Living Room Furniture Buyers Guide

Finding the perfect furniture for any room is a challenge, but the living room is even more important than the others. This is where you’ll greet your guests and entertain family and friends. It’s also the perfect place to showcase your own personality and unique design style. At Meadow Blu, you’ll find a wide range of quality modern furniture, accessories, lighting, and more to make this space unique. Read on for a helpful living room furniture buyers guide, so you can discover the perfect products for this all-important room of your home.

Living Room Furniture Buyers Guide: Start with the Focal Point

Photo Features: Double Edge Sofa | Double Edge Chair

In the living room, seating pieces like living room sofas, sectionals, and chairs should be front and center. Start your journey by looking for a new sofa that will add comfort and style to this space. Look for living room sofas made of quality materials such as hardwood frames or metal legs. Upholstery fabric, cushioning, and size are also crucial factors to keep in mind. The Double Edge Sofa from Caracole Furniture features a modern curvaceous silhouette, while the raised back offers unparalleled support. Its luscious upholstery adds softness and a modern look, while wood legs keep it steady and supported. The key to choosing the right sofa is to find something that comes in a size, shape, and colorway you’ll love. Make sure you record the measurements of your living room before buying living room sofas. This will make it easier for you to select a focal seating area that’s a perfect fit.

Photo Features: Rockwell Coffee Table
After you find the right sectional or sofa, you can start to build around it. Whether it’s via accent furnishings like end tables and coffee tables or artwork and window treatments, it’s always best to make your sofa or other seating furnishings priority number one. This will lay the groundwork for the rest of your design and make it much easier to choose colors, styles, and more.

Photo Features: Sinclair Sofa | Edward Lounge ChairElaine Mirror | Framed Silk Panel 

The Sinclair Sofa from Bungalow 5 features a sleek and modern low-profile that’s perfect for compact living spaces. It all comes down to the shape, size, and overall design when shopping for new living room furniture. Explore a range of different sofas, sectionals, and chairs to help you determine which ones will suit your home and your lifestyle in the best way possible.

Tie it All Together with Rugs

Photo Features: Justina Blakeney Yeshaia Rug

Another easy way to anchor your living space is through the use of area rugs. Not only do rugs add color and softness to your home, but they also help to define the space more easily. Loloi Rugs makes a beautiful selection of designs in a variety of patterns, color palettes, and materials. When placing a rug under your sofa, make sure that it’s large enough to extend past the front and sides. The larger the rug, the warmer the room will look and feel. You can also add runners in a hallway to give the living room a cohesive look, too.

Photo Features: Idriss Rug 

Explore options from Jaipur Rugs featuring beautiful hand-woven details and lively patterns. While it’s not furniture, the right area rug is still a crucial part of any living room furniture buyers guide. It’s a great way to express yourself, soften up the space, and give it a fun and dynamic touch.

Elevate Your Living Space with Tables

Photo Features: Cleaver II Nesting Coffee Tables

Just like your sofa, coffee tables help to define the living room and add functionality. These tables come in a wide range of materials, finishes, and sizes. Explore new coffee tables from a variety of brands including Candelabra Home Furniture. The Cleaver II Nesting Coffee Tables from Candelabra Home Furniture feature modern round shapes with a smoothly polished, dark brown tone. The raised edges add functionality, and the three-legged solid wood base gives each table stability. Their versatile design makes them a perfect fit in almost any living room, while the partially-nesting design adds more surface space and visual depth to your home.

Photo Features: Alandra Console Table
If you need more storage space, a coffee table with drawers is a good option. Console tables are also an excellent way to add versatility and style to your living room. Have some fun when choosing tables for this space, and feel free to mix and match different sizes, styles, and materials. You can add a pair of matching end or side tables to either end of your sofa, then bring in a bold, dramatic coffee table in a different design for a fabulous focal point. The goal is to find the right coffee table that will give you the look and functionality you need combined into a single piece. Whether it’s made of wood or metal and glass, your coffee table and accent tables will instantly give this room a fresh, new look.

Don’t Forget Your Lighting

Photo Features: Chronicle Task Lamp | Peninsula Side Table | Xanadu Lounge Chair
Our living room furniture buyers guide wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the lighting in this room. Whether you choose table lamps or chandeliers, lighting can completely transform this space and make it more functional and visually appealing. Jamie Young Co. designs a stunning assortment of lighting that’s perfect for any living room. The brand’s impressive assortment of table and floor lamps allow you to design a layered look. Choose a stunning floor lamp from Jamie Young Co and place it next to an accent chair or recliner for easy reading. Table lamps on each side of your sofa add illumination and provide your guests with additional light while they’re relaxing in your home.
Photo Features: Molten Chandelier
To give this room even more impact, consider replacing your current lighting with something new, like modern chandeliers. A mid-century-inspired Sputnik chandelier is a perfect companion to an ultra-contemporary living space. Lighting with frosted glass globes or metallic finishes will instantly lend the living room an easy modern touch. The Molten Chandelier from Regina Andrew Lighting puts a fresh spin on the classic Sputnik with angled glass shades and a sleek nickel finish. You’ll also find bold options from Regina Andrew Lighting, like the La Dame Chandelier boasting multiple tiers of stunning globes attached to a sleek metal post. This chandelier adds an ultra-modern element to your living room along with plenty of light for optimum functionality.

Storage and More

Photo Features: Watercolours Cabinet
Another vital part of this living room furniture buyers guide is storage. Whether it’s an entertainment center or a stylish chest, storage is integral to a beautiful living room design. Not only will a quality storage piece keep the space organized, but it can also serve as an extra place to display sculptures, photos, and other treasured items. The Watercolours Cabinet from Caracole Furniture is a sight to behold with its custom-painted blue and aqua finish. A large silver leaf door hardware accents the cabinet and gives it a sculptural, high-end finishing touch along with a touch of organic style. Inside, you’ll find a plethora of storage including enough room for a 42-inch TV set, adjustable shelves, doors for hidden storage, and two file drawers.
Photo Features: Double Booked Display Cabinet
If you’d rather not keep things hidden, consider a beautiful bookcase for the living room. This furniture makes it easy to showcase and organize your favorite books, decorative objects, and much more. It’s also a smart alternative to wall shelving, especially if you’re not privy to installing something heavy directly onto the walls of your living room. If you want the best of both worlds, consider a cabinet with clear glass doors. This will allow you to display items without worrying about dust and dirt. A cabinet with integrated lighting adds another unique element and allows you to illuminate the contents whenever you choose. From a cabinet or media center to bookshelves, the right storage can give your living room a brand-new look.

Make it Fun with Accent Pieces

Photo Features: Xanadu Stool

You’ve found the perfect sofa, chairs, table, lighting, and area rug. Now it’s time to spice things up with a few accent pieces. These smaller items will really tie things together, and they’re also a great way to get more use out of this space. A simple piece like the stunning Burma Stool from Bungalow 5 Furniture features durable ceramic construction, bamboo-like textures, and a glossy white finish for a modern touch. You can use it as an additional seat or a small table for a potted plant or table lamp. If you prefer something a bit softer, consider an upholstered ottoman. This stylish furniture is comfy to sit on, prop up your feet, or just to add a little bit of color and style to fill in an empty space. Upholstered benches are another excellent way to get more from your living room while bringing in some more style.

Photo Features: Ombre Wood Bead Chandelier

When you’re ready to upgrade your living space, keep the tips in this guide in mind. Visit our website to discover something new, whether it’s the latest from Jaipur Rugs or a beautiful lamp from Regina Andrew Lighting. We carry a beautiful selection of home furnishings, lighting, and much more to help you transform your space and make your modern house a comfortable and stylish home you’ll be proud to show off.