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8 Home Office Ideas That Will Inspire Productivity

8 Home Office Ideas That Will Inspire Productivity


home office ideas


Working from home has a whole host of amazing benefits: no commute, more free time with the family, and the chance to do your job in your pajamas. However, having a home office and working out of your own abode can also come with plenty of challenges, namely, staying focused and productive when you’re on the job. No matter what type or size of home you have, it’s important to make sure that your workspace is set up in a way that will help you stay comfortable and on-task. We’ve put together a list of eight home office ideas that will inspire productivity so that you can make the most of every single workday.

1. Your Desk Should Be the Star

Logan Desk

The best home office ideas come from your mind, but it’s impossible to get things accomplished if you don’t have the right desk. Start your new design journey by looking for a desk that will inspire you with its looks while also giving you the functionality you need. The type of desk you choose will depend on a few different things, but the size of the room is the most important. Start by measuring the dimensions of your home office, then use it as a guide to help you determine which size or style desk will be right for you. Make sure you draw the office shape and size on a piece of paper and use it as your template when you shop for new furniture. This will make the process a lot easier, and it’ll ensure that your desk and other items all fit nicely without making you feel cramped or overcrowded.

Ember Desk

In terms of style, your desk should reflect your personality, or it should be in sync with the general theme of your new office space. Warm colors and rich finishes can make the office look and feel professional and sophisticated. Look for beautiful desks from brands like Candelabra Home Furniture that feature handmade details and on-trend designs. The goal is to choose a desk that has the storage you need for all of your important accessories while adding a stylish touch to the space. Sleek writing desks have a smaller footprint than executive desks, but that might be all you need if most of your work is virtual. Pick a desk that will be the focal point, one that’s durable, and one that gives you the features you’re looking for to stay on-task.

2. Comfort Inspires Productivity

Ernest Side Chair

Sitting at a desk or in front of a computer for hours at a time can make any job feel menial. The key is to design a home office that inspires comfort and calm. When your body and mind are at ease, you’re likely to be much more productive throughout your day. Look for desk chairs that give you full-body, ergonomic support so that you’re able to sit comfortably for long stretches of time. Office chairs should be supportive of your back, arms, and neck to keep you sitting in a proper position. Candelabra Home Furniture offers a beautiful selection of chairs with some key features like wheels on the bottom for easy maneuvering, full swivel action, and an adjustable height lever.

Beatrix Pleated Velvet Side Chair

Aside from the ergonomic factor, your chair should also be beautiful to look at. Go with something that matches your desk, or feel free to find something completely different to create an interesting contrast. Modern office chairs feature a range of beautiful designs that resemble accent chairs or dining chairs to give them a more versatile aesthetic. Whether it’s completed in leather or velvet fabric, your chair should be cushiony, supportive, and stylish all at the same time. Finding the right chair can make all the difference when it comes to productivity.

3. Let Your Light Shine

Cinch Table Lamp

If you’re straining to see important paperwork or struggling to look at your computer, then your office likely needs a lighting overhaul. Dim offices with very little natural light require some form of task lighting to help you see things clearly. Look for stylish floor or table lamps that you can add to increase visibility. A pair of table lamps on each side of your desk will help you see without straining. Look for sleek, stylish options from Regina Andrew Lighting for some amazing home office ideas. These lamps and overhead lights lend sleek style and a bright glow to the darkest of offices. Arteriors Essential Lighting offers a range of stunning floor lamps that can add a trendy element to your office and give you the task lighting you need to stay on top of your game. The goal is to make sure that your office area is well-lit without causing too much glare for a nice balance.

4. Stay Organized with Shelving

Vector Etagere

Whether it’s an étagère, a tall bookcase, or a hutch, shelving and storage is the key to keeping your office organized. A beautiful étagère from Bungalow 5 Furniture or Worlds Away Furniture will give your home office a perfect blend of organization and style. The more shelving you have, the easier it will be to keep everything in its proper place. Look for storage pieces that include drawers or cabinets, so you can hide important files and papers out of view. Open shelving is a good option if you want to showcase your favorite reading material, framed photographs, or a few special collectibles and other treasures. The idea is to give your office the right amount of storage so that everything has a designated place without feeling too cluttered. Wall shelving is another good option, particularly if you’re short on square footage. Whatever you choose, the most important thing is to find a storage piece that gives you versatility and easy access to important work-related items so it’s all close at hand.

5. Elevate with Accessories

Acrylic Tic Tac Toe

There’s no rule when it comes to designing your own personal home office, so be sure to have some fun with the design. Bring in a few key accessories that will add style and functionality to this space. A set of nesting boxes is a perfect way to stash smaller items like paper clips, post-it notes, and other office accessories while keeping them on your desk. A rotating pencil holder or a desktop organizer bin are also both simple, effective ways to stay productive and keep your essentials at your fingertips. Office accessories can be found as a matching set to create a uniform look, or you can just have some fun mixing and matching different styles. Whichever option you choose, functional accessories will make working from home easier while helping you keep your home office stylish.

6. Home Office Ideas: Enjoy Your Favorite Artwork

Morning Glory Artwork

You can easily upgrade a simple home office by displaying some of your favorite works of art on the walls. Whether you love landscape paintings, animal themes, or abstract modernist works, the goal is to bring your drab office to life through artistic inspiration. You can hang a canvas painting on one wall or try a set of several works of art in a coordinated theme that can be hung throughout the room. The presence of art in an office setting will inspire you, encourage you, and give you something beautiful to look at while you work. Surrounding yourself with beautiful art is a wonderful way to inspire productivity and stimulate the mind. You can also choose to be a bit more sentimental and hang a family portrait or photo collage on the wall to serve as a reminder of why you work so hard every day.

7. Incorporate Accent Furniture

Sea Cliff Slipper Chair

If your office space is large enough, bringing in some unique accent pieces will give it more functionality and a nice, warm touch. A soft upholstered ottoman is a fun choice that can serve as a table, a temporary seat or a place to prop up your feet when you’re on an important call. Storage benches can be a great addition to a home office. Use a nice bench to stash shoes and umbrellas or extra throw pillows. Benches are perfect if you have people stop by for a quick visit, but a comfortable accent chair or two is best if you’re meeting with customers or clients. Consider adding a sturdy table and chairs to the office if you have room so that you can hold brief meetings or work around a table for important projects and business collaborations.

8. Choose Textiles that Inspire

Omen Rug

Don’t forget to add some nice textiles when you’re brainstorming new home office ideas. A beautiful, soft area rug under your desk will anchor the room and give it a nice, soft layer on top of hard surface floors. Look for a rug that’s in a solid color so it won’t be too distracting. Make sure that your office rug is made of durable materials that are easy to clean. Window treatments like a pair of soft velvet panels can add a nice touch to a home office, too. These curtains will make it easy to block out the sunlight if you’re dealing with a glare on your screen. A pair of sheer panels is best if you’d rather have sunlight beaming in. Top sofas, chairs, or benches with some throw pillows if you happen to have this type of furniture in the office. The more textures and colors you can layer, the more you’ll be inspired and look forward to returning to your home office every single day.