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How to Style Your Home With Meadow Blu Furniture

How to Style Your Home With Meadow Blu Furniture

Over 70% of Americans want to redecorate their homes. Are you one of them?

If so, you may know that you're tired of what your home looks like right now, whether it's the furniture brands you went with 5 years ago or the furniture styles. You know that, but you're not sure what to do from here.

In this guide, we'll walk you through how to accessorize your Meadow Blu furniture to make your home one that you love and want to be in all of the time! Keep reading to learn more about how to give your home life and style!

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize

One of the most important things you can do to style your home and make it look like you hired a professional is to make sure you accessorize your furniture styles and everything else in your home!

So how do you do this?

When it comes to adding more finishing touches, this is the accessorizing that you have to focus on. Here are a few ideas:

  • Add unique lighting fixtures that add to the furniture colors or bring in an extra pop of color or texture
  • Accessorize with fun pillows that are colorful or add texture of fun quotes to a room (you can change these with the season, too!)
  • Add wall art to source up your walls

These are just a few ideas for how to accessorize Meadow Blu Furniture and create a unique touch that shows off your true colors! 

Make Sure You Reflect Your Personality

When it comes to decorating your home and choosing the right furniture, you want to make sure you are staying true to your personality.

If you don't, you're going to grow tired of your new home decor in just a few weeks. If it's not you, it's not going to speak to you, either!

You can find your personality in a lot of different types of furniture.

For starters, you should start with the bigger items. This would be picking out the couches, the chairs, your dining room table and chairs, your living room coffee table, and other items like that.

For your bedroom, you should pick out the dresser you love as well as your new bed.

Once you have the bigger pieces of furniture, you can start to accessorize with smaller add-ons that also reflect your personality! 

Add a Rug

One of the best things about luxury furniture brands is that they bring in a sense of belonging to any space. But sometimes, a space does need more than just a couch and a few other pieces of a furniture.

That's where adding a rug can make a huge difference. 

Adding a rug not only helps with bringing in a bit more personality, but it also helps you to define spaces in your home. 

For instance, if you add a rug under your couch in your living room, it creates a cozy area for conversing here. You can also add a rug into your hallways to make that space have more personality rather than just a floor and walls.

Decorate With Mirrors

If you aren't sure how to decorate your home to match your furniture styles, you can't go wrong with a mirror. Adding mirrors to any room creates an entirely new feel and dimension to the room.

The best thing about mirrors is that they don't come in one uniform style. You can choose from so many different styles that add to your space.

For instance, in your bathroom, you could choose a round bathroom mirror over your vanity to get ready in the morning. In your master bedroom, you could have a luxurious full-length mirror that sits by the window in your room.

Head downstairs and place a metal mirror over the credenza in your kitchen. This will add in a luxurious feel, make the space look bigger, and add to the personality of the room.

Spruce Up Your Coffee Table

It can be easy to get a coffee table and place it into the middle of your living room. You're done once you do that though, right?

The answer is no.

Your coffee table is the centerpiece of your living room, and so it should look like it, too.

You can add accessories to your coffee table that make it stand out while also keeping it simple. Here are a few ideas for what to add to your table:

  • A decorative candle that adds texture
  • A coffee table book with a colorful front or a minimalistic front (depending on the decor you are going for)
  • One statement piece (like a metal ball or a large tray with tiny pieces of decor in it)

Not only do the pieces on the table make a difference, but choosing your coffee table with knowing it is a centerpiece will make all of the difference. If you live on the beach or at the shore, you could go with a wicker table. If you live in a NYC apartment, you may want to go with a sleek, marble design. 

The choices are endless!

Decorate with Meadow Blu

It can be daunting to accessorize and redecorate your entire home. But with these tips, you'll know exactly what to do with each room.

If you need some inspiration to get started, you can check out our Editor's Picks for Inspiration. This page will help you design your home to be your own - one that you love! 

Happy decorating!