Hinkley Lighting Buying Guide

Hinkley Lighting is a family-owned company that has been manufacturing incredible lighting for the home since 1922. If you’re thinking of upgrading the lighting in your home, this brand offers a wide selection of stunning products to choose from. Whether you need to improve the lighting in your kitchen or update the living room, read on for a helpful Hinkley lighting buying guide so that you can select the perfect pieces for your space. From pendant lights to outdoor lighting and more, visit Meadow Blu if you want to know where to buy Hinkley Lighting with the best selection available.

Add a Bold Element with Hinkley Wall Sconces

Photo Features: Stag Six Light Sconce

Wall sconces aren’t just a great source of gentle light, but they also make it easy to add a statement piece to any room. Whether you want to install a pair of sconces next to your bed or illuminate a hallway, our Hinkley Lighting buying guide would be remiss if we left out the brand’s amazing range of sconces. The Stag Six Light Sconce from Hinkley features a deer head with six candelabra bulbs perched atop its antlers. This taxidermy-inspired sconce is an amazing addition to any room, and it gives your home a quirky and functional light that’s sure to wow. For a more classic look, explore sconces by Hinkley boasting traditional shapes and designs with a modern touch. Bright chrome finishes, timeless shapes, and sturdy materials like thick seedy glass and durable steel give these sconces endless durability coupled with stylish aesthetics. Whether you love mid-century modern, rustic, or industrial design, Hinkley sconces are a perfect choice.

Go All-In with a Hinkley Chandelier

Photo Features: Ren Chandelier
If you’re ready to make a major statement, be sure to keep a Hinkley chandelier in mind when you update your lighting. The brand offers a wide array of bold chandeliers in a fun range of styles. Install a Sputnik-style chandelier in your main living area or foyer to make a bold first impression. Many products by Hinkley take elements of the classics and spin them to give your home a fresh take on timeless lighting designs. For example, the brand’s Ren Chandelier boasts a rich matte black finish, while the soft gold interior finish on each shade gives it an industrial-inspired touch. This two-toned Hinkley chandelier is sure to give your home a dramatic and contemporary aesthetic. If you prefer to keep things simple, try a chandelier by Hinkley featuring clean lines, clear glass, and simple details.
Photo Features: Stinson Linear Chandelier
The Stinson Linear Chandelier is a perfect example. With its elongated shape and clusters of candelabra bulbs, it features a light and airy open cage design, while small crystals give it just the right amount of shimmer.

Hinkley Lighting Buying Guide: The Perfect Pendants

Photo Features: Somerset Pendant

Pendant lighting is a good way to add smaller, directional lighting to any room. Hinkley Lighting pendants look stunning over your dining room table, or you can install several in a row directly above a kitchen island. Pendant lights make it easy to upgrade your light fixtures without overdoing it. Look for stunning Hinkley Lighting pendants at Meadow Blu featured in an amazing array of designs, materials, and finishes. You’ll also find pendants by Hinkley to match their line of sconces and chandeliers. This makes it easy to create a coordinated and seamless look throughout your home. You can buy Hinkley Lighting from the same collection or feel free to mix and match things for an eclectic touch. Whatever you decide, these pendants will definitely add a fun statement to any room. They also look amazing installed over your bed or in a small entryway. Elements like metal, glass and sleek finishes give these pendants a delightful look for your favorite parts of the home.

Brighten up the Great Outdoors

Photo Features: Cordillera Outdoor Wall Mount Lantern

If you have a patio and love to entertain, outdoor lighting is a must. Look for Hinkley outdoor lighting that will give this space a warm and functional glow without sacrificing style. Hinkley outdoor lighting is constructed of durable, weather-resistant materials to ensure that it will last throughout many seasons to come. Check out the stunning Cordillera Outdoor Wall Mount Lantern from Hinkley. With its chic and contemporary design, it features a tubular glass shade connected to a slender frame for a modern touch. Whether it’s for the indoors or the outside, many Hinkley Lighting products also include your choice of finish. Whether it’s a bold black, a warm burnished bronze, or a shimmering chrome, this lighting makes it easy to add real visual impact anywhere, including your patio. Hinkley outdoor lighting also includes pendants, ceiling lights, and much more to help you create the ultimate patio space. The use of ultra-durable outdoor materials and finishes are resistant to UV rays, corrosive environments, and weather.

Why You Should Choose Hinkley for Your Home

Photo Features: Oliver Pendant

Whether it’s a ceiling fan, pendant light, wall sconce, or chandelier, there are plenty of reasons to choose Hinkley light fixtures. This amazing brand has been designing and manufacturing lighting for nearly a century and operates with several generations of lighting experts. With a range of thoughtful designs, incredible attention to detail, and a commitment to quality, you’ll love the range of Hinkley light fixtures available that will lend a touch of glamour and modern style to your home. This brand takes pride in the products it creates. Each item is expertly designed to bring sleek style and exceptional performance together. The company ensures that every light is made to the highest standards of both materials and safety. Every single light fixture is closely and carefully inspected all the way from the assembly process to the actual construction and the final application of the finish. You’ll get durable, beautiful lighting that includes all of the hardware you need to make updating the lighting in your home easy and seamless.