7 Mitzi Lighting Fixtures That Will Level Up Your Home

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If you're wondering how to improve your home's lighting, you can't go wrong with sleek and modern Mitzi lighting fixtures. According to recent statistics, approximately 88 percent of homeowners said that personal style is the most important factor when choosing new lighting for their homes. 

There are many types of lighting fixtures to choose from to improve your home. Mitzi Lighting has some of the best designs if you're looking for a sleek, modern upgrade.

Read on to learn about seven Mitzi lighting fixtures that will easily elevate any space.

1. Mitzi Coco 7 Light Chandelier

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If you're looking for a sleek and modern chandelier, the Coco Chandelier is an excellent choice. This elegant chandelier features seven opal shiny glass globe shades that diffuse the LED lighting hidden inside.

Available in a contemporary combination of black and polished nickel, this chandelier from Mitzi Lighting is sure to please any style. Install it above your dining room table or in the entryway to create a fabulous first impression for your guests.

2. The Miranda Wall Sconce

One of the many benefits of Mitzi Lighting is the brand's ability to create versatile, modern designs. Take the Miranda Wall Sconce with its mod shape boasting bold contrasts and a smooth, polished silhouette.

The sconce features a soft black frame with a globe cap in your choice of either aged brass or polished nickel finish. Not only is this design available as a wall sconce, but it also comes as a flush-mount ceiling light, table lamp, and a chandelier, too. Install each piece from the collection to give your home a seamless aesthetic. 

3. Mitzi Lighting: Gillian Collection

If you're looking for something that will add a youthful, charming touch to your home, explore the products from Mitzi's Gillian Collection. These sweet lights come in different styles and feature ceramic shades completed in milky finishes of cream or robin's egg blue.

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This playful light fixture adds a fun element to a bedroom, bathroom, or living space. The soft pastel colors lend it a sweet touch, while metal accents give it a subtle yet totally modern vibe. Select your choice of polished nickel and ceramic gloss robin's egg blue, or choose the aged brass and ceramic gloss cream finish. 

4. Upgrade Your Bathroom with Mitzi's Connie Vanity Wall Sconce

Not only does Mitzi Lighting make fixtures for your bedroom, dining space, or living room, but the brand also offers a variety of options for your bathroom, too. Consider the sweet and modern Connie Vanity Wall Sconce available in several different styles.

This vanity light boasts a fun conical shape crafted of a simple clear glass shade. The fixture is enhanced with bright metal finishes of aged brass or polished chrome. This light comes as a one, two, or three-light wall sconce depending on your bathroom upgrade needs. 

Install the two-light sconce over two mirrors that are side-by-side for a symmetrical look. The three-light sconce looks elegant and bold above a large, single bathroom mirror. 

5. Highlight Your Artwork with the Julissa Picture Light

If you have artwork that you treasure, there's no better way to enhance it than with a bright picture light. The Mitzi Julissa Picture Light is a design-forward fixture that looks sleek and sophisticated without being overbearing.

Display this sleek and modern task light above your favorite painting to create an eye-catching display. The slim profile and geometric shape give it a contemporary aesthetic. This picture light from Mitzi is available in either warm, aged brass or deep, old bronze finishes to help you create the ultimate look in your den, home office, or living room.

6. A Modern Light Lover's Dream: The Jena Semi-Flush Mount

Think of the Jena Semi-Flush Mount as a circuit grid that adds an industrial-inspired web to the ceiling in your home. This semi-flush mount ceiling light fixture features intricately laid metalwork that lends any room a mid-century modern, sculptural touch.

The light includes six clear globe glass shades to bring brightness to a bedroom, home office, or living space. This light is also available in two sizes to suit your needs. Your choice of polished nickel and textured black or aged brass and textured black finish allows you to create your favorite look.

7. Get Inspired with the Mitzi Venus Wall Sconce 

Mitzi Lighting features a range of ultra-modern, sleek designs. The Venus Wall Sconce is an excellent example of the brand's eye for unique shapes and contemporary styling.

This sleek and shining wall sconce creates visual balance while adding an artful element to any room. A shimmering brass conical collar serves as an anchor for the design. Metalwork loops lend a playful component to the light along with fun detailing.

The Venus Wall Sconce works both as a functional light and a sculptural work of art. The blending of rich aged old bronze and sleek brass gives this light fixture a vibrant, two-toned component. Install it next to your bedside, by a bathroom mirror, or in a hallway to give your home a vibrant sense of modern appeal. 

Find Your Favorite Fixture

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It's easy to see why products from Mitzi Lighting are a favorite for many homeowners. From wall sconces and ceiling lights to chandeliers, there's a style here that's sure to suit your design needs.

At Meadow Blu, you'll find a wide array of modern Mitzi light fixtures and much more. Explore the rest of our website and contact us today, so we can help you get started on your home lighting makeover.