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Brand: CFC


Based in Southern California, CFC Furniture started making incredible products in 1999. Over the years, this brand has grown from a one-man operation to becoming one of the finest custom furniture manufacturers in Southern California. CFC doesn’t just sell products within their local area. They make beautiful, high-quality furnishings that are sold in major markets throughout the United States. This brand makes furniture by hand using old-fashioned and time-tested techniques. A large quantity of the designs incorporates the use of recycled materials like Douglas fir found in old, torn-down homes and beautiful reclaimed oak wood found in barns, fences, and boxcars. Not only is CFC furniture a sustainable brand, but the use of these materials ensures that every single piece they make is truly one of a kind. The perfect blend of reclaimed materials and modern shapes and finishes makes furniture from this brand a perfect addition to today’s eco-conscious households.

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