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5 Beautiful and Unique Chandeliers for Your Home

5 Beautiful and Unique Chandeliers for Your Home

A chandelier adds elegance and bold illumination to virtually any room of the home. Whether you’re ready to buy chandeliers for a dining room, living space, or foyer, this dramatic light fixture will instantly add eye-catching appeal to any space. Before you purchase a new chandelier, be sure to check out our list of five truly beautiful and unique options to consider. No matter which style you choose, this lighting is sure to add bold drama and vibrant illumination to help make your space a stunning one you’ll love for years to come.

1. Simple and Elegant Single Tier Chandeliers

Photo Courtesy of: Kimberly Haire @houseofhaires | Photo Features: Currey & Company Nottaway Chandelier

A single tier chandelier brings a sleek, sophisticated component to the home, particularly in kitchens, bedrooms, and dining rooms. With its single row of lights, these chandeliers are versatile and functional enough to enjoy anywhere. Although they may not be as opulent as some of their counterparts, single tier chandeliers come in a wide range of bold, beautiful designs. Consider the Nottaway Chandelier from Currey and Company. Long arms stretch gracefully from a small cog, which is ornamented with a ring, that rests at the bottom of the stem of gold. Though it is a seriously minimalist fixture, the profile of the six-light chandelier has a lovely fluidity to it that makes it a natural choice for traditional and transitional interiors. This chandelier also comes in two different sizes and finish options to suit your space perfectly.

Photo Courtesy of: Douglas Fenton Major Visual | Photo Features: Mitzi Kira Chandelier

As you prepare to buy chandeliers, remember that there is a myriad of different designs available at Meadow Blu to suit your taste. From traditional and rustic to mid-century modern, it’s important to choose the chandelier that best fits your home’s overall aesthetic. If you adore the modern style of lighting, be sure to check out the Kira Chandelier from Mitzi. This fashion-forward fixture features glass globe bulbs that are nestled neatly inside cylindrical, pill-shaped metal forms. The chandelier diffuses the light up and down to create a soft, subtle glow. This single tier chandelier comes in a soft white, soft black, or aged white finish, and it’s also available as a wall sconce and larger 10 and 12-light chandeliers to help you create a cohesive look.

2. Go Modern with a Sputnik Chandelier

Photo Features: Regina Andrew Poppy Chandelier | Regina Andrew Coil Metal Sconce 

Giving a nod to the space race of the 1950s, Sputnik chandeliers bring bold design into your home. These lights typically feature a center sphere with long, slender arms protruding outward to hold the bulbs. Not all sputnik chandeliers are exactly alike, and many lighting manufacturers have put a fresh new spin on this contemporary classic. For example, the Regina Andrew Poppy Glass Chandelier brings a new twist to the sputnik design. This orb-shaped chandelier features an array of small candelabra bulbs for ambient light, and the glow emanates through white or clear glass discs attached to rods of varying lengths. Choose between an oil-rubbed bronze or natural brass finish and white or clear glass to create a custom, dramatic look.

Photo Courtesy of: House of Jade Interiors | Lindsay Salazar Photography | Photo Features: Troy Lighting Ace 6 Light Chandelier

If you adore the idea of installing a sputnik chandelier in your home but prefer to stick to the original design, the Ace Chandelier from Troy Lighting is an excellent choice. Available in several different sizes and light quantities to suit your needs, this ultra-modern chandelier is a must for a contemporary home. It features a two-toned textured bronze and brushed brass finish for visual depth, while the glossy opal glass globe shades give it an authentic mid-century look. Each component is made of hand-worked iron and glass for high-end quality and longevity. Install it above the dining room table, in a foyer, or as the main lighting in a living room to instantly give your home a bold burst of mid-century modern style.

3. Create Movement with Cascading Chandeliers

Photo Features: Made Goods Marjorie Chandelier

With multiple layers and a cascading look, these stunning chandeliers are a fantastic choice if you’re aiming to create a bold, dramatic element in a space. When you buy chandeliers, consider a cascading design for a large living area, the main entryway, or over a large dining room table. This style of chandelier lends visual interest and typically features multiple layers to create a flow and a sense of movement. The light shade itself can be made of anything from woven fabric or grasses to wooden beads or metal. Check out the incredible Marjorie Chandelier from Made Goods featuring pieces of banana bark set in resin to create an organic-inspired look. Several layered tiers of semi-opaque panels give this chandelier a dramatic light pattern. The durable design is available in either a light or dark natural resin finish to give any room a bold new aesthetic.

Photo Features: Regina Andrew Cabaret Fringe Chandelier

Regina Andrew makes a variety of gorgeous cascading chandeliers. The Cabaret Fringe Chandelier features multiple layers of fringe that add movement and visual dimension of any room. The light features natural brass accents and an opal glass dome, while the fringe itself boasts a bold and deep teal blue hue for a nice pop of color. Another great choice from Regina Andrew is the series of wooden bead cascading chandeliers. Multiple tiers of wood beads delicately drape down, and the light is available in several options including a stunning ombre that boasts various gradients of blue. This light is also available in a solid distressed gray color. You’ll find several options of wood bead cascading chandeliers at Meadow Blu to give any room a boho-chic touch.

4. Add Elegant Charm with Sphere Chandeliers

Photo Features: Oly Studio Annika Chandelier
A sphere chandelier is just like the name implies: this light fixture features a shade in a spherical shape that adds a sense of whimsy to your home. Perfect for bedrooms, hallways, and dining rooms, sphere chandeliers can be installed alone or together in a row if you choose. The incredible Annika Chandelier from Oly Studio is a bold choice and features an orb made of pierced resin with circular cutouts that allow the light to shine through. This spherical chandelier is available in small or large and your choice of silver or brass for the hardware finish. A three-foot chain is also included to make this sphere chandelier easy to install virtually anywhere.
Photo Features: Jonathan Adler Electrum Kinetic Chandelier
While sphere chandeliers can be simple and charming, they’re also a good choice for any modern space. Look for these chandeliers in an organic theme featuring leaf-like cutouts or try something that’s distinctively mid-century modern. A fabulous example is the stunning Electrum Kinetic Chandelier by famed designer, Jonathan AdlerThis sphere chandelier blends modernism and minimalism with a glowing orb surrounded by Space Age-inspired rings made of metal in polished brass and nickel finishes. The rings are movable to provide versatility and can be flattened to form concentric circles for a geometric look. They can also be moved apart to give the chandelier a more spacey aesthetic. Install this dramatic chandelier in a cozy breakfast nook, dining room, or entryway for a visually stunning burst of light.

5. Get More Light with a Multi Tier Chandelier

Photo Features: Regina Andrew Spyder Chandelier
Unlike its single tier counterpart, a multi tier chandelier boasts more than one tier of lighting, making it a smart choice for larger spaces. You can install a multi tier chandelier in a master bedroom, above a large rectangular dining room table, in the living room, or above a kitchen island. The possibilities are endless with this style of chandelier thanks to its bold, daring size and style. Consider the absolutely gorgeous Spyder Chandelier from Regina Andrew. This awe-inspiring light fixture features slender, wide-spreading arms.  Add a modern statement with this unique, adjustable chandelier. Spyder's adjustable arms are each subtly unique in shape, creating a clean, sculptural aesthetic perfect for over a dining table, as a statement chandelier in a living room, entryway or kitchen. Place anywhere needing directional lighting with luxe appeal.
Photo Features: Chapman & Myers Keystone Large Chandelier

If you’re looking for something simple, sleek, and understated, try the Keystone Large Chandelier from Chapman & Myers. This chandelier features slim metal arches that create a smooth dome shape for a contemporary take on a classic wagon-wheel-style chandelier. A set of 18 bulbs surround the circumference of the light to create a beautiful illumination. This multi tier chandelier comes in an aged iron finish and is also available in several different shapes and styles if you choose. Visit Meadow Blu today to discover the perfect chandelier for your home to give any room a beautiful, unique look.