Casual Style Dining Room Ideas

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For decades, the dining room was a space for formal events and celebrations. From holiday meals with the entire family to hosting fabulous dinner parties, this important room is now taking on a much more casual approach to mealtimes. If you’re looking for some casual style dining room ideas, Meadow Blu has the furniture, décor, and lighting you need to make a change. Read on to discover how you can make your dining space much more casual, relaxed, and laid-back. With some simple updating and a few new products, you can transform your dining room and turn it into a casual space you’ll love.

Casual Dining Room Ideas: Go Eclectic

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In a true casual dining room, your chairs and table don’t need to match entirely. In fact, having a mixture of different pieces will give this room a casual, eclectic vibe. Consider adding chairs in different styles for a much more relaxed aesthetic. You can pair two of the same style chairs at each head of the table, then mix things up on the sides with a variety of colors, upholstery styles, or silhouettes. Instead of classic solid wood dining chairs, go for something made of natural materials like woven rattan or grasses. Comfortable seat cushions in various colors will give the room a coastal-inspired, boho-chic feel. You can also play up your dining room with different colored upholstery. Look for chairs accented in velvet in a range of fun jewel tones like deep blue, berry, or green. The key is to have a good mixture of styles that will help you create a curated look rather than one that feels stuffy and formal.

Add a Dining Bench

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If you prefer to keep things more uniform, there are still ways to enjoy a casual dining room. Instead of traditional chairs, pair a dining bench with your table for a much more relaxed environment. You can add the bench to one or both sides of the table, creating an easygoing setup. Dining benches are also excellent if your dining room is smaller, or you have an eat-in kitchen or breakfast nook. This casual seating comes in a wide range of gorgeous designs, so you don’t have to sacrifice on style. Another perk to dining benches is that you can easily tuck them underneath your table when mealtime is over, giving you more square footage in the room. This also makes your dining room look and feel larger, too.

Casual Dining Area Lighting Ideas

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Your dining room lighting can also affect the formality of this space. If you’re looking for something casual, consider changing from cascading crystal dining room chandeliers to something a bit less overwhelming. Mid-century modern style dining room light fixtures will add a sleek look without being too much for the room. A Sputnik style chandelier is a great addition to any casual dining space, and it’s a versatile style that can easily pair with a variety of furniture and accessories. You can find this type of lighting in a range of finishes and formats, too. Whether the light has sleek, slender arms and candelabra bulbs or holds large glass globes, it’s a beautiful upgrade from the more formal crystal dining room chandeliers of old. Mitzi Lighting makes a myriad of fun, whimsical dining room lighting in a range of modern styles. Choose something in a combination of finishes of black and gold for a fun, fabulous look. Chandeliers accented with charming flower shapes like the Alexa Chandelier from Mitzi Lighting provide you with the perfect combination of beautiful design and casual appeal.

More Lighting Dining Room Ideas

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If a chandelier isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other options to choose from when it comes to lighting up your dining space. Look for modern dining room lighting that appeals to you, like a charming pendant light installed above the table. Pendant lights tend to be smaller and typically have fewer bulbs, so you may need additional light in this space. If you find that a pendant isn’t bright enough, you can always supplement by layering your lighting. This means you’ll add more light fixtures, like a pair of dining room table lights. Sculptural lamps placed on top of a cabinet will give the room a warm and inviting glow. Soft lighting makes any room feel comfortable and casual, so feel free to pare it down if you choose. Don’t forget to hang some window treatments, like a pair of lush velvet window panels. Sheer curtains are also a beautiful choice, and they’ll help to filter the natural sunlight as it streams into the room.

Add Some Storage

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Just because you’re looking for casual dining room ideas, it doesn’t mean that this room should be cluttered and disorganized. Keep things in place with beautiful credenzas, cabinets, or modern sideboards. This type of living room storage furniture comes in a wide range of gorgeous designs including sideboards with intricate doors, sleek modern hardware, and unique finishes. A sideboard or buffet is also a good way to get more surface space in the room. Top your sideboard with some small sculptures, artwork, framed pictures, or dining room table lights like a buffet lamp. Getting enough storage in the dining room will keep it neat and tidy so you can spend your time entertaining. This storage furniture also makes it easy to set the table, since you’ll have everything that you need all in one place.

Express Yourself with Accessories

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Elevate your dining room and give it a casual touch with some whimsical, unique dining room accessories. This can be anything from a gorgeous mirror to artwork, sculptures, and other types of décor. The key is to turn this room into another arm of your home, allowing the same style to flow into the space. You can hang abstract works of art for a modern touch or simply show off a large round mirror and hang it on the wall right above your sideboard. Be sure to incorporate as many unique living room accessories as you can. A mixture of styles, colors, and motifs will give your dining room that casual look you’ve been craving. Don’t hesitate to have some fun when you decorate this room. The more unique your art and accessories are, the more fun it will be to spend time here. If you have a lot of items you want to display, consider a tall cabinet with glass doors for more versatility.

More Helpful Tips

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As you consider your new dining room design, there are a few fundamental things to keep in mind. First, don’t be afraid to mix things up by adding a variety of styles and colors to the room. Avoid using furniture that feels too bulky and try to keep things pared down as much as possible in terms of size. Of course, you want your casual dining room to feel comfortable for your guests, so choose upholstered, cushioned chairs for a comfier experience. Don’t forget to place an area rug under your dining room table, too. This will add a soft floor covering, an infusion of color, and will make the room feel much warmer and more inviting. Play around with different themes for artwork until you find the perfect fit. You can always change the art later if you decide that it doesn’t go with the vibe of the room. Benches and barstools are the epitome of casual style when it comes to seating, so consider these options as you make changes. Overall, how the room feels when you walk in it will dictate whether it’s a laid-back space or something reserved for more formal affairs.

At Meadow Blu, we offer a wide variety of beautiful furnishings, lighting, and accessories for the dining room. Whether you’re looking for a new table, chairs, light fixtures, or storage pieces, we offer the perfect variety of products to help you create the dining room of your dreams. Use these tips to help you create a stunning dining room that’s also a place where you can sit back, relax, and enjoy casual moments for a lifetime.