You'll Fall in Love with Made Goods

If you’re looking for new furniture or lighting for your home, there are plenty of incredible brands to choose from. Made Goods is a unique brand that offers a distinctive look for today’s modern homes. The brand uses a talented team of designers who constantly look for the latest trends and new ways to mix a variety of materials. Read on to discover why you’ll fall in love with Made Goods Furniture, and what makes their products stand apart from the rest.

Beautiful Blends of Style

 One of the things that make products from Made Goods so unique is the brand’s ability to combine modern trends with earthy, organic materials. For example, the Ismael Chair boasts a beautiful, wrapped rattan frame accented with a dense basket weave design. Mayo split rattan in a large, open-lattice weave along the back and gently sloping arms lightens the solid shape of a traditional barrel chair. Finished with legs densely wrapped in natural rattan and a tightly woven seat. 

It's not just the unusual choice in materials that makes these products so special. The brand often gets inspiration from nature, creating functional furniture that gives a nod to the elements. The Greta Console boasts a half-moon shape and has a nature-inspired base that resembles real tree branches. Its sturdy resin construction provides durability, while the flat white finish makes it easy to coordinate with a variety of finishes, colors, and designs. The intricate details on the base create a realistic look that makes the table appear as if it’s been plucked from a forest. Another fine example is the Genevier Side Table. With curvy metal branches for the legs, it boasts a 16-inch top in your choice of finish including French gray, gray eggshell, or natural banana bark for a custom touch.

Bold Lighting Designs

In addition to the furniture, you’ll also discover beautiful options for the home from Made Goods Lighting. The company specializes in designing stunning light fixtures that add bright illumination and visual interest to every room of the home. Explore items from Made Goods Lighting like the incredible Patricia Chandelier. Your choice of a gold or silver metal ring and chain adds a touch of glam, while rows of woven cocoa beads delicately drape in concentric circles, surrounding the bulbs inside. Choose between a light natural, a bold black, a modern bronze, or a stunning turquoise hue to give your home an infusion of color and natural style along with brilliant lighting.

You’ll also discover a myriad of unique table lamps from Made Goods Lighting. Consider the bold and dramatic Gwenora Table Lamp, featuring a hair-on-hide base with a dalmatian print. Seamed detailing gives this table lamp some added texture, while the tapered linen shade lends an elegant and soft finishing touch. If you prefer a more organic look, try the Nekoda Lamp featuring a heavy base made of stained natural banana bark encased in clear acrylic. This bold table lamp has a painting-like quality and rests atop an acrylic base for a modern touch. A rectangular shade finishes the look to create clean lines and warm illumination.

Focus on Comfort and Functionality

While everything from Made Goods Furniture is designed to be visually striking, the brand also focuses heavily on making furniture that lasts. The Jayceon Lounge Chair looks elegant in a sunroom or living space and features a tub-style silhouette. Made from criss-crossed, pressed whitewashed grass, the chair brings an eclectic, boho-inspired element to any room. It also features a plush, removable cushion that is upholstered in a neutral canvas for comfort and versatility. The Dunley Daybed is a perfect piece for lounging. Constructed of faux rattan, this stylish daybed is available in either a deep graphite or light natural finish and is topped with a comfortable, removable cushion.


Look for functional storage pieces from Made Goods like the Pierre Dresser, available in two different sizes to suit your needs. This beautiful dresser features a rounded frame inspired by furnishings of the late 60s and is made of whitewashed oak and vintage faux shagreen on the drawer panels for a modern touch. Tapered legs lend this dresser a shapely element, and it features roomy drawers highlighted with gold metallic drawer pull hardware. Bring bold elegance to a dining or living space with the Made Goods Torion Buffet, available in either a three or four-door size. This storage buffet is accented with a rich navy color, and the faux horn gives it a geometric look and added texture With its roomy interior, this buffet is a perfect choice for storing everything from dinnerware to throw blankets.

Sleek and Stunning Accents

While Made Goods Furniture specializes in home furnishings and lighting, the brand also offers a wide array of gorgeous accents for the home. Explore the many mirrors made by the brand including the Coco Mirror, featuring an oval shape that can be hung either vertically or horizontally. Inspired by leaf coral, this mirror features a textured, sculptural frame that requires hours of molding and hand painting to add every detail. A thin silver or gold leaf tip is meticulously applied to the end of each sculptured leaf to bring it a luxurious touch. You can also purchase this mirror without the metallic tipping if you prefer a clean, casual, all-white aesthetic.

Shop for wall art by the brand to tie everything together. The Tarni Wall Art is a hand-crafted, abstract piece done featuring textured colored coco sticks. As you can see, there are many reasons to fall in love with the Made Goods brand. Shop Meadow Blu to find all of the latest designs in furniture, lighting, accessories, and much more.