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Blue Pheasant Marcus Cake Stand

Blue Pheasant

Blue Pheasant creates unique products for the home including flatware, dinnerware, accents, and more. The brand understands that the kitchen is the most important part of the home, and that’s why they put extremely careful thought and exquisite craftsmanship into everything they create. The handmade dinnerware, placemats, linens, glassware, and more each have their own unique characteristics to add a sense of whimsy and style to your table. Blue Pheasant dinnerware garners inspiration from centuries-old techniques that inspire memories of vintage table settings from ages past. The brands’ line of modern pieces adds a sleek and chic display to your china cabinet or dining room table. Every item can be mixed and match to blend a variety of patterns, colors, and shapes together for a fabulous table setting you’ll be proud of.