Sustainability Takes Center Stage

Sustainability stories have been taking center stage in the home furnishing industry! But what exactly does that mean? Sustainability is the balance between the environment, equity and economy. 


Photo Courtesy of: Evan Gray Design @evangraydesign | Photo Features: Brook 4 Door Sideboard

A number of sustainability initiatives, both on-going and new, are being implemented by the furniture and furnishings industry. Organizations such as the American Home Furnishing Association (AHFA), the Business and Institutional Manufacturers Association (BIFMA) and the Sustainable Furnishings Council (SFC) have brought together their membership of manufacturers, retailers, designers, suppliers and others, to develop programs to measure and improve environmental performance, as well as begin communication of results to consumers.


Photo Features: Glass Table Lamp White Deco
Meadow Blu is also proud to have several vendors in our catalog that are making the switch to sustainability! The current generation of consumers are more mindful about the environment and climate change than ever before. The demand is high for the furnishings industry to shift into more circular and sustainable practices. Our brands are seeking to replace the end-of-life concept with upcycling and a shift toward renewable energy.


Photo Features: Tamas Mirror

Cut sections of thick teak root give the Tamas Made Goods mirror its drama. The slightly whitewashed material creates a frame that is bold and aggressive that doubles as a conversation-starting art piece. The reflected branches create depth, making the border appear twice as deep.


Photo Features: Dana Pendant | Dugan Centerpiece
A centuries-old technique is given new life with this functional work of art. The Dana Pendant from Arteriors' flat weave pattern is made from rattan poles that are shaped by hand to create the classic dome shape and then finished in a light stonewash.
Paired with the skillfully carved natural teak root of the Dugan Centerpiece, your room will feel both rustic and modern. Large in scale, this sculptural structure commands the tabletop on which it resides. Each one-of-a-kind piece is showcased on a black iron base and shows like a work of art. 


Photo Features: Asena Rug 
Often considered one of the pillars of sustainability and social equity, Jaipur Living's holistic philosophy of sustainability and how their initiatives improve the lives of the communities they impact are unmatched. 


Photo Features: Alpine Rug
Jaipur Living is currently one of only 12 companies to carry the Nest Seal of Ethical Handcraft on their handmade products—a symbol of assurance letting customers know that the items they’re purchasing have been ethically handcrafted in a home or small workshop. By purchasing a product with a Nest Seal, you are helping Jaipur Living and Nest advance the rights of artisans and home-based workers around the world.


Photo Courtesy of: Becki Owens @beckiowens | Rebeckah Westover @rebekahwestoverphotography | Photo Features: Satellite Rug
As a small business, we're driven by our social and ecological responsibility and our Lazybones products and textiles are inline with that responsibility. Lazybones wants to reflect integrity in the way they create and deliver their collections. They aim to create quality products with an ethical awareness.


Photo Features: Rosette Standard Pillowcase Set | Rosette Quilt

With a GOTS certified factory in India, the supply chain for Lazybones textiles must be compliant to a high-level of environmental and social criteria. GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard and it is an international standard for textiles made with organic fibres. 


Photo Features: Euro Rosette Pillow | Rosette Standard Pillowcase | Rosette Quilt 

The majority of Lazybones garments and bedding are made using sustainable fabrics. Whether that be fair trade organic cotton or soft linens, they aim to source quality fabrics that won’t cost the earth… literally. No pesticides, insecticides or herbicides and no genetic modification (GMO) are ever used in Laybones products. By using botanical and biological ways to control pests and weeds less harm is done to farmers and workers, to end consumers and to the entire eco-system.


Photo Features: Swiss Army Pouf
Another one of our favorite sustainable brands is Bobo Intriguing Objects. The name BOBO is derived from the French term, bourgeois bohemian. Put simply, BOBO is a way of life meaning to have a rebellious spirit with affluent success. The value of Bobo is found within its ability to create and uncover timeless designs that may have been left behind. BOBO will always hold a one-of-a-kind collection with history in every piece.


Photo Features: Jali Coffee Table

Whether you're luxuriously old fashioned, or a bit modern with traditional values, BOBO can help you rediscover the hidden treasures once lost in the modern age. Because at Bobo, they believe every home, every object, and every space tells an intriguing story.

Photo Features: Cobblestone Wood Art 

As more and more manufacturers are making sure their furnishings are made and distributed in ways that protect our planet. By taking immediate steps to minimize carbon emissions, waste stream pollutants, un-recyclable content and primary materials from unsustainable sources, we are proud to offer these products and companies to you during your search for healthy, pro-planet furnishings.