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Four Hands Furniture: A Style Guide for Your Home

Four Hands Furniture: A Style Guide for Your Home

Global influences mixed with everyday comfort is the best way to describe Four Hands Furniture. Taking styling cues from Europe and Asia, this line of furniture and decor is the best way to add unique accents to your space.

Create an eclectic and collected interior design style using pieces from this furniture brand. Whether you're looking for a statement piece for the center of the room or details to pull the design together, you're sure to fall in love with something from their collection.

These pieces fit in perfectly with traditional and classic homes as well as contemporary modern. With influences of rustic and bohemian styles, Four Hands Furniture pieces are perfect for every home. Browse the style guide for this brand and tips on how to incorporate these pieces into your design.

Grano Indoor/Outdoor Dining Table

The Grano dining table features curves that will add a softness to any space. The clover-shaped base is a unique detail that is sure to create a statement. And since it's made of concrete, it will be a modern and durable piece for both indoor and outdoor dining.

Whether you use this in your dining room or out on your patio, pair it with warm, natural textures like wood or rattan to juxtapose the smooth concrete.

Libre I

Decorative accents are just as important as large furniture pieces when it comes to your overall interior design. The Libre I print features a hand-drawn figure on textured paper, providing graceful lines that show off the feminine curves.

With the neutral color scheme, this is the perfect piece to layer with a bolder piece of art. Instead of hanging it traditionally, consider leaning it up against another print with vibrant colors or patterns.

Benito Sofa

Having a comfortable sofa doesn't mean giving up style. The Benito sofa makes a statement with its voluminous cushions and large curves. But it's also one you can sink into to watch movies or enjoy a good book. The neutral linen material allows you to place it in any living room and layer multiple pillows.

A sofa like this should be the centerpiece of the room. Place it in the middle of the room on top of a patterned rug and decorate it with textured throw pillows and blankets.

Trey Sideboard

Evoking mid-century modern design, the Trey Sideboard adds sleek and clean lines to your space. Inside, there are drawers and shelves to provide plenty of storage. And the leather pulls add a touch of sophisticated texture to the piece.

A sideboard like this is ideal in the dining room to store dishes, plates, and linens when not in use. Display a mirror above the Trey sideboard to create a small design moment.

Natalia Bed

Perfectly blending modern design with natural materials, the Natalia bed creates a relaxing base for your bedroom. Arched framing on the headboard and footboard adds a delicate softness juxtaposed with a black iron finish.

With the neutral furniture colors, you can get playful with your pillows and bedding. Or create a retreat-like atmosphere and opt for creams and taupes.

Cobb Table Lamp

Layer the lighting in a room with accent or task lighting provided by a stylish table lamp. The Cobb lamp has a sculptural sand finish and an organic shape that mimics a handmade piece of ceramic. The palm lamp shade adds plenty of texture to the design.

Accent a small side table next to a chair or sofa with the Cobb table lamp. Layer the design with decorative coffee table books, candles, or small accenting objects.

Aldana Chair

The furniture style of the Aldana chair evokes a retro and vintage aesthetic while employing modern materials. The open framing creates a light and airy feel, which is perfect for open floorplans as well as small spaces. The arched arms make a statement.

With the use of a wood finish, this chair will add the perfect accent of warmth to a living room. Style it with a side table and lamp to create a cozy vignette.

Aliza End Table

This stunning piece is the perfect accent for any room. The Aliza end table is made from solid pine and may have cracks in the surface, which only highlights the unique variance of this piece. The hourglass shape is sophisticated and timeless, with delicate curves that show off the knots and graining.

The Aliza end table would be best placed in a living room or reading nook alongside a textured chair to create a cozy vignette.

Georgie Console Table

Every room should have an eye-catching piece, and the Georgie Console Table should be one of them. This console table features two legs of different shapes to create an asymmetrical silhouette.

Make this your home's first impression by placing it in the entryway of your home, decorating it with a vase of fresh flowers, and a small bowl to drop keys.

Keshi Vase Set

You can have the most beautiful furniture in your home, but if you're not shopping for the right decor, then you aren't accenting it properly. The Keshi vase set is a vibrant blue that will pop among any wall color or surrounding decor. And the organic lines add a beautiful natural texture.

Keep these clustered as a set on a console table in an entryway or sideboard in the dining room. Or opt to split them up to add pops of color throughout a bookcase or shelves. Let them stand on their own or show off dried branches and flowers.

Styling Four Hands Furniture in Your Home

The key to stylish interior design is choosing the right pieces from the right brands. Four Hands Furniture is one of those brands that combines unique designs with authentic style. Their pieces stand out without overwhelming a room.

You'll feel as if you sourced your decor from antique stores and flea markets from around the world. Inspired by global designs, everything from small tabletop decor to large furniture pieces bring in plenty of texture and visual interest.

Create a home that relaxes and intrigues you. Shop Four Hands Furniture and more brands on Meadow Blu.