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How to Create The Perfect Living Room

How to Create The Perfect Living Room

Photo Courtesy of: Shadie Copeland Interiors @shadiecopelandinteriors | Photo Features: Medford Coffee Table

When it comes to the most utilized room in your home, there’s no doubt that it’s likely the living room. This is the place where you relax at the end of the day, entertain family and friends, and spend most of your free time. It’s important to have a beautiful living room that isn’t just nice to look at, but that’s also functional and versatile for everyday life. If you’re wondering how to create the perfect living room, we have a few helpful tips to inspire you. Check out these living room design suggestions to help you get started with the ultimate living room transformation.

Photo Features: Emmet Velvet Sofa 

Upgrade Your Lighting

Photo Features: Ace 10 Light Chandelier
Every room in your home relies on functional, beautiful lighting to set the tone. When it comes to learning how to create the perfect living room, the lighting is a good place to start. Choose a brilliant chandelier with plenty of bulbs to brighten up this space. You can also add some modern wall sconces, which will offer a warm, inviting glow to the room. The key is to make sure that this room is properly illuminated without being too bright. Task lighting is the ultimate addition to add versatility to the space. A floor lamp placed next to a chair or sofa is a great way to enjoy a good book during the evening.

Photo Features: Joan Crystal Table Lamp | Candice Mirror | Trillium Sconce
Look for beautiful table lamps by Regina Andrew Lighting that you can place on top of end tables, a console table, or even a bookshelf. Layer your lighting, so you can turn certain fixtures off or on when you need them without having to sit in the dark. A variety of light fixtures like pendants or a large chandelier, wall sconces, and task lighting gives you a wider range of functional lighting whenever and wherever you need it.

Elevate with Area Rugs

Photo Features: Hygge Rug
It’s common knowledge that a beautiful area rug will tie any room together. This design principle is especially important in the living room. If your living space is on the larger side, make sure that your rug is large enough, so it doesn’t end up being “swallowed” by other furniture or the sheer size of the room itself. Another technique using area rugs is to place several different rugs throughout the room to separate different spaces. This interior design technique is especially helpful if you have an open floor plan. Make sure that your rugs are durable, easy to maintain, and feature a colorway and pattern that will coordinate with everything else in the living room. Jaipur Rugs boast a blissful assortment of designs that range from intricate Persian patterns to modern geometric shapes and more. The brand also carries a line of gorgeous, boho-inspired rugs crafted of natural jute to bring bold texture and warmth to any living space.
Photo Features: Annie Rug
When it comes to creating the perfect living room, your area rug should be a statement piece. Placing a large rug in the center of your living room creates a conversation area. Put your sofa, coffee table, and chairs on top of the rug and in front of your fireplace. The rug’s colors will enhance everything else in the room including the wall color, upholstery, and décor. Loloi Rugs come in a gorgeous assortment of playful designs. From luscious floral to traditional Moroccan motifs and tribal-inspired shapes, this brand offers something for every type of home. Loloi Rugs also makes indoor/outdoor rugs, so you can make an easy and seamless transition between the inside and outside.

How to Create the Perfect Living Room: Focus on Your Sofa

Photo Features: Clay Modular Sectional Sofa
With so many living room furniture styles available, it can be tough to decide which designs will work best in your living space. Start by putting your focus on the sofa or sectional, since this will be the main attraction in the room. When it comes to the perfect style, you’ll find a myriad of beautiful and unique options at Meadow Blu. Look for ultra-chic and modern living room sofas by brands like Candelabra Home Furniture, offering contemporary silhouettes and elevated materials. For a truly modern living space, incorporate sofas that feature unusual shapes and luscious fabrics. Keep your colors either bold and vibrant or soft and neutral, depending on your preferred method of decorating. A neutral sofa makes it easy to add fun throw pillows, artwork, and funky rugs to the room. Bold or bright colors and patterned upholstery on living room sofas are best paired with solid window treatments, accent pillows, and rugs.

Choose the Right Tables for Your Space

Photo Features: I'll Take the Corner Table
From end tables and coffee tables to console tables, this furniture is a key part of helping you create the perfect living room. Your coffee table should be durable and bold so that it complements your sofa, chairs, and other furnishings. While sofas are certainly the star of the show, a coffee table can also be a visually interesting attraction.  Caracole Furniture makes a unique variety of tables for today’s contemporary living rooms. 

Photo Features: Argan Hexagon Tables
Accent tables and end tables are also important must-haves if you’re thinking about how to create the perfect living room. These smaller tables are great for holding a table lamp or to provide your guests with a place to sit down their drink.  Explore tables from brands like Jamie Young Co that incorporate a perfect combination of organic and manmade materials. These accent tables feature unique shapes and feature a gorgeous natural marble stone top. The table is available in three different sizes, or it can be purchased as a set of three for even more versatility. Sleek and slender, these tables are a must-have to place in a nook between your furniture or to nicely fill in an empty portion of the living room. Pick accent tables that are slightly different from the rest of your furniture if you want them to stand out. You can do this by finding designs made of different materials to create an interesting contrast in texture. Sleek metal finishes on components like the table’s legs in a bright gold or burnished bronze will also help your smaller accent tables stand out in the room.

Don’t Overlook Storage

Photo Features: Emory Cabinet
Knowing how to create the perfect living room means designing a space that feels clean, fresh, and free of clutter. Perhaps one of the most important furniture pieces for this room is the storage furniture, whether it’s a nice bookcase or a roomy cabinet. Worlds Away offers a myriad of chic storage pieces to keep your living space neat and tidy. Emory is a sleek, mid-century cabinet sure bring elegance to any home. The radial design in matte walnut is accented with painted bronze legs and hardware. room storage cabinets should be roomy and functional, but they should also be a fun addition in terms of the finish, shape, and overall design.
Photo Features: Kain Console | Jax Square Side Table | Yucca Side Table | Maldives Framed Wall Art | Clamshell Table Lamp 
If you prefer more open storage, consider a beautiful bookcase for the living room. You can place a pair of matching bookcases on either side of the television or choose one large bookcase to display against a wall. Bookcases offer you open shelving that’s perfect for creating a living room library. The openness also allows for a beautiful display area, where you can showcase all of your favorite décor pieces, sentimental objects, and sculptures. If you have tall ceilings, a taller bookcase is ideal. Low-profile, two-shelf bookcases work best in living rooms that have a ceiling at a standard height. You can always place two or more of them side-by-side if you need a little more room for your books and media.

Express Yourself

Photo Features: Carla Velvet Sofa | Sparta Chandelier 

Every living room needs a quality sofa, storage furniture, and tables, but what about making this room unique? Incorporating artwork and décor will give your living room its own personality. You can show off some of your most prized possessions in this room, whether it’s items you have collected throughout your travels or a beautiful, framed family photograph. The key is to choose and display items that really speak to your personal style. Beautiful paintings on canvas hung over a fireplace mantel can be a wonderful living room focal point. If you prefer smaller art, put several pieces together and hang them to design a show-stopping gallery wall. The goal is to choose art and accessories that speak to you and inspire you. Original artwork is best, but you can also find a wide selection of stunning pieces for the living room at Meadow Blu. Mirrors are also a great way to brighten up a living room. Whether you hang a mirror on the wall or place a tall floor-length mirror in the corner, this home accessory will give your living room a healthy dose of brightness and reflection.

Photo Features: Flare Floor Lamp

While each of us has our own unique style, keep these tips in mind to help you create the perfect living room. From the style and type of furniture you choose to area rugs, lighting, and artwork, the goal is to design a space that you’ll love and be proud of for years to come.