Currey and Company

Currey and Company

Founded in 1988, Currey and Company has over 35 years’ experience designing and manufacturing a vast assortment of distinctive lighting and home furnishings. The common thread of this amazing brand is the sheer spirit of creativity that drives everything it does. With a combination of natural materials, close attention to detail, and time-honored craftsmanship techniques, Currey & Company designs products that are influenced by design history, authenticity, and timely trends. In addition to their furniture, lighting, and accent pieces for your home, they also provide products to the contract and hospitality spaces, which means you’ll find their products in interiors all over the world. The mission of Currey & Company is to serve their customers, owners, and employees in an exemplary way while fostering a creative culture that inspires everyone to flourish.

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Currey and Company Nottaway Chandelier Lighting
best seller - more sizes

Currey & Company Nottaway Chandelier

$1,205.60 - $1,795.20
Currey & Company Saxon Chandelier - Rattan Lighting
best seller

Currey & Company Saxon Chandelier - Rattan

$1,205.60 - $1,531.20
Currey & Company Piero Chandelier Lighting
best seller - more sizes

Currey & Company Piero Chandelier

$721.60 - $1,927.20
Currey & Company Lunaria Chandelier Lighting currey-co-9000-0818
best seller

Currey & Company Lunaria Chandelier

$1,531.20 - $1,839.20
Currey and Company Hadley Semi Flush Mount Lighting currey-co-9000-0466
best seller

Currey & Company Hadley Semi Flush Mount

Currey and Company Ibiza Chandelier Lighting currey-co-9000-0385
best seller

Currey & Company Ibiza Chandelier

Currey & Company Mereworth Chandelier Lighting currey-co-9000-0737
best seller

Currey & Company Mereworth Chandelier


Currey & Company Tetterby Chandelier


Currey & Company Ionian Vase

Currey and Company Pierrepont Pendant Lighting
best seller

Currey & Company Pierrepont Pendant

$959.20 - $1,205.60

Currey & Company Pascal Accent Table

Currey & Company Antibes Chandelier Lighting currey-co-9000-1134
best seller

Currey & Company Antibes Chandelier

$2,411.20 - $5,077.60
Currey & Company Jazz Pendant Lighting Currey-Co-9901
best seller

Currey & Company Jazz Pendant

Currey and Company Chesapeake Drum Chandelier Lighting currey-co-9000-0803
best seller

Currey & Company Chesapeake Drum Chandelier

Currey & Company Portmeirion Chandelier Lighting
best seller - more sizes

Currey & Company Portmeirion Chandelier

$2,552.00 - $3,379.20
Currey and Company Terre d'Argile Vase Pillow & Decor currey-co-1200-0470 633306036857
best seller - more sizes

Currey & Company Terre d'Argile Vase

Currey & Company Tirrell Chandelier Lighting currey-co-9000-0654
more sizes

Currey & Company Tirrell Chandelier

$2,235.20 - $3,863.20

Curry & Company Talia Bronze Drinks Table


Currey & Company Luzon Outdoor Console Table

Currey & Co Bluestar Table Lamp Lighting currey-co-6000-0616
best seller

Currey & Company Bluestar Table Lamp

Currey and Company Kanor Console Table Furniture currey-co-3000-0170
Buyer's pick

Currey & Company Kanor Console Table

Currey and Company Valor Bowl - White Decor currey-co-1200-0170
more sizes!

Currey & Company Valor Bowl - White

$387.20 - $510.40

Currey & Company Munby Table Lamp

Currey and Company Olisa Bench Furniture currey-co-7000-1172
best seller

Currey & Company Olisa Bench

$1,531.20 - $1,751.20

Currey & Company Piaf Drinks Table


Currey & Company Wallis Wall Sconce

Currey and Company Antibes Flush Mount Lighting currey-co-9999-0033
best seller

Currey & Company Antibes Flush Mount


Currey & Company Sethos Rectangular Chandelier

Currey and Company Briallen Demi-lune Furniture Currey-Co-3000-0201 633306038028
best seller

Currey & Company Briallen Demi-Lune


Currey & Company Anywhere Pendant

Currey and Company Stillwater Chandelier Lighting Currey-9492
best seller

Currey & Company Stillwater Chandelier