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Choose the Right Lighting to Brighten Your Kitchen

Choose the Right Lighting to Brighten Your Kitchen

Photo Features: Scout Pendant 
Your kitchen is the heart of the home, and it’s where you spend a lot of time with family and friends. This important room needs adequate lighting to make preparing and cooking meals easy and seamless. Not only does your kitchen lighting offer the right amount of illumination, but it’s also a vital part of the overall room design. Check out these helpful kitchen lighting ideas, so you can get the right light to brighten up this space and add a sleek touch of style.

Light up Your Island

Photo Features: Surfside Wood Pendant
If you have a kitchen island, it’s usually the heart and focal point of this room. This important component is where you cut, chop, and prep your food to make recipes and sit down to enjoy a meal together as a family. It’s important to make sure that you install kitchen island lighting that will adequately brighten the space. Several pieces of pendant lighting installed directly over the island should provide you with the light you need. If you prefer a single piece, look for a lean linear chandelier. This modern light typically contains several bulbs while keeping the look of your kitchen sleek and modern. Regina Andrew Lighting offers a wide selection of stunning pendant lights and chandeliers. Try a rustic pendant light, like the Surfside Wood Pendant light by Regina Andrew Lighting. This curvy pendant adds an organic element to your kitchen and features a warm limed oak or ebony finish that brings out the wood grain. A stunning milk glass globe shade diffuses the light for a warm finishing touch.
Photo Features: Stinson Linear Chandelier

If you prefer the look of a chandelier, try something in a linear design. This kitchen lighting adds a sophisticated touch, and its long shape makes it perfect to install above the island. The Stinson Linear Chandelier by Hinkley Lighting is a versatile choice with its dramatic black and polished nickel finish. Durable steel construction adds durability, while the open-cage design allows for perfect illumination. A pair of candelabra clusters provide plenty of bright light over your island. For a more modern look, consider the Linear Center Point Chandelier from Hudson Valley. This sleek light boasts a mid-century modern vibe with angular lines and gorgeous alabaster diffusers. Several lights in a horizontal row ensure that you’re getting the light you need.

Kitchen Lighting Ideas: Adding Lamps


You might not think of lamps when you consider kitchen lighting, however, they can be an excellent addition to this room. Look for kitchen lamps you can place on your countertop for an extra bit of brightness whenever you need it. A kitchen lamp can be small enough to just provide a warm glow, or you can incorporate something large and sculptural to add a bit of visual impact. Hudson Valley offers a wide array of stunning table lamps in a myriad of beautiful colors, shapes, and materials. These lamps add a fun component to your kitchen, and they’re ideal whenever you want to dim the lights in the evening and turn off the kitchen ceiling lighting. Choose a colorful lamp to add a fun, fresh look or try something in a versatile neutral hue that will match seamlessly with your finishes and appliances.


Kitchen lamps also help you add texture to the room. The La Brea lamp from Troy Lighting features a classic round silhouette and a gorgeous stone base enhanced with carved detailing for added texture. If you want something a bit more pronounced, you’ll also find a larger version of the La Brea Troy Lighting lamp. With its columnar shape and extra-large off-white hardback linen shade, it’s a beautiful way to give your kitchen a sophisticated touch. Buffet lamps are another excellent option in a kitchen. These small lamps create the perfect accent lighting in a corner of your counters or directly on top of the kitchen island for entertaining. Explore our range of beautiful buffet lamps by brands like Arteriors featuring bold, modern designs for a contemporary touch in your cooking space.

Kitchen Ceiling Lighting: Chandeliers

Photo Courtesy of: Racheal Jackson, @banyanbridges | Photo Features: Moxie Chandelier

As you’re thinking about new kitchen lighting ideas, what’s overhead is the most important choice. If you prefer something a bit more ornate over a classic pendant light, consider a stunning chandelier in this room. Mitzi Lighting offers a wide array of ultra-modern designs to help you create a contemporary cooking space. Try the Stella Chandelier by Mitzi with its elongated arms grasping milky white glass globe shades. The Mitzi Moxie Chandelier will bring a bold look to your kitchen thanks to its Atomic-era-inspired design. A combination of black, white, and bronze accents gives this chandelier a vibrant and multifaceted look, while metal construction assures durability and easy cleaning.

Photo Features: Ombre Wood Bead Chandelier
For truly impactful kitchen lighting ideas, try a tiered chandelier in this room. This lighting features beautiful cascading designs that create a sense of elegance and distinctive style. Regina Andrew designs awe-inspiring cascading chandeliers dripping with wood beads. The brand’s Ombre Wood Bead Chandelier showcases the beads completed in soft, gradient colors for a playful pop. You’ll also find a wide selection of other cascading chandeliers at Meadow Blu. Whether it’s made from acrylic, crystal, organic woven materials, a brilliant and dramatic chandelier will instantly give your kitchen a vibrant, impressive touch. Chandeliers look best in large kitchens will high ceilings, but they can also be a substitute for pendants to serve as functional kitchen island lighting.

Flush and Semi-Flush Mount Kitchen Light Fixtures

Photo Features: Cadence Ceiling Semi Flush Mount | Julia Pendant 
If you have low ceilings or a smaller kitchen, finding the right kitchen lighting ideas can be more of a challenge. Semi-flush mount and flush mount ceiling lights make it easy to add the right amount of lighting without having to compromise on style. This type of lighting is installed closer to the ceiling while providing your kitchen with the right amount of ambient light. It’s a perfect option for a galley kitchen to keep things illuminated nicely without taking up too much space. If you have a galley kitchen, install flush mount ceiling lights that run the entire length of the room. This will provide you with plenty of light while keeping everything evenly placed for a seamless, cohesive look. Just because your kitchen is small, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy stunning light fixtures. Made Goods, Regina Andrew, and Hinkley Lighting are just some of the incredible brands at Meadow Blu that design striking flush and semi-flush mount lights.

The Hinkley Lighting Hollis Extra Large Semi-Flush Mount features a stunning Sputnik-inspired design. Clean lines and angular shapes are complemented by an array of gorgeous etched opal glass globes. Choose your preferred finish to complete the look so it seamlessly integrates into your space. This option is ideal for a modern kitchen, but simpler flush-mount kitchen light fixtures with understated designs are best if you’re aiming for a classic or rustic look. The Mark D. Sikes Painted No. 3 Flush Mount light is an excellent example. It features a classic shape, and you can choose from a combination of three different finishes for a beautiful touch. Whether it’s aged brass and dark blue, polished nickel and parma gray, or aged brass and off-white, this light fixture is a versatile way to brighten up smaller kitchens.

Choose a Sconce as Accent Lighting

Photo Features: Dawson Wall Sconce
While wall sconces are commonly installed in a bedroom, hallway, or living space, they also make beautiful accent lighting in the kitchen, too. Choose a sconce that has an unusual shape to give your kitchen an artful touch. The Ginkgo Sconce from Regina Andrew features a sleek and stunning sculptural design featuring a trio of ginkgo leaves finished in shimmering gold. Hudson Valley’s Dawson Wall Sconce comes in two sizes and boasts beautiful flower-like shades crafted in a white plaster finish held by a sleek metal post finished in brilliant gold. The botanical-inspired motif adds an organic element to your kitchen, while ensuring you get plenty of additional ambient lighting.
Photo Features: Garden City Wall Sconce

A single wall sconce installed right by the kitchen entryway can really help to set the mood. Add a pair of matching sconces on either side of the door or by the main opening to the kitchen. You can also enjoy this lighting inside your kitchen near the countertops for an additional glow whenever you need it. Sconces are an extremely versatile option thanks to their smaller size and the ability to install them directly on the wall. If you’re looking for something that’s more versatile with better functionality, consider a sconce with adjustable arms. You can easily maneuver the arms in different directions whenever you need a bit of extra light in the kitchen. A sconce installed directly over your stovetop is a beautiful alternative to bland, traditional lights. Visit Meadow Blu to find the perfect wall sconce for your kitchen today.

Photo Courtesy of: Rebecca Driggs, @rebeccadriggsinteriors | Photo Features: Candor Pendant

Keep these tips in mind as you hunt for the perfect lighting for your kitchen.Whether it’s pendant lighting over an island or a stunning cascading chandelier, the possibilities are truly endless. The right lighting will transform your kitchen and make it a place that’s truly unique to you.