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The Latest Furniture Style Trends by CFC

The Latest Furniture Style Trends by CFC

Furniture that doubles as art is the best way to make a statement. Not only do you get a functional piece to use every day, but you also get a sculptural accent that is sure to draw the attention of visitors. CFC is known for avant-garde and modern furniture styles that push the limits of design.

CFC furniture creates an instant statement, employing the latest trends with artistic influences. The furniture brand makes pieces you can use throughout your home, so their style can flow freely through the rooms.

For the fashion-forward and often daring home styler, CFC is a brand that must be utilized. Explore the latest trends of this brand with styling tips to use the piece in your home.

Nine Dining Table

Catch the eye of all of your dinner guests with the Nine Dining Table. This is a true statement piece for anyone who likes to entertain. The variety of shapes in the table legs creates visual interest and adds layered texture.

You won't want to block the legs of this table, so opt for chairs with a light visual weight and thin legs.

Marshmallow Chair

Sink back in the comfortable Marshmallow Chair for a cozy day spent reading or doing hobbies. This is a stylish accent chair that will make a statement as much as a functional piece for any room.

The Marshmallow Chair would be perfect in a bedroom for days you simply want to relax. Or add it to the living room, where it will quickly become the favorite seating option.

Belize Side Table

Made from reclaimed Douglas fir, this table has that natural warmth that comes from wood. But the material is juxtaposed by the modern design and unique shapes. The round table surfaces and spikes are contrasting shapes that create visual intrigue.

This is a table that's meant to be seen. Feature it in a living room and style the table with a bright lamp and a stack of stylish coffee table books.

Lamar Sideboard

The Lamar Sideboard evokes old-fashion craftsmanship combined with bold design. The concentric circles add a unique texture reminiscent of 70s style. The walnut veneer makes this piece warm, timeless, and sophisticated.

Place this piece of furniture in your dining room to store dishes, glasses, and linens when you aren't entertaining. Decorate the top with decorative bowls and vases of fresh flowers.

Mones Bookcase

The geometric shapes of the Mones Bookcase look uniquely modern but also have the feel of vintage details. The reclaimed wood finish adds a natural element that helps warm up the space.

The Mones Bookcase can act as a room divider, allowing you to create distinct spaces while allowing light to flow through the room. Decorate with small decorative accents to add pops of color.

Eyra Coffee Table

Reminiscent of landscapes, the Eyra Coffee Table adds plenty of layered texture. Mixing durable plywood with glass combines a natural and modern look to any room.

Place the Eyra Coffee Table in a prominent location where you can show off various sides of this sculptural piece. Decorate the top with minimal details so you can see the layers from above.

Ludwik Floor Mirror

A large floor mirror adds a stunning accent to any space and helps reflect light to make the room appear larger. Made from reclaimed Douglas fir, this mirror also adds a natural texture to the room and the layered geometric shape draws the eye.

Lean this against the wall in a living room or hang it landscape style in the dining room to make bounce light around the room. Or use it in a bedroom, entryway, or bathroom to give yourself a full-length check before leaving the house.

La Mirada Cabinet

This stunning cabinet is the ideal way to add storage to your home in a stylish way. The La Mirada Cabinet is reminiscent of the classic steel doors that have been around for centuries. The timeless look works well in both traditional and contemporary homes.

Use these in the living room to store books, games, blankets, and other objects you want to hide away. Place these on either side of a television or fireplace for a symmetrical look.

Boulder Breakfast Table

The Boulder Breakfast Table doubles as art in your home. The recycled wood carved to look like a stack of rocks is a piece that's sure to make a statement no matter where you put it.

The round shape makes this table perfect for an eat-in kitchen or a dining nook. Place chairs with thin legs around it so you're able to see the sculptural detail.

Lorena Chair

A sculptural accent chair that also adds a pop of color, the Lorena Chair is a stylish option for any room. This piece evokes a mix of midcentury modern and contemporary design that will be perfect for more modern interiors.

Create a vignette in a living room with the Lorena Chair and a small coffee table to create a reading area or space to enjoy your coffee.

Bergamont Dresser

Built and manufactured by hand, you can see the craftsmanship in this piece of furniture. The Bergamont Dresser is made from reused materials, which creates a unique piece with graining and details that can't be replicated on another piece. This dresser is also hand-finished, adding character that adds an antique feel.

With the ridged front, this piece is the perfect way to add texture to a room. Add it to a bedroom styled with fresh flowers and decorative accents. Or put it in an entryway with a mirror above.

CFC Designs Furniture for the Stylishly Daring

You aren't one to choose the pieces everyone else is. You aren't one to play it safe with your interior design. That's why you should choose CFC furniture to create a daring accent in your home.


No matter the room you're decorating, you want to draw the eye in and create a statement. Employing gorgeous wood finishes with modern shapes and silhouettes, CFC creates unique pieces that are perfect for anyone who wants to be bold with their home decor.

It's time to give your home a whole new look with distinctive new pieces. Shop CFC furniture and more brands on Meadow Blu.