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Tips for Upgrading Your Bathroom Lighting

Tips for Upgrading Your Bathroom Lighting


Photo Courtesy of:  Macy Evonosky @wanderingmyhome | Photo Features: Talia Double Wall Sconce

Whether you’re planning to do a total bathroom transformation, or you simply want to make a few changes, lighting is a key component to this important space. When it comes to upgrading your bathroom lighting, there are plenty of beautiful options to choose from. If you need some inspiration for bathroom ceiling lighting or need some new lighting ideas over the mirror, we have a few helpful tips and inspirational suggestions to get you started. Read on for some bathroom lighting tips, so you can give yours a stunning makeover that will make this space feel fresh and new.

Update Your Overhead Lighting

Photo Features: Paige Semi-Flush Mount

Most bathroom ceiling lighting is utilitarian and doesn’t always add much style to this space. However, you don’t have to settle for bland overhead fixtures in the room. Replace your recessed can lights with something sleek and shapely. The Paige Semi Flush Mount from Mitzi Lighting features a contemporary update on a classic form. This semi-flush mount light features sleek metal in several finishes, while the globe-shaped bulbs lend it a fun, playful finishing touch.

Photo Features: Charlotte Semi Flush Mount 

If you want something with a luxe, glamorous touch, consider the stunning Charlotte Semi Flush Mount from Regina Andrew Lighting. It boasts gorgeous flower-shaped rosettes made of cast glass that give it an organic, romantic aesthetic. Explore a range of bathroom ceiling lighting options including both flush and semi-flush mount designs for a beautiful transformation.

Photo Courtesy of: House of Jade Interiors | Photo by Lindsay Salazar 
Photo Features: Brielle Pendant | Tara Double Wall Sconce

As for other bathroom lighting tips, pendants can also be a beautiful choice. A pair of pendant lights hung directly over a double vanity can give the room a gorgeous touch. Pendant lighting is typically used in kitchens and entryways, but it’s a beautiful option for bathrooms, too. Just make sure that your ceilings are high enough or that the pendant is installed high enough that you don’t hit your head when you’re using the sink. The Brielle Pendant from Mitzi is an excellent choice for a bathroom. This stunning pendant features a large, frosted glass globe and accented in a hand-applied aged brass or polished nickel. It adds a modern touch to your bathroom without being too “busy.” When it comes to bathroom lighting tips, try to keep your fixtures as clean and simple as possible. Not only will they be easier to clean, but they won’t distract the eye and will add a simple yet versatile touch to this important part of the home.

Photo Features: Scout Pendant 

Bathroom Wall Lighting Tips

Photo Courtesy of:  Becki Owens |  Rebekah Westover Photography
Photo Features: Becki Owens Ivy Sconce

Sconces make for beautiful bathroom light fixtures and add a warm illumination to the room. Consider this bathroom wall lighting if you don’t have a lot of overhead space, or if you simply want to bring an artful, sculptural touch to the room. Install two sconces on either side of the mirror to add a bright touch and functionality. When installing this type of lighting, be sure to mount the backplate of vertical or tube-shaped fixtures at eye level. Any sconce with down-lighting should be installed so that the shade opening is slightly below eye level. Uplighting should sit slightly above eye level. When adding bathroom wall lighting to mirrors that are centered above the sink, make sure that they’re just a few inches to the left and the right of your mirror. The key is to install sconces as close to your face as possible so that you can clearly see whenever you’re using the mirror and the sink.

Photo Courtesy of: Becki Owens | Rebekah Westover Photography
Photo Features: Hinsdale Sconce

Hudson Valley Lighting designs a gorgeous assortment of sconces for the bathroom. The brand’s Hinsdale Sconce features orbs of light cluster around a square metal beam as if some unseen magnetism were at work. Your choice of finish makes it easy to coordinate this wall light with the rest of the fixtures in the room.

Photo Courtesy of: JLV Creative, @jlv_creative | Margaret Wright, @margaret.wright
Photo Features: Colton Wall Sconce

The Colton Wall Sconce, also from Hudson Valley Lighting is a showstopper with its icy textures glass diffusers. It’s a perfect choice if you love a modern look infused with something a bit organic. Research a variety of wall sconces for your bathroom and look for a design that speaks to your favorite design aesthetic. When installed on each side of a mirror, they add dimension, depth, and just the right amount of brightness. Sconces also give your bathroom a sophisticated, luxurious finishing touch that adds the perfect amount of modern style.

Layer Your Lighting

Photo Courtesy of: New South Home Interior Design
Photo Features: Cheshire Sconce | Bubbles Chandelier 

One of the most important bathroom lighting tips to remember is that you should try to layer your fixtures. Three layers of light will add beauty and functionality to the space. Consider combining ambient lighting by installing pendants, chandeliers, or flush mount ceiling lighting. Next, bring in a second layer like task lighting to make daily activities like shaving or applying makeup easier. The third layer of lighting should be accent lighting. These bathroom light fixtures are designed to highlight your bathroom’s décor and its architectural features. Accent lighting can include wall sconces, small lamps on a vanity, or a flush mount light in conjunction with your pendant or chandelier.

Vanity Lighting Tips

Photo Features: Ariana 3 Light Vanity Sconce

When it comes to bathroom lighting, the options for your vanity are probably the most important of all. If you need lighting ideas over the mirror and sink, there are many options to consider, depending on the desired amount of light output and your bathroom’s overall aesthetic. When choosing vanity lighting, consider the length of your vanity and mirror first. Single fixtures are best for guest bathrooms or small, single vanities. Larger mirrors and longer vanities typically need vanity lighting that is at least two to four lights for the right look. Choose your new vanity light fixture based on the size of your vanity first, then narrow down your choices based on your favorite style and finish.

Photo Features: Rowan Vanity Light

The Rowan Vanity Light from Hinkley Lighting comes in several sizes ranging from one light to as many as four, depending on your needs. This beautiful fixture has a timeless look and features a bright chrome backplate and industrial-inspired touches. It’s finished with a polished white metal shade for a classic touch.

Photo Courtesy of: Bari J. Ackerman
Photo Features: Hope Bath Light | Saratoga Chandelier 

There are no rules that say your bathroom vanity lighting has to be utilitarian or plain.  The Hope Bath Light from Mitzi Lighting is a mid-century lover’s dream. Featuring a double circular backplate, it’s topped with glass globe shades for an ultra-modern touch. The circle design gives it a whimsical element and a contemporary vibe for any bathroom.  

Photo Features: Paige Vanity Sconce

Another fantastic option from Mitzi Lighting is the Paige Vanity Sconce. It features opal glossy glass globe shades and simple yet intricate metal cutout detailing with scalloped edges. Explore a range of bathroom light fixtures for this room, and match several from the same collection to create a cohesive look.

Photo Features: Palma Vanity 

Add something fun and sculptural, like the charming Palma Vanity from Hinkley Lighting. With its pineapple motif, this vanity light adds a cheery element to your bathroom along with plenty of functionality. The light is accented with sculpted metal leaves, and the etched opal glass globe shade lends it a smooth, modern final touch.

Keep Your Finishes the Same or Similar Whenever Possible

Photo Features: Glass Wall Lamp Saturn

Perhaps you love the warmth of brass, the boldness of matte black, or the brilliant shimmer of chrome. When you’re exploring bathroom lighting tips, try to keep the finish in the same or similar colorway. Mixing and matching finishes can confuse the eye and make your bathroom feel cluttered. If you see different lights from various brands or collections, coordinate the finishes in the closest way possible to keep things cohesive. Don’t forget to take the finish of your faucets and shower fixtures into account, too. Overall, everything should match up so that the bathroom looks like it was professionally planned that way.


Photo Features: High Tide Pendant

One easy way to upgrade your bathroom lighting is to choose fixtures made of natural materials. For example, the High Tide Pendant from Jamie Young Co. features strings of beads made with mango wood. A white iron chain compliments the natural tone and texture of this piece. A statement piece with repeating patterns and textures like this can help add interest to any coastal palette. Using this type of lighting is a great way to layer the look in the room by layering it with metal and other materials. Not only does it add more texture, but it’s also much easier to match this type of lighting with other elements without worrying about mismatching or clashing. The Aldo Pendant is another excellent choice. Made with natural rattan in a beautiful bell shape, it’s a gorgeous way to add new lighting while keeping things organic and warm. You can install brass faucets in your bathroom, which will complement the warm brown rattan beautifully.

Photo Features: Broche Sphere Chandelier

Whether you’re interested in new bathroom ceiling lighting, wall fixtures, or vanity lighting, keep these tips in mind when you’re ready for an upgrade. Remember to layer your lighting to get more functionality from your bathroom and give the space some extra dimension. At Meadow Blu, you’ll find an impressive range of lighting for every room of your home, and in a wide variety of styles to suit your aesthetic. Remember these bathroom lighting tips, so you can upgrade your own space in a way that speaks to you.

Photo Courtesy of: Jean Stoffer Design @jeanstofferdesign | Photo Features: Hopper Triple Sconce