A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Regina Andrew Chandelier

Lamps help us read books, see paintings, and highlight beautiful decorations in our homes. But lamps are not a modern invention. They were invented in 4500 BC and, since then, have become a common lighting source. 

That said, not all luxury lighting has the same effect as a Regina Andrews chandelier. So, what is so special about the Regina Andrew design? And how do you choose between the different types of chandeliers? 

Here is your guide to finding the perfect chandelier for various home styles.

What Is Regina Andrews's Lighting?

In the world of luxury lighting, Regina Andrew is an important brand. This lighting brand was created by Carla Regina and James "Jimi" Andrews. It was made to provide customers with exquisite chandeliers and other lamps. 

Beyond simply lighting a room, Regina Andrew's lighting aims to electrify any room where there's luxury furniture and beautiful decorations. Instead of being only about functionality, their chandeliers offer some personality

Another unique element of these lights is the materials. The Regina Andrew brand is known for its natural materials, which include crystal and alabaster.

So, if you want something sophisticated and eye-catching, this is the only chandelier to pick.

Beyond chandeliers, Regina Andrew's products also range from furniture to jewelry and other fashion pieces. But, all their products have the same memorable effect in any room. 

How To Choose a Regina Andrew Chandelier

You should always consider your interior design theme carefully before looking at a Regina Andrew's chandelier. Otherwise, you will have a chandelier that is entirely out of place in your home. 

Ideally, you want to pick a chandelier highlighting the space's existing decorations and color scheme. For instance, if the chandelier is going to be in a dining room, you might want something sparkly. 

Whereas, in a bedroom, you might prefer a simple, minimalist chandelier that is white or black. 

Make the Chandelier a Focal Point

For new homeowners with a bare canvas who want to do something different with the interior design, you should make the chandelier the focal point of the space. 

You should pick a large light like a chandelier if you want the room to appear larger and more luxurious. Some people are scared of choosing a chandelier as they don't want it to overpower a room.

But, if you want to make a bold statement in your new home with a lovely aesthetic, you should pick a glass chandelier. Although, you can also base the rest of the room design on the light.

So, as long as you pick something you like, the rest of the interior design choices will be easy. 

Measure the Space

Another essential tip for picking a Regina Andrew chandelier is to measure the space before purchasing the light. This is particularly important if you want to hang the light in a small room.

You don't want to alter the chandelier's location after buying it. Generally, measuring the length and width for fitting a chandelier is a good idea. 

Remember to be careful when measuring the space and ensure that someone is with you if you have to climb on top of a ladder. 

Regina Andrew Chandeliers Options

Once you've decided that you want a Regina Andrew chandelier, you'll have to browse the range so you can find the perfect design for your home.

If you want several chandeliers, there are several styles you can choose to create a different atmosphere in each room. 

Regina Andrew Waylon Antler Chandelier

One of the most popular options for these chandeliers is the Waylon Antler design which is made with resin to create an authentic, natural look. 

This design is ideal for people looking to create a rustic tone and who want to incorporate naturalistic elements in their homes.

Even though this isn't a classic, shiny chandelier look, it can be effective for laid-back interior designs.

This is a chandelier to buy if you want to bring a little bit of the outdoors inside and still maintain elegant decor. 

Regina Andrew French Maid Chandelier

The French Maid chandelier comes in white or black compared to the Waylon Antler chandelier, which has a natural finish. This style is excellent for a minimal home and can create depth with the black color. 

Or, it can open a space up and make it appear larger if you buy it in white. 

If you want multiple versions of this chandelier, you can hang one up in the kitchen and another in your bedroom. This light is affordable and a better choice if you want something beautiful but not too costly.

Regina Andrew Alice Chandelier

The Alice chandelier option is a classic design guaranteed to make a statement in your home. The small details with flowers contrasted with the gold structure offer an excellent aesthetic for a new home. 

These intricate details create a playful and whimsical tone that adds some happiness to a room. 

If you want to include a touch of spring and cheerfulness, this is an excellent choice from the Regina Andrew collection

Regina Andrew Molten Chandelier

This Molten design mixes modern styles with relaxed light bulb features for people looking for an artistic chandelier.

The overall structure provides a clear, bright light suitable for overhead lighting where you require focused attention. You can hang up this chandelier in an office, workshop, or bathroom where you need intense light.

Depending on your personal taste, there's something for everyone in the Regina Andrew range of chandeliers

Electrify Your Space With a Regina Andrew Chandelier

Unlike other chandeliers, Regina Andrew's brand is about blending the foundational elements of traditional lighting with new, exciting design elements. 

Whether you want a natural, monotone bedroom with wood features or a crystal chandelier for a luxurious dining room, you can find the perfect light for any occasion on our website. 

The most important thing is you find a high-quality seller with great reviews.

That's where we come in. 

Order your next Regina Andrew chandelier here and start decorating your new home with these fantastic designs. Your home will be transformed as soon as you hang up one of these incredible chandeliers.