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10 Easy Ways to Improve Your Home Lighting

10 Easy Ways to Improve Your Home Lighting

Photo Courtesy of: Brit Arnesen | @britdotdesign | Photo Features: Coco 5 Light Chandelier | Flare Floor Lamp

From the kitchen and bathrooms to your bedroom and home office, the lighting in your home is vital to create a beautiful, functional space. If you’re ready to make some changes in your home, there are many things you can do to improve the lighting situation. Whether it’s installing new ceiling lights or bathroom fixtures, read on for a list of 10 easy home lighting ideas to try, so you can improve your abode.

1. Update Your Dining Room with Chandeliers

Photo Courtesy of: Brit Arnesen | @britdotdesign | Photo Features: Stella Chandelier

If you currently have traditional ceiling lights in the dining room, chandeliers can really bring the wow factor to this space. Whether it’s a classic chandelier with crystals or something on-trend, it will instantly make your dining room look bold and dramatic. For those who adore the mid-century modern look, explore the range of stunning chandeliers from Mitzi Lighting. Metal accents and large globe shades give these chandeliers a Sputnik-era-inspired touch. 

Photo Courtesy of: Kimberly Haire | @houseofhaires | Photo Features: Patricia Chandelier 

The Patricia Chandelier from Made Goods Lighting features a beautiful, elegant design with multiple tiers of intricately woven cocoa bead panels. A variety of colors and sizes allows you to create a customized look. Whatever design you select, using chandeliers in the dining room will give this space a boost. Install one directly over your dining room table to anchor the room and give it a touch of dramatic definition.

2. Home Lighting Ideas: Elevate Your Bathroom with Sconces

Photo Courtesy of: Becki Owens & Rebekah Westover Photography | Photo Features: Ivy Sconce | Mesa Wooden Stool

New lighting is one of the easiest ways to give your bathroom a total transformation. Replace those old, outdated vanity lights with some sleek and sophisticated sconces. Wall sconces add a sculptural element to the bathroom and bring it a nice, warm glow. The Ivy Sconce  boasts a beautiful, large-bulb design for added brightness. It's clear, cylindrical glass bulb lends your bathroom a distinctive touch, while the sleek metal wall bracket is presented in your choice of three metallic finishes.

Photo Features: Maine Ceramic Sconce

Sconces elevate your bathroom and lend it a sense of vintage glamour. Whether it’s a classic sconce with a shade from Regina Andrew like the Maine Ceramic Sconce, or something bolder, this lighting is a fabulous way to lend your bathroom a fresh, new look.

3. Use Pendants for an Artful Touch

Photo Features: Solana Pendant 

When it comes to ceiling lighting, pendants are a fabulous option. These versatile light fixtures come in an endless array of designs and materials to elevate the look and feel of any room. Install a row of matching pendants over your kitchen island to add a sleek component. Troy Lighting offers a range of unique pendants that vary from bold and modern to boho-chic. The Solana Pendant from Troy Lighting boasts a woven shade crafted of seagrass, while the earthen bronze chain gives it a warm final touch. Pendants look wonderful almost anywhere including over your bed, in a casual living space, or as an alternative to chandeliers over a smaller dining room table. No matter how you use them, these light fixtures are exceptionally versatile.

4. Incorporate Task Lighting

Photo Features: Perennial Buffet Lamp

Perhaps one of the most vital home lighting ideas is to make sure you have some task lighting in certain parts of your home. For example, a pair of matching table lamps on end tables will add a layer of lighting in a den or living space. Lamps are also a smart addition to your bedroom, so you have a way to turn on the lights to read a good book before bedtime. Regina Andrew Lighting creates a myriad of gorgeous lamps in a variety of unique designs. The Perennial Buffet Lamp from Regina Andrew Lighting features a slender silhouette and a smaller size that’s perfect for a foyer or dining room.

Photo Features: Arc Floor Lamp

Floor lamps are also an excellent choice when it comes to task lighting. Try the Arc Floor Lamp from Regina Andrew lighting next to a comfortable chair. With its arched neck and sleek polished nickel or natural brass metallic finish, it adds both modern style and endless functionality anywhere you need additional illumination.

5. Keep It Cohesive

Photo Features: Hutu Wall Light 
While all of your home lighting ideas don’t need to match perfectly, it’s always a good idea to install new fixtures in a similar theme or motif. Brands like Arteriors offer a range of stunning fixtures from a single collection, so you can create a beautiful and cohesive look. Whether you’re aiming for a relaxed, boho vibe or prefer things to be a bit more modern, seek lighting that’s made in closely related styles. From metal and glass to wood or woven grasses, this is the best way to ensure that your home has a nice flow throughout. Match your lighting to fit the rest of the home, focusing on things like colors, finishes, flooring, and furniture. When your lighting looks well thought out, everything will fall into place.

6. Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

Photo Features: Bistro Outdoor Pendant 

Outdoor Lighting is just as important as your interior. Consider installing some hard-wired outdoor lighting so you can entertain and relax outside throughout the seasons. A beautiful hanging ceiling light or pendant in your porch or patio will add a vibrant, functional touch. Explore the range of outdoor pendants from Made Goods Lighting featuring a wide variety of styles, finishes, and sizes. Adding some lighting outside will ensure that you can spend more time in this space, even after the sun has gone down.

7. Get More with Linear Chandeliers

Lifestyle Photo Courtesy of: Tamara Smith | @mygrandparentschair | Photo Features: Astrid Chandelier
A classic chandelier is great for almost any room, but liner chandeliers provide you with even more. These elongated ceiling lights are a perfect choice over a large rectangular dining table or kitchen island. Linear chandeliers can be found in virtually any style, and they add a bold and artistic element to the home. From the simple silhouette of the Marcel Linear Chandelier from Troy Lighting to the ultra-modern Paige Island Light from Mitzi Lighting, the sky is the limit.

8. Ceiling Light Tips

Photo Features: Portmeirion Chandelier

As you ponder some of these home lighting ideas, consider the size and height of the room. Spaces with lower ceilings typically do best with flush or semi flush mount ceiling lights. If the room has a bit higher ceilings, then chandelier or pendant best. The length of the fixture from the ceiling down varies, so make sure you record the dimensions and choose carefully before you install something new.

9. Learn About Lighting Shapes

Photo Features: Kahuzi Pendant
Just like a work of art, light fixtures come in a wide variety of shapes. Research the different lighting terms and explore a variety of silhouettes to help you choose the ones that are best for your home. For example, pendants come in an array of shapes like cone, saucer, dome, and drum, just to name a few. Choosing the right shape for your lighting will help you get a seamless, stunning look throughout the entire home.

10. Visit Meadow Blu Today

Photo Features: Luca Pendant

At Meadow Blu, you’ll find a myriad of gorgeous lighting for every room of your home. Whether it’s a beautiful lamp from Regina Andrew Lighting or a breathtaking sconce or chandelier from Hinkley Lighting, we offer an incredible variety of light fixtures to help you turn your lighting dreams into a reality.