to see crystal chandeliers and large ceiling fixtures paired with mirrors and gold accents.

The best way to achieve this look is by going big. The Mitzi Alyssa Chandelier is the perfect place to start.

This chandelier features neat glass bulbs accented by floral designs. It’s a nontraditional way to create a room that looks like it was lifted from a scene in a movie.

If you want your glam to be on the more conservative end, the Mitzi Dona Chandelier is a brilliant choice. This chandelier features two tiers of lighting, all draped over a round frame.

However, it’s not a structureless creation. Each bulb is connected to the frame by its own sleek stem. You can add some sparkle to your home without going overboard.


The intentional mixing of patterns, textures, and colors define Bohemian styles. The types of lighting that work well for these homes are endless.

You can create a boho-inspired space with the help of a chandelier with lots of structure, like the Mitzi Coco 5 Light Chandelier. Alternatively, you can opt for a more organic design like the Mitzi Dolores Flush Mount.

The color palette is completely up to you. Aged brass and wood are common for boho-inspired styles, but don’t be afraid to experiment with a white or gold finish.

Light Up Your World With Mitzi Lighting

Mitzi lighting is known for its eclectic and playful designs. The brand features an array of chandeliers, wall sconces, floor lamps, and more that are sure to light up your home in a way you never thought possible. If you’re looking for something a little different from the traditional crystal chandelier, Mitzi has what you need.

Best of all, you can find your ideal Mitzi lighting style right here at Meadow Blu. We offer only the finest luxury products, ensuring that all of our customers are completely satisfied.