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Kitchen Lighting Buying Guide

Kitchen Lighting Buying Guide

Photo Features: Garden City Sconce
Lighting is the foundation of every room in the home, and it sets the tone for the rest of the space. When it comes to kitchen light fixtures, there are a myriad of sleek and stylish options to choose from. If you’re thinking of updating the lighting in your kitchen, how do you know which type is best for you? From prepping and cooking meals to eating breakfast and dinner in your kitchen, finding the perfect options is crucial to enjoying this heart of the home. Read on for a helpful kitchen lighting buying guide, so you can determine which lighting is the right choice for your unique cooking space.


Pendant Lighting

Photo Features: Angela Pendant
Thanks to its versatility and clean aesthetics, pendant lighting is a popular choice for kitchens that is a key part of this kitchen lighting buying guide. When you’re looking at adding pendant lighting to a kitchen, scale and size are key to a successful install. Pendants that are too small won’t provide the amount of light you need, and they could end up making the rest of your kitchen look and feel off-kilter. If you have a large kitchen island, for example, make sure that the pendants are large and in scale with it so that they create a visual balance. Ideally, you should hang at least three to four separate pendant lights over an island. A single pendant installed over your sink is another great way to add functional lighting with a stylish touch. If you’re planning to add pendant lighting in several areas of the kitchen, choose a matching design for all of them so everything looks seamless and clean.


Photo Features: Wythe Glass Pendant

Pendant lighting comes in a huge range of styles from boho and mid-century modern to traditional. For example, the Surfside Wood Pendant features a rich shade crafted of wood in a natural or ebony finish. The milk glass globe diffuses the light, adding a subtle warm illumination. If you prefer something brighter, consider the Wythe Glass Pendant instead. This elongated pendant light is housed in a gorgeous water glass shade, while three candelabra bulbs provide bright light and a classic look. Both of these options are great for kitchen island lighting, depending on your favorite style and how bright you need them to be. Choose an oversized single pendant light to brighten up the kitchen and provide maximum visual impact. Smaller pendants in a single row can add a charming, whimsical touch to your kitchen, too. Whichever option you choose, pendants are without a doubt one of the most popular choices when it comes to kitchen lighting in the home.

Kitchen Ceiling Lighting: Flush or Semi Flush Mount Lights

Photo Features: Charlotte Flush Mount
Part of this kitchen lighting buying guide includes ceiling lights that don’t hang quite as low as pendants. If you’re looking for more subtle kitchen ceiling lighting, a flush mount light will do the trick. These lights are installed close to the ceiling which is particularly beneficial if your kitchen is small. Low ceilings can make a room feel smaller, so a flush mount light helps to keep the eye moving, making the room appear larger. Just because these kitchen light fixtures stay close to the ceiling, it doesn’t mean that they don’t come in a range of stunning designs. The Uni Flush Mount is an incredibly bold choice that won’t make it feel you had to sacrifice on style. This dramatic flush mount ceiling light resembles a sea urchin with hand-worked wrought iron spines protruding from the center. Four candelabra bulbs per fixture ensure that this ultra-modern and unique flush mount light adds a dramatic element to your kitchen, regardless of the installation style.


Photo Courtesy of: Racheal Jackson, @banyanbridges | Photo Features: Cadence Ceiling Semi Flush Mount | Julia Pendant 
Another option for kitchen ceiling lighting is semi-flush mount lights. They’re somewhat similar to flush mount lighting, except that they hang just a bit further down from the ceiling. They tend to provide a bit more illumination and offer just a little more visual impact. Semi-flush mount ceiling lights leave a small gap between the fixture and the ceiling, while a flush mount light leaves no gap. This option gives your kitchen just a bit more drama without taking up visual space that could make the room look or feel smaller. The Cadence Semi Flush Mount is an elegant, chic option that adds a modern touch to your kitchen without being too dramatic. The subtle vintage-inspired design features a sleek and durable steel yoke and ring and a gorgeous etched matte white shade. It also comes in your choice of size to ensure you get the perfect look to coordinate with appliances and fixtures.


Kitchen Lighting Buying Guide: Chandeliers

Photo Features: French Maid Chandelier
When you think of chandeliers, you probably imagine them in a bedroom, living space, or dining room. However, these stunning lights can also make wonderful kitchen light fixtures, too. A large chandelier is a beautiful option, especially if you have an eat-in kitchen and a very large island. Instead of installing several smaller pendant lights in a row, a single chandelier can add brightness and make a big visual impact in the space. If you still need more lights in the kitchen, consider purchasing the same similar styles from one collection. This will allow your chandelier to be the star of the show, while the other light fixtures coordinate for a cohesive look. Chandeliers can really add the wow factor to a kitchen, so they’re certainly something to consider.


Photo Features: Lynden Chandelier
If you really want to make a statement, consider the Bari Chandelier. This vibrant light is visually striking and glamorous with a mixture of materials set in linear metalwork with your choice of finish. The unique designs pay tribute to the designs of mid-century Italy. Multiple tiers of slender polished glass rods sit beside flat metal arms and slender lamp holders. The cylindrical tungsten bulbs brighten this chandelier and play together nicely with its sleek elongated form. If you’re looking for something a bit more subtle, consider the Lynden Chandelier. This drum-shaped light hangs from a set of chains and features a detailed corrugated cast metal frame in your choice of finish. The alabaster diffuser gives this light a warm, soft glow, and it’s available in three sizes so you can customize it to suit your needs. For long islands or bigger kitchens, consider a linear chandelier. These long and lean light fixtures typically use several bulbs or multiple smaller fixtures all housed in a horizontal frame for maximum light output.


Lamps in the Kitchen

Photo Features: Enny Lamp
Kitchen lamps might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you read a kitchen lighting buying guide. However, this versatile lighting can be a wonderful companion in a kitchen space. Look for kitchen lamps that can be placed on your counters, island, or a small table to give you more illumination. They’re a great way to add a soft glow to the kitchen a night in case someone gets up to forage for a midnight snack. The beautiful thing about kitchen lamps is that they can be moved anywhere, and you can always change the shade if you want to update the look. This lighting is a beautiful choice for dining rooms, too. No matter where or why you may need some extra light, a lamp can be a good option. A pair of matching table lamps can add symmetry to a kitchen space. You can also choose a large, tall floor lamp to illuminate a corner of the room.


Photo Features: Markus Ceramic Table Lamp
Meadow Blu offers a wide range of stunning lamps crafted in a variety of shapes, finishes, and materials. Try the Kimball Table Lamp in your kitchen with its simple and whimsical round shape and versatile blue/gray or black finish. Another great option for the kitchen is the Markus Ceramic Table Lamp. Thanks to its timeless design, this ceramic lamp features a neutral color with subtle speckles for a whimsical touch. The large natural linen drum shade makes it a perfect addition to rustic and farmhouse kitchens and modern cooking spaces alike. Adding kitchen lamps makes it easy to bring your own personality into this space. Look for the Hudson Valley Flare Floor Lamp boasting a classic design with a sleek aged brass finish. The charming, flared shade made of Belgian linen gives this floor lamp a pop of personality.


Photo Features: Cachet Lantern

Whether you’re looking for pendant lighting, a new chandelier, or even some kitchen lamps, Meadow Blu has a wide range of stunning designs to choose from. Look for the newest offerings from our incredible brands to give your kitchen a bold and vibrant upgrade. Choosing the right kitchen lighting is easy as long as you know where to start. With this kitchen lighting buying guide, you’ll be able to determine which options are right for you. Visit our website today and get ready to discover a vast array of stunning, modern lighting for your kitchen and beyond.