New Pendants

New Pendants

Explore our collection of new pendants by favorite brands such as Mitzi, Regina Andrew and Made Goods. Discover unique and timeless designs in a variety of finishes and styles.

Arteriors Ozark Pendant


Tali Roth Jean Pendant


Mitzi Alexis Double Light Pendant


Mitzi Alana Triple Light Pendant

Mitzi Summer Light Pendant Lighting mitzi-H603701S-AGB
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Mitzi Summer Light Pendant

$398.00 - $590.00

Mitzi Besa Pendant


Mitzi Besa Light Pendant

Mitzi Marlene Pendant Lighting mitzi-H600701S-AGB/SBK
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Mitzi Marlene Pendant

$320.00 - $500.00
Mitzi Frankie Pendant Lighting mitzi-H648701S-AGB
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Mitzi Frankie Pendant

$500.00 - $680.00
Mitzi Teres Pendant Lighting mitzi-H644701S-PN/TBK
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Mitzi Teres Pendant

$550.00 - $798.00
Mitzi Alexis Triple Light Pendant Lighting mitzi-H615703-AGB
Buyer's pick

Mitzi Alexis Triple Light Pendant

Mitzi Claire Pendant Lighting mitzi-H632701S-VGL
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Mitzi Claire Pendant

$450.00 - $700.00

Eny Lee Parker Bibi Pendant

Mitzi Madelyn Pendant Lighting mitzi-H645701S-AGB
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Mitzi Madelyn Pendant

$390.00 - $598.00

Eny Lee Parker Marina Pendant


Mitzi Addison Pendant


Eny Lee Parker Elsa Pendant


Mitzi Lyra Pendant


Arteriors Oberon Pendant


Arteriors Oakland Pendant


Four Hands Oren Pendant


Four Hands Grazia Pendant

Arteriors Nev Pendant Lighting arteriors-45202
Editor's pick

Arteriors Nev Pendant


Arteriors Nubia Pendant


Arteriors Malena Pendant


Arteriors Midori Pendant


Arteriors Nicola Pendant


Arteriors Middlebury Pendant

Arteriors Mosella Pendant Lighting arteriors-44779
Editor's pick

Arteriors Mosella Pendant


Arteriors Madea Pendant


Arteriors Pavo Pendant


Arteriors Noah Pendant


Arteriors Tapio Pendant


Arteriors Morten Pendant


Arteriors Holm Pendant


Four Hands McKenzie Pendant

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