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Trending 2024

Trending 2024

Twenty-four pages plus..... to kick off 2024!

Meadow Blu's Predictions based on Markets, Trends, Influencers, Tastemakers, Designers, Highest rated, and Bestsellers. 

Lighting and décor with playful curves, lampshades with scallops and pleats, natural elements of terra cotta, alabaster, ceramic, stone, and marble.  All metal finishes are a go.  Structure still plays into the mix of décor elements to ground these more fluid pieces, including dome and cone shapes.  Arches are back.  Mixes of the lightest and darkest of woods. Earthy colors of greens and browns give warmth.  Bouclé and soft to touch stain resistant fabrics are still trending very strong. Extended fabric headboards add softness and luxury to any bedroom. Layered textile patterns.  Hints of floral and plaid are holding. Chairs must continue to swivel. Touches of the brighter blues for contrasting color.  Cain, wicker, and rattan are still holding strong. Antique vibes and Tuscan touches are a must.

 Be a leader, not a follower!

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