Four Hands

Four Hands

If you’re looking for a fabulous home refresh, be sure to explore the selection of products from Four Hands Furniture available at Meadow Blu. This incredible brand garners inspiration from the materials and cultures found all over the globe. Every item is meticulously designed and thought out using creative minds and unique materials to create gorgeous pieces that add functionality and style to any room of your home. The team at Four Hands Furniture has an unrelenting curiosity for the unusual. Every step they take ensures that no design opportunity is missed. The team merges cultures, experiences, and materials together to create a wide range of styles that easily complement today’s modern homes. Shop for beautiful sofas, unique tables, decorative items, and much more at Meadow Blu to add an organic, boho-chic-inspired component to all your favorite spaces.

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Schwung Sunset Sconce


Schwung Pulsar Sconce

$599.00 - $699.00

Schwung Odyssey Single Pendant

$549.00 - $649.00

Schwung Orion Round Chandelier


Schwung Zodiac Chandelier


Schwung Spider Chandelier


Schwung Nova Chandelier


Schwung Armstrong Linear Chandelier


Schwung Armstrong 4 R Sconce


Schwung Odyssey Linear Chandelier


Schwung Odyssey Sconce

$599.00 - $649.00

Schwung Glass Globe Pendant

$699.00 - $899.00

Schwung Cluster 7 MIX Chandelier