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Brand: Corbett


Corbett Lighting has been creating uniquely beautiful lighting products for over 40 years. The brand focuses on bringing grace, glamour, and modern style to your home by blurring the lines between functional lighting and contemporary art. Corbett Lighting has one main goal: to design and create original, unusual products like nothing else on the market today. With its incredible attention to intricate details and unique design elements, you’ll find a variety of lighting styles that range from traditional and bespoke to ultra-sleek and modern. Look for the brand’s dynamic and amazing range of products including wall sconces, flush mount lighting, and chandeliers at our showroom and online. The brand’s striking designs are specially created to provide beauty and unique style from any angle. From sleek metal to earthy natural acacia wood, you’ll find an amazing range of products featuring unusual shapes and bold materials that instantly add character and charm to your home.  Free shipping.

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