Gabby is a trailblazer in transitional styles for the home. This chic brand mixes a myriad of unique and interesting materials to design a chic contrast, adding visually appealing aesthetics to every space. Incorporating components like bone, rattan, horn, vellum, eglomise, and reclaimed wood in new and inventive ways, Gabby Furniture takes the concept of transitional to a whole new level. Look for a unique array of products made by Gabby at Meadow Blu, boasting standalone design stars that also beautifully complement other items in your home. Their team of artisans take time and care to hand-chisel ornamentations so that every piece shines with beauty and sleek precision. From European designed lighting to furniture and home décor, you’ll find everything you need by Gabby for the home at Meadow Blu.

Gabby Lambert Dining Chair Furniture gabby-SCH-166320

Gabby Lambert Dining Chair

Gabby Lambert Counter Stool Furniture gabby-SCH-166325

Gabby Lambert Counter Stool

Gabby Libby Bar & Counter Stool Furniture

Gabby Libby Bar & Counter Stool

Gabby Libby Dining Chair Furniture gabby-SCH-166335

Gabby Libby Dining Chair

Gabby Hayward Floor Lamp Lighting gabby-SCH-165105 842728119288
best seller

Gabby Hayward Floor Lamp

Gabby Tanner Coffee Table Furniture gabby-SCH-191220 00842728118663
best seller

Gabby Tanner Coffee Table

Gabby Clay Small Chandelier - Silver Lighting
best seller

Gabby Clay Small Chandelier - Silver

Gabby Cortez Breakfast Table Furniture gabby-SCH-157255 00842728109548
best seller

Gabby Cortez Breakfast Table

Gabby Albany Side Table Furniture gabby-SCH-165005 00842728118922
best seller

Gabby Albany Side Table


Gabby Alexandra Dresser

Gabby Adelaide Table Lamp Lighting gabby-SCH-161015 00192192157447

Gabby Adelaide Table Lamp


Gabby Riggs Nightstand

Gabby Tristan Table Lamp Lighting gabby-SCH-163410 00842728117123
best seller

Gabby Tristan Table Lamp

Gabby Havana Console Table Furniture gabby-SCH-191241 842728118670
best seller

Gabby Havana Console Table

Gabby Quentin Nightstand Furniture gabby-SCH-166315
Buyer's pick

Gabby Quentin Nightstand


Gabby Pauline Mirror


Gabby Lindy Side Table

Gabby Clifton Coffee Table Furniture gabby-SCH-163255 00842728116942
best seller

Gabby Clifton Coffee Table

Gabby Carlin Side Table Furniture gabby-SCH-160100 00842728116553
best seller

Gabby Carlin Side Table


Gabby Caplan Side Table

Gabby Jane Chest Furniture gabby-SCH-160205 842728118298
Editor's pick

Gabby Jane Chest

Gabby Leona Dresser Furniture gabby-SCH-167270 842728119639
best seller

Gabby Leona Dresser

Gabby Luca Table Lamp Lighting gabby-SCH-159080 00842728109845
best seller

Gabby Luca Table Lamp


Gabby Ida Pendant - Gold


Gabby Ivan Pendant

Gabby Callisto Mirror Wall gabby-SCH-158195 00842728109326
best seller

Gabby Callisto Mirror


Gabby Lovell Mirror

Gabby Coralee Dining Chair Furniture gabby-SCH-157170 00842728118526
best seller

Gabby Coralee Dining Chair


Gabby Adams Round Dining Table - Gray


Gabby Kerry Table Lamp

Gabby Grayson Chandelier Lighting gabby-SCH-156015 00842728107940
best seller

Gabby Grayson Chandelier

Gabby Strella Cabinet Furniture gabby-SCH-168190

Gabby Strella Cabinet


Gabby Hines Dining Chair (Set of 2)


Gabby Channing Dining Chair - Set of 2

Gabby Jake Bar Stool Furniture gabby-SCH-157180 00842728116362
best seller

Gabby Jake Bar Stool

Gabby Amelia Rectangular Chandelier Lighting gabby-SCH-160025 00842728116461
more finishes

Gabby Amelia Rectangular Chandelier

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