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7 Essential Items Every Foyer Needs

7 Essential Items Every Foyer Needs


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You only get one chance to make a great first impression, and your foyer is the place to do it when it comes to your home. Whether you have a grand entryway or a small cubby for coats and shoes, it’s important to make sure that your foyer shines and gives you the look and functionality you need. No matter what type of home you have or what your favorite design style is, we’ve compiled a list of seven essential items that every foyer needs. Read on for some foyer ideas that will help you create a grand entrance for your abode.

1. Foyer Entrance Ideas: A High-Quality Rug

Norabel Rug

From muddy boots to dirty paws, your foyer should have a quality, durable, and beautiful rug to lay the foundation for the rest of the space. This doesn’t mean that the rug needs to be boring, in fact, the more unique it is, the more impressive your foyer will be. Look for amazing options from companies like Loloi Rugs that make beautifully detailed designs. Whether it’s an intricate floral pattern or something in a classic Persian design, your foyer rug should be a reflection of you and the rest of your home. Always make sure that the rug you choose is easy to keep clean since this is the one rug that will certainly get the most foot traffic. Check the brand’s cleaning recommendations to make sure that it can easily be vacuumed or washed in some other way without having to pay for a professional cleaning.

Bellamy Rug

If your foyer is a bit small, consider getting a lighter-colored rug. This will help to trick the eye into thinking that the space is larger than it actually is. Rugs that are too dark might hide mud and dirt well, but they’ll also make the foyer feel a lot more closed-in. Check out a few different designs to help you find the right foyer ideas for your home. Play around with prints, patterns, and materials until you discover the area rug that will suit your lifestyle and family’s needs the best. No matter what, a nice area rug is a must-have when it comes to designing a gorgeous entrance to your home. It also helps to serve as an anchor point that you can use to inspire you when choosing your furniture, lighting, and other items as you go.

2. Focus on Beautiful Lighting

Alston Chandelier

Another vital must-have for your foyer is some beautiful lighting. Consider installing a pair of modern wall sconces that will add just the right amount of warm illumination to this space. Sconces can be accented with a shade that diffuses the light or something with a clear glass shade for a brighter look. Installing some soft lighting can make the entryway feel warm and inviting without being too blinding. This option is the best if your foyer has plenty of natural light, such as a front door with glass or a transom window. However, if your foyer is darker, try something a little bit brighter like a sleek chandelier that can add tons of extra light. Mitzi Lighting makes some truly show-stopping chandeliers in a variety of finishes and styles. From a mid-century modern, sputnik-inspired design to something dripping with faceted crystals, a chandelier is one of the most impactful when it comes to foyer lighting ideas.

Fiona Lamp

Another easy, versatile way to add lighting to this part of your home is with some simple table lamps. This accent lighting makes it easy to turn on and off whenever you need a little bit of extra light, and it can also add a fun touch to a foyer. Explore a range of sleek and unique table lamps from Regina Andrew Lighting. From sculptural designs to simple silhouettes, these lamps will instantly bring the wow factor to your foyer area. You can place one on each end of a console table for a fun touch. The best thing about this lighting style is that it’s extremely easy to change it whenever your tastes evolve.

3. Home Foyer Ideas: A Stunning Console Table

Point of View Console

No foyer is really complete without a sturdy, beautiful console table. These slender tables are designed to fit nicely against the wall to free up floor space while providing you with plenty of storage or a spot to place your mail, keys, and other items. Console tables come in a huge range of styles, so make sure you choose the one for your foyer carefully. Made Goods Furniture makes stunning pieces that will definitely bring some pizazz to your home’s entryway. A half-moon console table features an outward curve that works well if your foyer has plenty of room. Sleek, slender rectangular console tables are a more classic option, but you can find them in a wide variety of styles, finishes, and materials to make yours unique.

Ahhhh Console Table

Look for a console table that has some extra storage so that you can hide mail and other items and keep them off the table. It’s also a perfect way to stash your keys in a place where you can find them easily without having them hang on the wall. Incorporate some unique elements in the foyer with your new table such as the Greta Console from Made Goods Furniture featuring a tree branch-inspired design and a sleek half-moon shape. The flat white finish gives it a classic touch that can easily be matched with virtually any other lighting, wall color, or décor that you choose to add to the room.

4. A Bench for Guests

Emilia Cane Bench

If your home has a foyer, adding a bench is almost a no-brainer. This furniture isn’t just convenient, it’s also a great way to offer your guests a quick place to sit before you all head out to dinner. Benches are the perfect piece of furniture because they’re extremely versatile, compact, and easy to move just about anywhere without a lot of fuss. Caracole Furniture creates beautiful pieces including their charming You and Me Bench. This adorable two-seater features cushions on each end, while a unique storage drawer and console are nestled neatly in the middle. It’s a perfect way to give your guests a comfy spot to take a seat while adding a charming aesthetic to your foyer. The versatile design allows it to double as a cocktail table, too.

You and Me Bench

Storage benches are also perfect for a foyer. This option gives you a lot more room to hide shoes, raincoats, and random items that you frequently use. If your foyer is lacking a coat closet, a storage bench can be the perfect solution, particularly for stray shoes. Bringing a bench into your foyer makes it a much more welcoming place. From benches with metal legs to those covered in a velvet upholstery, the possibilities are endless when it comes to shapes, designs, and materials. As long as your bench is comfortable to sit on and fits into the foyer nicely, it’s a win-win for your home.

5. Sideboards and Cabinets Offer Plentiful Storage

Azure Carrera Media Sideboard

For those who need more foyer ideas for storage, consider adding a sideboard or buffet instead of a console table or bench. This stunning furniture will give you a lot more space to stash items that you need to keep handy but also out of the way. Sideboards are traditionally used in a dining room setting for dishware, glasses, or table linens, but they’re also a perfect companion for a foyer, too. Gabby Furniture focuses on adding versatile, modern designs to your home and offers a stunning selection of furniture including beautiful sideboards. The brand’s Leary Sideboard has a classic, mid-century modern aesthetic that isn’t too showy or overwhelming. Four door fronts give you a ton of hidden storage for paperwork, shoes, purses, and hats. The versatile finish and simple, clean design make this sideboard a foyer must-have.

Stop and Stare Entertainment Console

Not only are cabinets or sideboards perfect for foyer storage, but they’re also great to give you a place to display some of your favorite items. Add a table runner to your sideboard, then top it with a table lamp, a few framed photographs, a large vase, or an impressive sculpture. The versatility of sideboards makes them a smart option for a modern foyer area. You can easily use them to store anything you want from holiday decorations to linens and more. With its beautiful detailing, this furniture can be a fantastic addition to any foyer, as long as you have the room.

6. Stylish Throw Pillows

When you think about creative foyer ideas, throw pillows might not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, pillows can have a huge impact on the way your foyer looks as well as how it functions. Check out the latest pillow designs from ED Ellen DeGeneres Furniture, who partnered with Loloi Rugs to create some truly beautiful textures and colorways. These versatile, comfy pillows are a perfect topper for your foyer bench so that it makes the space feel welcoming and warm. Throw pillows are such a versatile décor item, that you can enjoy them virtually anywhere in your home. Mix and match a few different designs to bring your entryway an eclectic look.

A single lumbar pillow place in the center of a bench will make it more comfortable to sit back and relax. You can also try a pair of matching pillows on each end of the bench for a charming, inviting touch. The idea of adding throw pillows to a foyer is that they make your home instantly look and feel welcoming for visitors. It’s also a fun and simple way to bring a pop of color and texture to this part of the home. If you’re worried that the pillows will be too much, consider something in a neutral colorway or a plain solid pattern rather than a busy print.

7. A Sleek Mirror

Elise Mirror

Your foyer definitely needs a mirror to give it that final finishing touch. Mirrors will make the foyer light, bright, and airy. If your foyer gets a decent amount of light streaming in, mirrors can reflect it to make the space look and feel just a bit bigger. The best part of hanging a stunning mirror in the foyer is that it gives you a chance to check yourself out before you head out the door. Currey & Company Furniture offers a range of amazing mirrors that will add visual interest and brightness to your foyer. Be sure to explore the brand’s unique collection including their Oyster Shell Mirror, surrounded by natural shells to add a subtle shimmer and an abundance of natural texture.
Hollis Mirror
A floor-length mirror is another great addition to a foyer. This gives you a chance to check out how you look from head to toe before heading to work or out for a special event. Mirrors are truly a foyer must-have, so don’t overlook this important home accessory. A square, round, or rectangular-shaped mirror hung directly above your console table or bench is a perfect addition to this room. Whether you love the sleek look of metal or prefer the natural style of woven rattan, mirrors are a foyer must-have that you cannot miss. Take these tips and foyer ideas to help you design the perfect entryway for your home. After all, that first impression really matters!