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5 reasons why you should buy Arteriors Lighting

5 reasons why you should buy Arteriors Lighting

If you’re looking for ways to upgrade your home, new lighting is one of the most effective ways to make a stunning change. When it comes to choosing the right type of lighting, there are plenty of incredible brands and lighting designers to choose from. Visit Meadow Blu today to find a wide selection of stunning products from the Arteriors brand. If you’re not sure whether this is the right option for you, read on for a list of five reasons why you should buy Arteriors products for your home.

1. Jaw-Dropping Designs

Photo Courtesy of: Design by Loree Beth Harris | Photo by Allison Elefante 

With sleek finishes and unusual shapes, the modern designs make it clear why you should buy Arteriors Lighting. Check out a beautiful Arteriors chandelier for your living room, foyer, or dining space. The unique Tilda Arteriors Chandelier features multiple tiers of slender wooden sticks attached to sleek curved iron arms. The subtle whitewashed finish gives this chandelier a calming, coastal-inspired vibe. The wooden dowels are placed on pliable arms so you can gently adjust them.

For something truly unique, consider the France Chandelier. Graphic linework blends with parallel symmetry, and the fixture is constructed of bronze steel crafted in a U-formation. This 12-light chandelier is punctuated with antique brass accents that stand out against its rich matte black finish. Each U-shape section holds a smaller horseshoe-shaped case that holds each individual bulb for a fascinating finishing touch.

2. Fun Mixtures of Materials

Many of the products from Arteriors Home Lighting combine various materials that add texture and visual interest to your space. Whether it’s a variety of metals or different finishes, these fixtures lend a sculptural effect to any room of your modern home. Consider the beautiful yet simple Douglas Sconce boasting a simple modern form with a subtle, coastal feel. This wall sconce features a piece of thick jute wrapped around an antique brass iron base that gently peeks from the top. The combination of jute and brass gives it an unusual texture, and it’s topped with an off-white linen shade to create a soft diffusion of light in any room.


The Harvey Pendant is another fine example with its combination of natural rattan wrapped by hand directly over a durable steel frame. This beautiful pendant light boasts a ponytail-style shape for added charm.

3. Sleek and Modern Silhouettes

A large selection of Arteriors Home Lighting products is made in a contemporary design. The Fisk Pendant uses a minimalist motif that adds brightness and subtle, modern elements to your dining space, living room, or hallway. It features a circular, open-form shape made of steel. The light holds an LED ring that can be moved from a lying flat position to a vertical position for the ultimate versatility. You can easily change the light to suit your taste and turn the fixture from sleek and straight to whimsical in just seconds. It comes in your choice of warm antique brass or a rich, deep bronze.

Another fine example is the Beth Webb Sumter Candle Pendant light. This pendant takes a modern twist on the classic candle-style pendant with a natural wood base nestled snugly inside a frame made of natural iron in a deep black finish. An ivory resin candle sleeve gives this pendant light a romantic touch, and it’s covered with a clear glass sleeve for a double-layered effect.

4. Functional, Versatile Lighting That’s Always On-Trend

If you need another reason to buy Arteriors Lighting, check out the brand’s range of table lamps that give an artistic touch to any room. The bold and beautiful Honey Lamp boasts a polished profile featuring a ringed silhouette at the base made of white glass stone. This composite material creates a ton of texture while also adding a slight sheen. This lamp is accented with a thin, circular antique brass steel plate to lend it an elevated aesthetic and to soften out its highly textured design. Table lamps add a versatile style and plenty of functionality to any room, and this lamp is a fabulous choice for a living room or home office. It’s topped with an ivory microfiber drum shade with off-white cotton lining, then capped with an antique brass sphere-shaped finial.

Another gorgeous, trendy example is the Arteriors Lighting Mariella Lamp, showcasing a stunning example of Portuguese artistry. Blending bold form with function, this porcelain table lamp boasts crosshatch detailing in blue and brown accents. It’s hand-detailed, then topped with a round drum-shaped ivory microfiber shade for a subtle finishing touch. The blend of natural tones with bold blue gives it a dramatic, contrasted look.

5. Incredible Home Décor to Match Your Vibe

Not only do Arteriors make beautiful lighting, but the brand also designs a unique collection of décor, too. Explore products made by Arteriors home decor including baskets, sculptures, and vases. With its brutalist motif, the Damien Sculpture transforms terra cotta into a sweeping sculpture. This crescent-shaped sculpture features a textured matte charcoal finish that gives it lots of visual depth. It rests on top of a circular platform for easy display on a shelf or table. Aside from being a modern sculpture, it also serves as a vase thanks to the watertight design.

Create a fascinating focal point with Arteriors home decor, like the Grisha Centerpiece. This unique object is made using traditional hand-weaving techniques that have been practiced in many cultures all over the world for generations. Each item is handmade by artisans who mold thin, bendable rattan into a dramatic and unusual form. The combination of natural and black rattan brings this centerpiece a dramatic final effect.

Whether you’re ready to update the lighting in every room or just want to make a small change, be sure to explore the stunning selection of high-quality products from Arteriors today. From durable, sculptural table and floor lamps to chandeliers, wall sconces, and pendants, this brand makes stunning and modern designs that are sure to please any style.