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Interior Lighting Design Guide

Interior Lighting Design Guide

Photo Features: Solana Pendant

When it comes to elevating your home, every detail matters. Lighting is a key part of creating a beautiful, functional space. If you’re planning to move to a new home, or you’re ready to update your existing home, there are some amazing ideas that will inspire you to make a major change. This interior lighting design guide offers some tips, suggestions, and a few incredible brands to help you get started. Read on to discover something new and get ready to give your home a fresh, modern upgrade through lighting.

Brighten Dark Spaces with Sconces

Photo Features: Sal Task Scone

If you have a slightly dim hallway, a converted basement, or anywhere in your home that could use some extra light, sconces are a smart choice. This versatile lighting is a key part of our interior lighting design guide. Not only are sconces perfect for illuminating small or darker parts of your home, but they also make a stylish alternative to table lamps in the bedroom. Look for stunning options from brands like Hinkley Lighting, offering an array of stunning and modern designs. You can think of sconces like a wall sculpture with the added bonus of light. Sconces from Gabby Lighting come in a myriad of sleek yet sophisticated styles. Whatever design or brand you choose, this is a smart choice for almost anywhere in the home.

Photo Features: Jane Task Sconce

Interior Design Lighting Guide: Make a Statement with Chandeliers

Photo Features: Ace 8 Light Chandelier

Chandeliers add maximum visual impact to your home thanks to their large size and an array of intricate details. Hang chandeliers in a foyer, over the dining room table, or in your living space. Look for awe-inspiring options from Troy Lighting, including the Ace Chandelier with its glass globe shades and mid-century modern silhouette. With several bulbs, chandeliers can add brightness and artistic style to any space. Linear chandeliers look incredible over a kitchen island and are a good option over individual pendants. The Paige Island Light from Mitzi Lighting features opal, matte, glass shades and your choice of available finish for a custom look in your kitchen or dining room.

Photo Features: Paige Island Light

Task Lighting Adds Functionality

Photo Features: Carmel Wood Table Lamp

Table and floor lamps are a vital part of home lighting. You can use lamps anywhere thanks to their portability and versatile designs. Consider bringing lamps into the bedroom, a home office, or place them on end tables in the living room. Regina Andrew Lighting offers an incredible assortment of lamps in a wide variety of beautiful motifs. Using task lighting is a key part of this interior lighting design guide. A bold, colorful lamp on a console table in your foyer will greet guests with a warm glow. Use them to help you read before bedtime, get work done, or just to add light to an empty corner. The Westport Ceramic Table Lamp features a smooth texture with a curved top. The crisp white and navy-blue finish lends it a nautical-inspired, two-toned look. The sky is the limit when it comes to lamps, so have some fun incorporating several different designs into your home.

Photo Features: Westport Ceramic Table Lamp

Get Playful with Pendants

Photo Features: Eridian Pendant

Pendant lights bring a dash of style and functionality anywhere in the home. This lighting does a great job of adding directional lighting along with a distinctive touch. In this interior lighting design guide, you’ll discover that pendants can also be a work of art. Add a splash of bohemian flair to your home with the Eridian Pendant from Made Goods Lighting. With its beautiful woven shade crafted from twisted abaca rope, it brings an earthy warmth to a kitchen or living room. 

Photo Features: Pierced Metal Sphere Pendant

Ceiling Lighting Tips

Photo Features: Lettie Flush Mount

Not all ceiling lighting has to be a pendant or a chandelier. In fact, flush and semi-flush mount lights offer added style and versatility without taking over a space. Consider installing flush-mount ceiling lights in smaller rooms. These fixtures are closer to the ceiling, so they won’t detract the eyes or make the room feel smaller. However, if you want a bit more visual impact, a semi-flush mount light is a great choice. This lighting style hang slightly below the ceiling using a rod or other hardware, so it’s slightly lower than a flush-mount ceiling light, but not as pronounced as pendants and chandeliers. Try the simple, Horizon Flush Mount from Robert Abbey Lighting. A modern spin on classic beehive glass, the Horizon features charming contours that have sculptural appeal while remaining airy and light. Available in both clear and smoke gray glass, Horizon is an ideal choice for making a beautiful statement in your home.

Photo Features: Horizon Flush Mount
More Lighting Suggestions
Photo Features: Perennial Buffett Lamp

Whether you love the look of wall sconces or the boldness of chandeliers, our interior lighting design guide wouldn’t be complete without a few more helpful tips and suggestions. First, consider the size of the room you need to illuminate. Larger rooms will need several fixtures or at least one light with multiple bulbs to ensure that the room is adequately lit. If you live in a two-story home, a ceiling light at the top of the landing is recommended. Try the Somerset Semi Flush Mount from Hinkley Lighting with its sleek, modern metal accents and a large glass globe shade that helps diffuse the light. Add more light to the dining room with small buffet lamps, like the versatile Perennial Buffet Lamp from Regina Andrew Lighting. Buffet lamps are a great addition to a credenza or cabinet to bring soft light into this part of the home. If you find a chandelier you love, consider designs that offer several options, like the beautiful Elliot Chandelier from Troy Lighting in your choice of bulb count. Keep these tips in mind, and your interiors will be beautifully lit for years to come.