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Brand: Colin King

Colin King

As the go-to interiors stylist for the world’s leading brands and publications, Colin King has defined the style of modern American design. With the founding of Colin King Studio, his successful foray into interior styling, and now product design, speaks to a broader awareness that he brings to his practice—a dancer’s understanding of the power in stillness. After studying dance in New York City, King transitioned his creative background to the realm of interiors, working with several design firms overseeing content creation and art direction. He found himself curious to understand, then execute and capture, the intensity and nuances in arranging objects. This experience broadened his mastery of visual storytelling, making an unspoken promise to the forgotten corners of the home, and transforming them into moments worthy of attention.
King continues to expand his studio practice to include creative direction, product development and installation design, imparting his signature aesthetic across the industry.
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