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The Top 5 Regina Andrew Accents for Interior Design

The Top 5 Regina Andrew Accents for Interior Design

Eye-catching interior design lies in the details. You can have beautiful furniture pieces that make a statement, but it's the unique accents that make a home feel personalized. That's why you shouldn't only focus on the large pieces in your home.

To pull your interior design together, you need those small accents that help create moments and make the eyes dance around the room. Regina Andrew creates the kind of accents that you can't stop looking at.

Incorporating unique textures and shapes with traditional materials makes timeless pieces you'll love for years to come. Give your home a refresh with these five Regina Andrew accents.

1. Molten Chandelier

Statement lighting is a must-have for any home. The right chandelier should not only illuminate your entire space and create mood lighting but also add an artistic accent to the room.

The Molten Chandelier features contemporary details with a brass base and blown-glass shades. Mixing elegant design with casual features, this lighting fixture creates an aesthetic that's both romantic and relaxed, perfect for anyone who likes entertaining friends or relaxing dinners with the family.

Hang this chandelier over a dining table for a stylish accent that highlights your table. But if you've fallen in love with a different dining light fixture, opt to display the Molten chandelier in a living room, bedroom, or even a grand bathroom suite.

2. Indigo Stripe Tray

Even the smallest accents make all the difference to a room's overall style. A tray is a great accent piece that can be as beautiful as it is functional. Use a tray to corral items on a surface to keep a space from looking too cluttered.

This indigo Stripe Tray shows off a beautiful inlay design with pops of blue throughout. It brings out a subtle pop of color amongst creamy white tones. And the striped pattern adds plenty of eye-catching texture.

Use this decor piece on a coffee table or console table as a centerpiece. Items of carrying heights will create more visual interest. Consider a vase of flowers, candles, or small decorative books.

3. Redford Sconce

Some lighting can look like a sculpture, catching you off guard in the best way. The Redford sconce is one of those light fixtures that add that stunning detail no matter where they're placed. With a simple silhouette, the Redford sconce is sophisticated and striking.

It's both modern and classic and comes in four different finishes, you can pair this sconce with almost any interior design style. The natural brass evokes glamor while the oil-rubbed bronze creates something sleeker.

Use this light fixture to line the walls of a hallway or welcome your home in an entryway. They also provide stylish accent lighting for dining and living rooms. And would create a stylish vanity detail in a bathroom.

4. Liam Drink Table

The perfect small accent table for a living room is the Liam Drink Table. With a sleek design and clean lines, it perfectly fits into contemporary and modern decor. The gold leaf finish adds some glamor and texture to the piece.

It's elegant and refined, which is perfect if you're looking for unique but sophisticated accents for your home. The Liam drink table is easy to add to any room.

Place it next to a side table to provide guests with a stylish and convenient surface to set their drinks when you're entertaining. You can also place one in a bathroom next to a soaking tub, so you're able to enjoy your favorite drinks while relaxing in the bath.

5. Charlotte Semi-Flush Mount

Elegant and feminine, the Charlotte Semi-Flush Mount light fixture is sure to be a standout no matter where you hang it. With glass flowers on a brass base, this fixture evokes glamor without being too over-the-top.



With a vintage-inspired design, the Charlotte light fixture adds a decorative accent that feels like a statement piece. You'll be able to add this ceiling fixture to a variety of home decor styles.

The Charlotte fixture will make quite the impact in a powder room surrounded by similarly elegant finishes. Or use it in a dressing room to bring in a bit of glamor.

Accent Your Design with Regina Andrew

If you want your home to stand out from the crowd, the best way to make a design your own is to focus on the details. Choose stylish items that reflect your personality and add visual intrigue to your space.


Regina Andrew brilliantly plays with shape and silhouette while mixing a variety of materials for new textures. Incorporating these pieces into your home is sure to make a statement off the glossy pages of a design magazine.

Don't underestimate how small details can transform your space. Shop Regina Andrew accents and other collections on Meadow Blu.