Bedroom Furniture Ideas You Can't Live Without

Your bedroom is an oasis and a place where you can escape the stresses of everyday life. When it comes to making a bedroom transformation, there are some key bedroom furniture ideas you just can’t live without. From chic dressers to soft and luxurious bedding, read on for a few tips and tricks that will help you create the bedroom of your dreams. The right furniture and accessories will breathe new life into this space and give you a place that’s not just calm, but also stunning to look at, too.

Start with the Bed

The best bedroom furniture ideas stem from choosing a focal point first, and you can start to decorate and add details from there. Look for new bedroom furniture like the beautiful, comfortable Colin Bed from BLU Home. With its curvaceous silhouette at the headboard and frame, it creates a calming look and feel. The bed is padded with luscious bouclé upholstery and works well in both modern and traditional bedrooms alike. The gentle lines and rounded corners promote a feeling of rest and relaxation. Dark, subtle exposed wooden post legs lend it a durable, stable touch. Look for some creative and unique ideas for your bedroom that inspire you to feel more relaxed and rested at the end of each day. A curved bed or dresser is one easy way to give the room a more laid-back, calming aesthetic.

Bedroom Furniture Ideas: Choose Chic, Functional Storage

From your favorite clothes to accessories, it’s important to make sure that your bedroom stays organized. Choose chic dressers that feature unique details like sleek metallic hardware or unusual finishes to give the bedroom a modern touch. The Dress for Success Dresser from Caracole is a prime example and echoes the curvaceous lines of the Colin Bed from BLU Home Furniture. This large dresser boasts a classic chevron pattern that’s inspired by an elevator at a Ritz Carlton Hotel. Softly curved drawers made of quarter-sewn oak feature an inlaid chevron pattern with a warm heron grey finish. The top center drawer pulls out and drops down, creating a unique feature that provides more functionality with a writing surface. A crisp, wedding dress white frame gives this dresser unparalleled elegance, and it rests atop gently tapered legs for a graceful finishing touch. Made of pine solids with quartered oak veneers, it provides quality and style combined with versatility thanks to a total of seven drawers, the pull-out top drawer, and a jewelry tray conveniently located in the top left drawer.

It's All About the Accents

Remember to choose some pretty bedroom decor when you’re thinking about creative bedroom furniture ideas. From throw pillows to area rugs, these items add texture, color, and personality to your bedroom. Top your bed with some playful throw pillows from Ellen DeGeneres. The collection of pillows carefully curated and crafted by Loloi come in a myriad of unique designs. Add a throw pillow accented with tassels or woven details to give your bedroom and bed a touch of texture and softness. A colorful pillow featuring bold hues and whimsical graphics like a charming llama or a playful pattern with adorable puppies will give your bedroom a dose of personal style. These pillows can be added to other bedroom furniture including accent chairs or bedroom benches, too.

Incorporate Area Rugs

Of course, every bedroom needs a soft area rug to tie everything together. Perfect for bedrooms with hard surface flooring, an area rug provides you with something warm and soft to step on whenever you get out of bed in the morning. Think of an area rug as a way to bring more color and style into the bedroom. Products from Loloi Rugs feature a wide array of rugs in various materials, colorways, and designs. Look for a rug that extends at least two feet around the perimeter of your bed. This will ensure that you always step on a soft surface, and it makes the room look cohesive and uniform. The Reyla Rug brings a bold, dramatic element into the bedroom with its hand-tufted geometric design featured in crisp and contrasting color combos. The Reyla Collection offers a series of understated neutrals that feel at once fresh and timeless. Expertly hand-knotted by artisans in India, the naturally multicolored yarn produces a heathered look, making this rug the perfect addition in any room. Reyla is also GoodWeave certified, ensuring our commitment to ethical production and the support of weavers' communities.

Make Your Bedroom Better with Luxurious Bedding

While the bedroom furniture and décor you choose is important, don’t forget the bedding. After all, this is what you’ll be lying down on and underneath every night when you head to bed. A set of luxurious sheets will make slipping into bed an elegant moment. Soft, warm, and comfortable bedding also promotes a better and more restful night of sleep. Choose material that’s soft to the touch like sheets from Coyuchi made of linen or organic cotton. A set of matching pillowcases will tie everything together. Don’t forget to top your bed with a beautiful comforter, quilt, or duvet cover. Choose a solid color if you want to keep things simple or try some luxurious bedding boasting a fun pattern and vibrant colorway. Remember, you can always change your bedding whenever you want to make an update. This is one of the easiest ways to transform the look of a bedroom without making a major investment or massive overhaul. Whether it’s a soft quilt adorned with romantic rosettes or a duvet cover accented with simple stripes, use your bedding to help you create a cohesive, tranquil look.

Use Mirrors to Make Your Bedroom Unique

As you think about some of these bedroom furniture ideas, remember to incorporate a mirror into the room. Choose a large mirror that gives you plenty of reflection, so you can prep for the day ahead. Mirrors also reflect the light, making even darker bedrooms seem brighter. Try a stunning mirror from Candelabra Home like the Baria Wooden Mirror, surrounded by round wood beads. This playful mirror brings a textural component to the bedroom and is available in either a solid black or white finish, making it easy to coordinate with the rest of your furniture and décor.

The Butterfly Mirror from Candelabra Home is another excellent choice with its charming frame featuring fluttering butterflies made of hand-hammered metal in a sleek, modern gold finish. If you need more reflective space, look for taller mirrors that can be placed in the corner or up against a wall. Whatever style you choose, a mirror is definitely a must-have to include with your bedroom makeover.

Update Your Lighting

The type of lighting you use can have a major impact on how your bedroom looks and feels. Consider switching your current old and outdated lighting with new chandeliers for a luxe touch. A large chandelier hung above the bed will instantly make the room look glamorous and chic. Shop Meadow Blu to discover a myriad of stunning chandeliers from brands like Regina Andrew. The Lorelei Wood Bead Chandelier boasts delicately draped rows of wood beads around a circular framed wrapped in rattan for an organic touch. This beautiful boho-chic chandelier is available in a beautiful and soft distressed grey finish that melds seamlessly with a variety of furniture.

For a more dramatic look, consider the bold and beautiful Bubbles Chandelier also from Regina Andrew. This incredible light fixture features layers of delicate bubbles made of glass available in either a clear or blue finish for added style. With its delightfully sculptured look, it adds a modern element to your bedroom that’s sure to impress.

Make it Personal

While your bedroom should certainly be calming, it’s also a great place where you can express your personality and style. Shop for unique wall art that will bring a new element into the room. Whether it’s an incredible image of photography or an abstract modern painting, the key is to find a work of art that really speaks to you. Choose a large painting on canvas to hang above the bed or pick out smaller works of art and create a fun gallery wall. Beautiful botanicals like leaves and flowers are a good choice if you want to add an organic-inspired look to the room. For a contemporary bedroom, try something featuring abstract shapes with a touch of metallics for a little bit of luxe. You can also try something unique by hanging a hand-woven wall basket on the bedroom wall. This is a great way to incorporate more texture and an artisanal look into the bedroom.

From a beautiful new bed with sweeping curves to a gorgeous dresser and new area rugs, keep these tips in mind if you need some inspiration for your bedroom. Remember to choose luxurious bedding and pillows that will provide you with a comfortable place to rest and sleep. No matter what style you like best, Meadow Blu has the bedroom furniture, lighting, and more to help make your bedroom transformation complete.