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Made Goods Furniture: The Best Coffee Tables That Will Transform a Room

Made Goods Furniture: The Best Coffee Tables That Will Transform a Room

As the internet grows and people share their ideas, interior design trends are becoming more and more visible. No one wants a standard, typical, boring, run-of-the-mill home anymore. They want things that express their own taste, style, and whimsy.

That's where Made Goods furniture comes in. Not one of our coffee tables is alike, and each one offers a unique aesthetic to complement your inherent taste.

If you're wondering how to choose a coffee table that speaks to who you are, you've come to the right place. Take a look at some of our unique offerings.

Gilded Contemporary

The theme of the Met Gala this year was Gilded Glamour. Suddenly, everyone is interested in adding more gilded pieces into their lives. 

While the Ashmore Coffee Table is more Art Deco minimalist than it is Gilded Age, the metallic finish still adds a certain level of elegance and glamour with its gilded touch. It's a wonderful juxtaposition against the reinforced concrete half. Here, luxury meets the concrete jungle for the ultimate blend of the old and the new.

Functional and Fabulous

The Brooklyn Coffee Table is the perfect solution for any home that wishes to look amazing, but simply can't fight off the clutter. This coffee table from Made Goods has openings on all four sides for storage. Most of the coffee table is built-in storage space.

Use it to store your favorite books or games in an attractive manner, or simply treat it as a place to put the clutter when people are coming over. You'll never again have to wonder where to put something.

The top also has a gentle lip so that items displayed on top have less chance of being knocked over or falling off. This truly is the perfect table for both functional and display purposes.

The covering is faux linen that gives the table a unique texture and durability. Choose one of the three coastal colors!

Avante Garde Exceptionalism

The Janson Coffee Table looks like it came right out of a Miyazaki movie or fairy tale. If you're looking for unique coffee tables, your search should end with this one.


The bold, contrasting vertical stripes on the Janson drum coffee table in marble adds a strikingly modern accent to any space.


Coastal Clean

The coastal home trend is back and stronger than ever, but you don't have to settle for old styles to get the look. Bring something contemporary into the room with Caterina.

This coffee table calls back to the styles you may have seen in your grandmother's coastal home, but the details scream modern. The oval shape is in vogue at the moment, and the extra shelf on the bottom is the perfect place to display shells, sea glass, and other coastal findings. 

The touch of gold at the feet elevates the coffee table to a higher degree of elegance and adds interest to the eye. The faux raffia calls back to the wicker furniture of an older home in texture but keeps things functional for cleaning. It's a grounded yet cheery look.

Choose it in one of two shades of white to complement the natural lighting in your room.

Multipurpose and Majestic

Do you ever look around your living room and notice that at that moment you could really use a couple more tables?

Multiple coffee tables aren't always functional in every living room, but it is nice to have the option sometimes. When you're entertaining, it's a good idea to have multiple places for people to put drinks down. And even just sitting on opposite sides of the room can make it difficult to share a single table in the evening.

The Eada Coffee Table solves this problem by being four tables in one. Bring them all together to produce the whimsical and majestic four-leaf clover shape on a day you need a single larger table. Separate them into equally whimsical tear drops when you need a few more surfaces in the room. 

The faux shagreen adds an extra level of whimsy and protects the coffee table from spills and beverage rings.

Contemporary Classical

The Dorsey Coffee Table pulls from so many aesthetics, references, and styles that it's hard to pin it down into one category. For such a unique style on the list of types of coffee tables, it's surprisingly versatile.

At first glance, it might remind you of the base of a Roman column - grand, gorgeous, and stately. But the reconstituted grey stone also calls back to the clean, industrial styles of the 1970s. Finally, it has an organic feel like a stacked sedentary stone in a quarry or the grand canyon.

Whether your room is going for a neo-classical look, a stately industrial look, or an outdoorsy organic feel, you can fit this coffee table into your design.

Made Goods Furniture for Every Style

Coffee tables don't have to be boring. If you're trying to imbue your room with personal style, let that style influence every piece of furniture. With Made Goods furniture, gone are the days of the wooden square coffee table that lacks a true design aesthetic.

Are you ready to find your dream coffee table? Check out our full selection here!