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Your Ultimate Guide to Loloi Rugs in 2022

Your Ultimate Guide to Loloi Rugs in 2022

You should never underestimate what the right area rug can do for your space. A pop of color, a little texture, and a pattern to make the space more visually interesting can all be accomplished with an area rug.

The right rug can pull a whole room together, define areas in open spaces, and even be a conversation starter. Whether you're looking for a centerpiece for your living room, dining room, or bedroom, Loloi rugs can offer your space a stunning transformation.

Loloi has plenty of styles, colors, and patterns to choose from and even collaborations with celebrity designers. But that can also make the choices overwhelming. Read on for a guide to Loloi rugs that will help guide a total room transformation.

Rifle Paper Co. x Loloi

Rifle Paper Co. is known for its colorful and charming floral patterns. And though the company often focuses on stationary, it has brought its signature style to home decor as well.

These rugs from Rifle Paper Co. will add tons of color and beautiful feminine details to your space.

Joie Rug

The Joie Rug from Rifle Paper Co. shows off the brand's signature style. Large bright florals and leaves adorn this rug. The pattern is perfect for adding a bold statement to a room.

Jardin Rug

A more traditional pattern, the Jardin Rug is perfect for anyone looking to add a modern detail to their classic home.

Palais Rug

Make a bold statement with the Palais Rug. Mixing traditional and whimsical style, this rug is the perfect centerpiece to gather around in a living room or dining.

Justina Blakeney

Artist and designer Justina Blakeney has become a favorite for bold and colorful home decor and styling. Blakeney masterfully balances colors and patterns while remaining grounded in nature.

This collaboration between Justina Blakeney will bring tons of earth tones, nature-inspired patterns, and boho-infused designs into your space. If you're looking for a centerpiece, this is the collection for you.

Symbology Rug

Add texture to the space with the Symbology Rug. This rug is hand-tufted by artisans in India. This rug features contrasting pile heights that create a playful contemporary design.

Jamila Rug

Brighten up your space with the Jamila Rug in Spice/Bordeaux. This rug brings in an eclectic bohemian design and the tassels add a fun texture to the space.

Eila Rug

Justina Blakeney was inspired by tribal fabric while creating the Eila Rug. The faded colors create a lived-in look while still adding a bold pop of color and pattern to any room.

Hallu Rug

The Hallu Rug is an eclectic dream. Featuring circles with bright colors, this rug is sure to be a focal point no matter where you place it.

Magnolia Home

Joanna Gaines has been a favorite designer for many people since starting on HGTV's "Fixer Upper." Her modern farmhouse style creates a warm and cozy space that many try to replicate in their own home.

The Magnolia Home collection with Loloi will bring subtle colors and patterns to your space. The collection is ideal for homes and decor styles that lean more traditional.

Kivi Rug

All eyes will be on this heirloom rug when you place it in the center of the room. Inspired by the antique Persian style, the Kivi Rug will add a beautiful traditional touch.

Cooper Rug

The Cooper Rug is the perfect jute rug to add a lovely natural texture to your space. This simple rug is timeless and stands on its own or as the base for layering rugs.

Gloria Rug

Inspired by traditional Indian block printing, the Gloria Rug adds an ornate pattern to a room. The large-format pattern is sure to draw attention no matter where you place it. The rug comes in seven earth-tone color schemes.

Sadie Rug

Simple and bold, the Sadie Rug is the perfect piece for a quick pop of color in the room. It's the perfect base to show off a dining room table or coffee table.

Chris Loves Julia

This creative duo loves infusing modern details into traditional styles. But there's one detail that remains no matter how they design a space: coziness. Influenced by cottage and colonial styles, the Loloi rugs by Chris Loves Julia are perfect for a comfy home.

These rugs bring in tons of textures and warmth that will make you want to curl up on the sofa or never get out of bed. If you're looking for traditional designs with a pop of color, look no further.

Jules Rug

The Jules Rug is inspired by vintage patterns but uses modern and bold colors. The intentional distressing gives the rug a beautiful lived-in feel that makes it seem like it was passed down for generations.

Humphrey Rug

Add instant warmth to the space with the Humphrey Rug. This rug shows the timelessness of stripes and plaid. It'll add some color and texture to the space using a familiar pattern.

Alice Rug

Inspired by Moroccan patterns, this graphic rug will add plenty of patterns in a subtle way. It features muted earthy colors and subtle fringe that draws the eye to it.

Rosemarie Rug

Antique patterns and unexpected color schemes make the Rosemarie Rug a bold choice for any room. The Rosemarie Rug is offered in three colorways and area, runner, and circular sizes.

Bring Your Space Together With Loloi Rugs

Your living room might be missing something; your dining room and bedroom too. It needs a pop of color, a little bit of pattern, and some more texture. But what one piece can bring all these elements in? Loloi rugs, of course.

The right rug in your space can create a major transformation and bring the entire room together. Loloi Rugs has stunning options that will add visual interest to your space. The brand also collaborates with incredible designers to create unique rugs for your space.

Style your room like a professional interior designer with a stunning rug. Browse the selection of Loloi Rugs and more on Meadow Blu.