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Loloi Rifle Paper Joie Rug


Loloi rugs and pillows are carefully created for today’s discerning customers. The brand believes that a rug does more than just tie a room together-it also adds a layer of elegant design to any room of your home. The brand is proud to serve a community of decorators, designers, and homeowners who care deeply about the objects they acquire and use in their homes.

From the materials they source to the unique textures and patterns they create, Loloi Rugs’ goal is to design rugs and pillows for today’s modern household while bringing them to life using centuries-old techniques and craftsmanship. Each rug is crafted in India using time-tested, old-world traditions. Each step of the rug-making process is done by hand, from the dyeing of wool to the intricacies of weaving every strand.

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