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Introducing Meadow Blu

Introducing Meadow Blu

We are proud to announce the launch of our new website and brand, Meadow Blu. This long awaited transition has been over a year in the making and we are excited to finally share it with you. Candelabra has evolved into Meadow Blu, which showcases the true image of our identity. Rooted in our curated selection and brand partnerships, this new site invites our customer to experience our Ever Evolving Home.

"Ever Evolving Home"

In our transition from Candelabra to Meadow Blu, our focus has been on sharing our unique eye in a better, more customer friendly way. As a leader in the home decor industry, both in e-commerce and brick and mortar, our goal has remained the same. Meadow Blu maintains a curated, boutique feel while still offering one of the largest catalogs in our field. 

Just in time for Spring, this launch signifies a much needed refresh for us. To celebrate the merge of old favorites with our new look, we have created a collection to highlight the pieces that we believe capture the true feel of Meadow Blu. TRU BLU is a curated selection of bestsellers and new finds that all embrace and inspire the feel of an Ever Evolving Home.

Our TRU BLU collections are filled with the best of the best. These are the products we believe in the most. Each of our main categories has their own TRU BLU collection for you to shop, explore, and be inspired. Take our Oly Pipa Chandelier, a stunning display of white resin cast. A long-standing favorite, the Pipa has been a best seller for years. For furniture, our Loom chairs have recently taken the industry by storm. Woven rope available in a variety of colors and styles, these chairs elevate any dining space. We've selected our must-haves for every category: tongue-in-cheek decor from Jonathan Adler, dreamy floral textiles from Rifle Paper Co., and exquisite finishes from Bungalow 5. TRU BLU will be updated and added to frequently, paralleling our vision of an Ever Evolving Home.